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The winner of the Create Your Dream Island is….

*tries to open envelope*

oh come on. Open. Please! D-does anyone have a paper cutter? I… I wish this would just open up!

*suddenly, the envelope opens*

Huh? Oh! It’s open! Like… I just used up one of my three wishes or something. And so the winner is…

Sarah S. from South Carolina with

Arabian Nights Island!!!

Arabian Nights Island? Holy cow, we’re going to explore the old Arabian lore! Genie! Forty thieves! Wow… This is just… Wow…

Inspired by her father’s souvenirs from Kuwait, she was the lucky Poptropican whose island idea will become a reality – which means she must know some of this island’s secrets! You can read her interview with the Poptropica Creators on the Creators’ Blog.


Congratulations from the PHB to Sarah on winning! We can’t wait to play your island!

BT out!


25 thoughts on “The winner of the Create Your Dream Island is….”

  1. is it weird that I pretty much freaked out when she mentioned Kuwait? No. Well ok. But I love that idea for the island. In Kuwait they made like these sand sculptures based on the 101 Arabian Nights my family checked them out but I still haven’t gone there 😦

  2. that ideas so bad.. really, ARABIAN NIGHTS??? thats a book title and its about african deserts. bad choice

    1. First have you read the book or played any games or seen any movies about the book? You can’t diss something until you see it. Maybe like the genie tricks us and traps us in his lamp. Or we have this awesome carpet to ride all over the island and lastly maybe there is like this story twist where the good guy is like the bad guy(I was out of ideas) but seriously don’t say bad choice until they have made the island. Then say whatever you like. What if they turn it into the best island you have ever seen. Ok I just noticed this is a reaaaalllyy long repliy so sorry and bye.

      1. Well, how do you know if I have read the book? For all I know, you might hate it too but just want to cover yourself so you seem like a good person. SO, how about YOU stop making a big fuss over just a tiny little comment.

      2. Sorry if I seem all angry up their but truthfully I haven’t read them but I really want to and I’ve only seen a movie about 1 arabian night and a game which didn’t really talk about much. Again sorry I was trying to ask a question at the beginning and I know everyone has their own opinion and thoughts about a subject matter. Just to be short ‘you good, me good.’

    2. no its not a bad idea. but i thought you weren’t allowed to copy ideas like from movies and books.. didn’t she do that? Plus arabian nights is about genie’s in lamps and stuff. similar to the movie Aladdin. hmm.. : ?

    3. *cough* *cough* Middle east Sahara/ tiny bit of africa(Egypt) *cough* *cough* in the islamic golden age *cough* *cough* Where I live actually kinda *cough* *cough*

  3. the atlantis island i was seriously gonna send that in where there was a mermaid you needed to help but i couldnt think of how to make it cool or interesting like i wanted it to be the best island ever but it got confusing

    i was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT when they announced they were making that

  4. Congratz Sarah! And I love the idea of an Arbian Knight island! They should make an island based off of Kind Arthur but I guess that would be like Astro Knights. xD

    1. well hopefully it wont be like monster carnival… tht was kinda a let down

      “an island that we thought of like 6 yrs ago has finally come back…. and the best we could do was make it into a remake of the book something wicked this way comes teehee whoops oh well”

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