Hate to break it: April Fools! ❤️‍🔥

Put away the pitchforks, Poptropicans… the Poptropica Hate Blog has had its day, and the real PHB’s back to say: April Fools!

All rage let loose for the Poptropica Hate Blog on April Fools’ Day.

Many of you joined in on the mutiny with such fiery passion that sometimes the line felt blurred between genuine and exaggerated criticisms! Enjoy some reaction highlights from the comments (click to view full size). There’s more where they came from!

Now that the ruse is revealed, we want to pull back the curtain and share a bit about the making of the Poptropica Hate Blog.

As evident from all the complaints that came pouring in, our hot takes were in fact inspired by real sentiments from the fandom that have been brewing over years of frustration for what the game has become.

For the prank, though, we mainly wanted to highlight the worst of the outrage mentality and amplify our grievances with over-the-top outcries. The PHB team put together many ideas for rants, with memes and written contributions from Gentle Dolphin, MaryannTheConqueror, Purple Paw, and Slanted Fish. Plus, Purple Paw came up with a brilliant illustrated header to go with all the anger. Check out all the little details!

Our declaration of how “Poptropica is canceled” covered a lot of bases, from costumes to social media and Roblox. While some of the rage is definitely real and echoes the protests of Poptropicans, the truth is always more complicated. Despite the disappointments, we at the PHB still hold onto a love for what Pop was, and hope for what Pop could be.

Most of the people criticizing Poptropica aren’t just “haters” though. Most of us were big fans in the past, which is why we hate to see how they’re ruining the game.

Perfect Sky (former PHB writer) on the hate blog

For all the frustrated followers of Pop out there, we hear you! The Pop Hate Blog might be a joke, but it clearly touched some nerves.

So, what to do with all the hate? For sure, we can grieve for what we’ve lost and gripe about dreams that disappear.

But at the same time, that energy can be draining, so it’s worth trying to see things from a more generous point of view, too. And ultimately, that’s what we keep working at here on the Poptropica Help Blog. To critique and affirm. Even when we’re hateful, we can also be hopeful.

Love it or hate it, we’ll be here.

~the PHB 💙

13 thoughts on “Hate to break it: April Fools! ❤️‍🔥”

  1. I wish the creators would just listen to the fans a little more. Maybe some of the criticism sounds a bit harsh, but the creators also need to understand that Poptropica will die if they can’t maintain the fanbase. Soon, it will get to the point where they have to shut Poptropica down because it just isn’t profitable.

    I understand that it would take long to bring all of the old islands back, but maybe there are some small changes they can make to restore some of the things that made Poptropica so nostalgic. It would be great if they could convert the old islands to haxe, but I’m not that concerned right now, since we do have Flashpoint. I just don’t understand why they are making these Roblox games now instead of updating Poptropica itself. I wish the creators would talk about this more so we can at least understand why they are focusing on Roblox right now. I’m sure none of us would agree with the reasons, but I’m still curious.

      1. Ah, we HOPE Roblox is done. The creators are still the same people. Who knows? They might do something stupid again and make yet ANOTHER Roblox mini game.
        Sigh. We’ve reached the point where we really can’t tell if the creators have brains or not.

      2. I agree with Silver Shell. We don’t really know if they’re done with Roblox. They may announce another Roblox game sometime soon. I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Perfect Sky. I agree with you that the Pop Creators could communicate better about why they’re doing what they’re doing, and address more specifically the question of getting the old islands back. The non-island updates aren’t all bad, but there is/was so much value in the islands that we’d rather have as the main focus.

      1. Yeah. If they can’t bring the old islands back yet, maybe there are some other updates they can make that align more with what the fans want. I think it would be good if they made some updates to the multiplayer features, since there’s not much you can do with other players anymore (since multiverse rooms are gone and there are less battle games). And hopefully they will focus on finishing Jade Scarab now that they finished the Zomberry Roblox game

  2. I’ve noticed, this month, member gifts, Adventure Outfitters, and the clubhouse shop haven’t been updated, and the Baron hasn’t arrived.

  3. Maybe, I went a little overboard on things, I should give Poptropica another chance (I knew the hate blog was a fake I just wanted to say something about what happened in my past years to the present) I will give Poptropica another chance. In fact, it was my childhood
    game. New islands or no new island I will still remember Poptropica like in my childhood.

    1. What made me write all this was the really old games I played on cool math I loved playing papas games, but when I heard that the flash was leaving in December 2020 I didn’t know what it meant until I went on cool math in 2021 and saw all of my games that were flash was gone and I wasn’t happy about that. It also meant Poptropica had to get rid of almost every flash island they ever had. Your right, I have to let things go and move on through life, but we still got us. So New islands or no new islands, new flash game remastered or not. We can still remember the old games we play by appreciating these games as we move on through life.

  4. Out of all of the PHB pranks, this one is in the top 3 best of all time. Like in all honesty, this is what a prank should be. Incredibly believable and very difficult to believe that it was a prank.

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