Monster animation & Lalaloopsy Girls ad

Hey Poptropicans! Just a couple of new things worth mentioning: a new “inside Poptropica” video, and an ad for Lalaloopsy Girls! Read on for more details, and be sure to catch up on the posts below!

Monster Carnival Island: duck monster process & a doodle

Poptropica has posted yet another behind-the-scenes video, this time showing the process of animating the monster in the pool of the duck game on Monster Carnival Island! Very cool. 🙂

Going slightly off-topica, Poptropica also tweeted a doodle made by a Poptropica illustrator (signed “MRCER”) during a lunch break. Click here to see the beauty: it’s a sheep rocking out on a guitar!


Lalaloopsy Girls ad

In addition to the new ads giving out bobblehead headwear, girls who log in may also receive a pink card that says “Like my cute outfit?” If you click on the only button (“Get blue braids!”), it should take you to the Lalaloopsy Girls ad, which is also a common room. (Unless you don’t live in the US, like me, in which case you’ll be brought to an ad-less Main Street. Anyway, I couldn’t access the ad, but Silly Pelican over at Poptropica With Scary Plug (PWSP) could – so SP, thanks for your insights!)


If you’re able to get over all the pink in the atmosphere and step inside, you’ll find some character bios for the Lalaloopsy girls, a music video with the dolls, a jar that “glitters” your screen when you click it, a Dance Party power, and two dummies with cute outfits you can Costumize. Enjoy! ^-^


Boo! As you may have seen, the PHB has a new spooky header – plus, I’ve changed my attire for the Halloween season, which you can see in the header or sidebar.


Plus, stay tuned to the PHB for something even more spooktacular coming soon. 😀


21 thoughts on “Monster animation & Lalaloopsy Girls ad

  1. Captain Spencer says:

    Wow, that header is very adorable. I love your October Fashion, Juyo. 😉
    That doodle was pretty awesome too, might I add. Is it Smocker’s Halloween Contest? 😀 Or is it something even more spookily spooktacularly spookytacular spookiness?

  2. Friendly Chicken says:

    Um,Recently,I have noticed that whenever in my photos album I click the customizing button,then it goes away and doesn’t let me to customize the outfits in my photos album.Please help? 😦

  3. Friendly Chicken says:

    I tried using a different browser and it didn’t work on it too,and the same is happening on my other account. To contact Poptropica I clicked on ”Contact us” then chose ”For Players” and then from the given options I chose ”Game questions” and then I’m not sure what to choose,can you please help ,because it is my first time contacting them,so I am not sure if my steps are right .

    Oh,and sorry If I am troubling you,its just that something like this is happening first time to my account,so I’m worried. 😦

    • Friendly Chicken says:

      Oh never mind! Instead of ”Game Questions” I clicked on ”Report A Bug” and I sent them a message,hope they reply me back. 🙂

      What an idiot was I to click on ”Game Questions” instead of ”Report A bug” XD

    • Slanted Fish says:

      If your account is eligible for the ad, you’ll see it when you visit Main Street on Night Watch Island. It’s only available to girls, and I think you have to live in the US as well (some advertisers only like to target certain regions). I can’t see the ad either, as I explained in the post. 😛

  4. Stacy3904 says:

    I need your help Slanted Fish! How long does the Lalaloopsy ad last for because I want the outfit but I can’t find the ad. WAAAAA!
    Do you know any username poptropicans who have the outfits so I can add them as friends and maybe like customize their lalaloopsy outfits?
    P.S. Please Help!
    Neat Flame

    Slanted Fish: Ads usually disappear after a week or two, so this one’s been gone for a while now. Unfortunately, I don’t know any users you can customize the outfits from. 😦

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