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The new and improved Mythology Island is coming soon & Mission Atlantis medallion is up!

Hey everyone! BT’s post months ago about the Creators announcing the Mythology SUI, plus the items that I found in the Store yesterday, does hint at something: the new and improved Mythology Island SUI (guide here) must be almost ready! They’ve even updated the official island tour page:


I noticed something strange on the map… the new Mythology Island will have episodes like the newer islands! Are all the islands now going to be made into episodes? xD They haven’t done that for 24 Carrot and Time Tangled, though, and those were the first two classic-islands-turned-SUIs.


Plus, the Mythology Island Tour page now includes a new desktop wallpaper and printable poster!

mythology extras

In other news, the medallion for Mission Atlantis: Episode 1 is now up and viewable from the Friends tab! The island will be coming out tomorrow for members, so stay tuned to the PHB for the guide. 🙂



23 thoughts on “The new and improved Mythology Island is coming soon & Mission Atlantis medallion is up!”

    1. I dont like this whole Episode thing just make the whole island then put it on the map! We shoulnt have to wait for them to make another “episode”. And another thang We non-members shouldnt have to wait 2 months while the members get to play it! I kone I know they give us a demo but still make us wait a week 2 months is just wrong!

  1. I find it bizarre that they’re treating Mythology Island like a new island again. Y’know, I don’t really get the point of the player map if a lot of the Poptropjcan population had done it already. I guess it’s the matter of who can do that snake puzzle and defeat Zeus faster.

      1. reminds me of television stations like food network for example

        latest show: kitchen casino

        more like: we are running out of ideas show

  2. I really hate the hole episodic thing, and I really hope its just a mistake in the player maps. I also think that its going to take longer for all the episodes to come out, because they have to waste time making trailers for each individual episode, make blog posts about it, and all that. Oh, and there’s also that whole alternating episode thing, so you wont even remember the storyline the way you should. I miss the old islands! (Non-eposodic, Non-sui)

    1. i agree that episodic is not very good but at least it keeps people wanting more and not bored and waiting a year for the next island to come out

      but the sui i think is the biggest advancement yet (other than membership and the ipad…)

      ive been with poptropica ever since it opened up and theyve done a good job!! the sui-s are huge for them.

    2. Well, I think episodic islands are good for like Survival or Mission Atlantis because they leave u on cliffhangers etc. But for an old island that was non-episodic…That’s messed up.

  3. The Hades and Cerebrus printable poster is freakin awesome… Though there is a question I have in mind….

    Why did Hades tie his belt to his staff? .-.

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