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Poppin’ threads of Poptropica threads ๐Ÿ‘˜

Hey Poptropicans! Perhaps it’s time to brush up your Pop fit game? Tune in for Poptropica fashion made with a healthy dose of Poptropassion!

Beyond the PHB’s Costume Lookbook, a recent Creators’ Blog post from guest writer Pink Crush covers 10 poppin’ styles, with promises of 11 more to come later. You can read more about the thought behind each one on the blog, but here’s an overview of the fits:

For more inspo on the coolest drip, pop on over to this poppin’ fit check thread on Poptropica’s Twitter! Tons of Poptropicans have been sharing their current and favorite outfits from the game.

And here’s a selection of them, including one “2 kewl 4 skewl” from Poptropica’s bestie Coolmath Games! Check out the thread replies for even more creative thoughts on threads.

In addition to the latest store items, the Creators’ Blog also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a special sighting of Amelia beholding a unicorn. The eagle-eyed might notice that they recycled a previous pic from Amelia’s home to create this one (thanks for the tip, Tough Spinner!).

While there haven’t been any unicorns frolicking in-game (besides our pet customizations), could this be a hint for something to come?

Rounding off the tour of new sights are a collection of Poptropica’s Instagram stories from this past week. Enjoy!

Thanks for poppin’ by! Like what you see? See if it fits!



4 thoughts on “Poppin’ threads of Poptropica threads ๐Ÿ‘˜”

  1. AHHH! Bad news, guys! Over on the Pop Creators’ Blog, they just posted that there was a Roblox Mini-game coming out about Amelia and her unicorns!
    This is seriously messed up. All we ask for is old islands, over and over and over, and yet they keep making new stuff? And what’s this new obsession with Roblox mini-games?
    This is reallyyyy bad. I don’t know how much longer Poptropica can exist if the creators just don’t care about keeping it going.

    1. I agree. I don’t understand why the creators are focusing on roblox games now instead of working on their own website. Even if they can’t bring back all of the old islands, they can at least work on news ones. The last island from the dream island contest hasn’t even been finished yet.
      Clearly these roblox games aren’t what the fanbase wants. I guess this is their way of trying to reach a new audience, but all it’s really doing is disappointing what’s left of the dying fanbase.

  2. I was so happy when I saw my post on the Poptropica blog! I plan to do part 2 next month, and here on the PHB, plan to do a clubhouse tour and maybe even a popsona, ( Poptropica persona). If I have the time, I would also like to make a post about the things Poptropica needs to hear about the game. After that, I’ll see if I come up with any other ideas. I also think I invented the term ” Poptropassion” ( mostly because I haven’t seen it used anywhere else and I did come up with it)

    1. Looking forward to your future posts! By the way, I meant for “Poptropassion” in this post to be a blend of “Poptropica” and “passion,” rather than “fashion,” which is how you used it (differentiated by the spelling “Poptropashion” in your guest post). Fun to say either way!

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