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Bobbleheads from ads, Land public preview, free Halloween costumes, & more!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  😀

New ads: Star Wars Rebels & Skylanders Trap Team

Ads have been getting a lot of hype recently – what with banners, cards taking you to the ads, carousel slots, and mentions on the Creator’s Blog – and the funny thing is that the actual ads themselves are just billboard ads. The two newest are for the Star Wars Rebels and the Skylanders Trap Team.


Upon logging in, you’ll obtain two cards that will take you to each ad. After watching the trailer videos for both campaigns, you’ll collect a Snap Shot Costume from the Skylanders ad, and a Stormtrooper Helmet from the Star Wars ad.


My favorite out of the two is the Stormtrooper helmet, as it has a bobblehead effect – and while the teal dragon costume does as well, I think the helmet looks cooler. 😀

Thinknoodles mention

I recently sent in some fan art to Thinknoodles (a popular YouTube gamer who plays Poptropica), and he gave me his “Golden Noodle Award” on his Minecraft Survival series! 😀 The idea of this is that in each episode, someone who sent in an awesome idea or cool fan art gets a sign on Thinknoodles’s tree with their name on it. Watch the video below and skip to 0:52 to see my mention. 🙂

As for the artwork, it’s a drawing of his Poptropican, Speedy Catfish (his username is thinknoodles), and I put a lot of effort into this one. I also have a new drawing software, which I think will improve the quality of my art, and thus the quality of your Poptropica Portraits. 😉


Poptropica Land: public preview

The Creators recently announced that a two week long public preview for Poptropica Land will be commencing October 16th (in 6 days!), and will end October 30th. There’s even a countdown to the big day on the front page!

land public countdown

During this period, everyone, including non-members, will be able to access Land. This is a big opportunity for non-members to send in their creations to the Creators. They’ll be posting their favorites to the blog as mentioned in the post. 😀

If you want to prepare for the preview, be sure to check out our Poptropica Land guide and overview here, as well as check out the recent happenings with Land – stay tuned to the PHB for more updates on this event. 😀

Upcoming big launches

Poptropica recently tweeted a “behind the scenes” email from Poptropica HQ about some upcoming big launches. (Oh look, they use Gmail! 😛 ) As mentioned above, next Thurs (Oct 16) they plan to release public access to Land for a Poptropica-sponsored contest. On the same day, we’ll be getting a “New Start World” and some “polish and bug fixes” to Land as well! We’ll have to wait to see what’s new.

upcoming big launches

The Thursday after that (Oct 23), the first episode of Arabian Nights (How Bazaar) will be released to all! And finally, coming soon to Poptropica’s mobile app is Ep. 1 of PoptropiCon (no date mentioned).

Mission Atlantis (Ep. 3) concept art

Yet more concept art has made its way to Poptropica’s Twitter feed – this time, some beautiful black & white sketches for Mission Atlantis, Ep. 3: Out of the Blue. (Click to enlarge the pictures!)

Poptropica Pioneers

I’ve recently started a new video series on my Youtube Channel similar to Thinknoodles’ Road to Captain Thinknoodles series, entitled Poptropica Pioneers. The idea is that a few days after I release my video walkthrough for the newest release, I upload a recording of me trying to figure out the island/episode for the first time.

From the feedback I’ve been getting, people are really seeming to enjoy it, so check out the first episode below and tell me what you think. 😀 Of course you’ll be able to view new releases of walkthroughs and Poptropica Pioneers on my channel, so go subscribe to that if you’d like. 😛

Free Halloween costumes

If you remember a few weeks back during Poptropica’s 7th birthday, a couple of ghastly costumes popped up in the Store and then strangely disappeared. They have now returned for Halloween spirit – and if you don’t remember, they are the Egyptian Mummy and the Scarecrow from the Haunted House quest, now made into gold card items. You can get them for free in the Store!

halloween2014 free costumes

In addition, you can get some more free Halloween-themed costume cards from the bottom half of the Store page! These aren’t new, but they’ve never been free before today either.

Girls can get the Furry Monster 1, 2, and 3, Werewolf Girl, Bride of Frankenstein, Vampire Girl 1, and Little Demon; boys can get the Furry Monster 1, 2, and 3, Werewolf Boy, Frankenstein, and Little Demon – all for the great price of 0 credits! >:D

Pnurple. 😀



17 thoughts on “Bobbleheads from ads, Land public preview, free Halloween costumes, & more!”

  1. Congrats on the Golden Noodle, HP! 😀
    Plus, it’s awesome that Poptropica made so many costumes available for free in the Store (at least for the non-members, who aren’t used to this). 😛

  2. I’ve seen the star wars ad. So apparently the other one was also a billboard one. Darn it.

    Congrats on the mention again,even though all of mine are better than you. It’s not Shaky Noodle btw,it’s Speedy Catfish (my initials!). Speaking of which,what happened to the project you were working on for me?

    I’m excited to try out land. If you didn’t know already,my membership expired.And interestingly boring features and concept art!

    It’s a pity you didn’t do the Pioneers series when you started. It would have been interesting and had more variety. But good luck on that!

    And I long r̶o̶b̶b̶e̶d̶ bought the costumes from the store. Them free stuffs.

    What the escablo is TAFN? (today IS friday,btw)

  3. Congrats on the Golden Noodle! 🙂 I’m super excited Poptropica’s releasing lands to everyone, at least for a little while! 🙂 The free Halloween costumes are great, but too bad I already bought like half of them…. XD

  4. How long have you been watching insidersnetwork or thinknoodles anyway?

    I first watched his Twisted Thicket video (I can’t remember how or where,I only remember that he failed a lot and had a nose from April Fools on,and I owned him in comparison when I did it),and I later started watching him again in the late 2012-early 2013 era,before he had an outro. I miss the more calm,quieter Think who didn’t laugh easily at anything imo.

  5. Cool, so you watch the ol’ Noodle, eh? Anyways, what is so great about this ‘Poptropica Lands’? huh… Basically I want to know who plays games that are most popular within the 8-40 age e.g COD, FIFA, Battlefield? Does any of you ‘Creators’ play ’em games.

  6. The Creators’ new post about the Stormtrooper ad/helmet is titled “Storm’s brewing, so be a trouper”… now, ‘trouper’ is indeed a word (it means actor), but surely ‘trooper’ is the word they’re looking for? 😛

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