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New Mythology members-only costumes in the Store!

Hey everyone! Something unexpected happened today – when I went to the Store, I saw two new members-only costumes for Mythology Island! They are the Cyclops and Icarus:

Mythology2 Mythology1

This is really interesting – Mythology Island has never had a members’ gear pack in the Store! We know there were plans for Mythology to be the next SUI (sound-updated island), although it’s been about 3 months since the Creators announced that. This might be the beginning of it!

Also, look forward to Mission Atlantis Island on Thursday – I’ll be contributing to the guide! 😛


16 thoughts on “New Mythology members-only costumes in the Store!”

  1. Hmm… Atlantis was from Greek Mythology, and so is Medusa, which is the name of the boat in Mission Atlantis. I posted as a comment last time that I’m a Geek for Greek Mythology, so I have to tell the tales. Icarus was the song of Daedulas, the inventor who was locked in a tower by a wicked king. One day, Daedulas invented wings made of wax for he and his son to flee the tower on. Icarus flew too close to the sun, and the wings melted, letting him fall into the sea. The cyclops has a sheep on it’s back, so I assume he is Polyphemus, a cyclops who herded flesh eating sheep. When Odysseus stole from him, he called himself nobody so that when Polyphemus cried “Nobody stole from me!” All his cyclops friends laughed at him. Odysseus stabbed out his ye and tricked him into rolling the stone away so he and his crew could escape. Sorry, I had to tell the tales. XD hope you enjoyed them.

    1. Hi fellow Greek Mythology Geek ^^ I know Greek Mythology cos I um read Percy Jackson and we also learnt it in class last year. The wicked king was Minos btw ^^ that story was in Battle of the Labyrinth
      Whoops off topica anyway back to what I wanted to say
      I really hope the Creators have more costumes for Non-Members, though. Recently a lot of new stuff in the store are for members only, not including Birthday special items (and that’s only once a year)

  2. That awkward moment when you get enthusiastic about an Arabian themed island, but then suddenly you get the slap of reminder that Grecian culture is prominent as well. And I mean prominent.

    I wonder if the costumes are different for girls though- I might check later.

    By the way, if they release it this month, it is perfect timing, because Mythology Island celebrates its 4-year anniversary this month! …..holy cow, four years? O.o

  3. I got the costumes, and I looked, again, the Ringmaster Members Only (Which was supposed to be removed from the store when MCI released to Non-Members) Costume is STILL THERE? O_O

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