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Monster animation & Lalaloopsy Girls ad

Hey Poptropicans! Just a couple of new things worth mentioning: a new “inside Poptropica” video, and an ad for Lalaloopsy Girls! Read on for more details, and be sure to catch up on the posts below!

Monster Carnival Island: duck monster process & a doodle

Poptropica has posted yet another behind-the-scenes video, this time showing the process of animating the monster in the pool of the duck game on Monster Carnival Island! Very cool. 🙂

Going slightly off-topica, Poptropica also tweeted a doodle made by a Poptropica illustrator (signed “MRCER”) during a lunch break. Click here to see the beauty: it’s a sheep rocking out on a guitar!


Lalaloopsy Girls ad

In addition to the new ads giving out bobblehead headwear, girls who log in may also receive a pink card that says “Like my cute outfit?” If you click on the only button (“Get blue braids!”), it should take you to the Lalaloopsy Girls ad, which is also a common room. (Unless you don’t live in the US, like me, in which case you’ll be brought to an ad-less Main Street. Anyway, I couldn’t access the ad, but Silly Pelican over at Poptropica With Scary Plug (PWSP) could – so SP, thanks for your insights!)


If you’re able to get over all the pink in the atmosphere and step inside, you’ll find some character bios for the Lalaloopsy girls, a music video with the dolls, a jar that “glitters” your screen when you click it, a Dance Party power, and two dummies with cute outfits you can Costumize. Enjoy! ^-^


Boo! As you may have seen, the PHB has a new spooky header – plus, I’ve changed my attire for the Halloween season, which you can see in the header or sidebar.


Plus, stay tuned to the PHB for something even more spooktacular coming soon. 😀

21 thoughts on “Monster animation & Lalaloopsy Girls ad”

  1. Wow, that header is very adorable. I love your October Fashion, Juyo. 😉
    That doodle was pretty awesome too, might I add. Is it Smocker’s Halloween Contest? 😀 Or is it something even more spookily spooktacularly spookytacular spookiness?

  2. Um,Recently,I have noticed that whenever in my photos album I click the customizing button,then it goes away and doesn’t let me to customize the outfits in my photos album.Please help? 😦

  3. I tried using a different browser and it didn’t work on it too,and the same is happening on my other account. To contact Poptropica I clicked on ”Contact us” then chose ”For Players” and then from the given options I chose ”Game questions” and then I’m not sure what to choose,can you please help ,because it is my first time contacting them,so I am not sure if my steps are right .

    Oh,and sorry If I am troubling you,its just that something like this is happening first time to my account,so I’m worried. 😦

    1. Oh never mind! Instead of ”Game Questions” I clicked on ”Report A Bug” and I sent them a message,hope they reply me back. 🙂

      What an idiot was I to click on ”Game Questions” instead of ”Report A bug” XD

    1. The monster seen in the animation video above pops out of the pool of the duck game when night falls on Monster Carnival Island, along with other monsters elsewhere.

    1. If your account is eligible for the ad, you’ll see it when you visit Main Street on Night Watch Island. It’s only available to girls, and I think you have to live in the US as well (some advertisers only like to target certain regions). I can’t see the ad either, as I explained in the post. 😛

  4. I need your help Slanted Fish! How long does the Lalaloopsy ad last for because I want the outfit but I can’t find the ad. WAAAAA!
    Do you know any username poptropicans who have the outfits so I can add them as friends and maybe like customize their lalaloopsy outfits?
    P.S. Please Help!
    Neat Flame

    Slanted Fish: Ads usually disappear after a week or two, so this one’s been gone for a while now. Unfortunately, I don’t know any users you can customize the outfits from. 😦

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