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Mission Atlantis: sneak peeks from the Daily Pop & Tour

With Mission Atlantis Island releasing this Thursday to members, why not take a look at what we Poptropica adventurers may soon be facing in the unknown depths of the sea? These sneak peeks from the Daily Pop may give us some hints about what’s going to go down (click to enlarge pics)–

So here’s what we can gather from these pictures — deep under the sea, it looks like there’s a big pink cylindrical tube that will lead you through a puzzle of smaller tubes (which you must re-assemble to ensure a secure passageway). You’ll be traveling in a little pod, as we saw in the trailer video, and you’ll use clues to lead you to pieces (of random shards, perhaps forming the “puzzle key”?). There’ll also be some awesome sea creatures, like sharks and sea dragons! Hey, not a bad analysis, eh? 🙂

Fuzzy-B also posted some Daily Pop pics for Mission Atlantis a while back (back before we even knew what they was for!); you can check out his post here.

And here’s the description for Episode 1 from the official Tour page:

It was supposed to be simple: photograph rare sea creatures, then head back to the surface. But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission!

There’s also a few more sneak peeks on the Tour page; check them out:

The underwater scenes here are a bit reminiscent of the excavation of Poptropolis Games 2013, although not quite the same – for those of you who don’t remember, there was a period of time just before the Games arose again where players could dive down into a sea (a bit like this one) and win a point for their tribe every time they reached the bottom (congrats, again, to Wildfire).

We can see the waters getting darker here – a sign that it’s pretty deep down. Also, just as Atlantis comes from Greek mythology, the ship’s name is “Medusa”! Medusa is also another term for jellyfish.

Oh, and remember the flying sneak peek from last week? We can now confirm that it is in fact for Episode 3 of Survival, because a background file for the radio tower we saw is in Poptropica’s files for Survival 3! Here’s what it looks like in its entirety:


Anyway, Mission Atlantis: Episode 1 comes out this Thursday, April 17 to members, and you can get your Diving Suit from the Store now! Non-members, don’t feel too left out — Survival: Episode 1 will be available to all on the same day. 🙂 Are you excited for some deep-sea diving?!

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