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St. Patropican’s Pies in the Sky ๐Ÿฅง

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day (this Thursday), Poptropicans! ‘Tis nearly time for the quirky holiday where one puts on green and pinches those who missed the memo. Lucky you who were warned! โ˜˜๏ธ

Adventure Outfitters is still stocking lucky greens, and this week they’ve also added green goodies for pets. See it all on the Creators’ Blog ยป

St. Patrick’s isn’t the only special occasion celebrated by Poptropica this week! Monday, March 14 was Pi Day (3.14…), and Pop marked the event with an irrational graphic of Poptropica pies on their socials.

Also on Instagram, here are the latest character fan art features to grace Poptropica’s stories:

That’s a wrap for this update. Are you sensing a little monotony in the week-by-weeks of Pop life? Don’t miss our recent Open Letter to Poptropica where we discuss the game’s potential for more than our pies in the sky โ€” and share your thoughts in the comments, too!



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