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Future Fanfare for Present Poptropicans 🤞

Poptropicans, big news ahead! 👀

But we’re going to have to wait just a bit longer for it, since whatever it is will be revealed at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST) on Wednesday, April 6, according to Poptropica’s socials. What could it be? 🤔

Pop’s tweet tells us our “voices have been heard” and includes “past Poptropicans,” so the hype is set for something that may address veteran (and even newer) players’ increasing concerns about the stalling of old islands returning. Maybe a response to our open letter?

Play on Loop: Let’s try to keep things on track.

Plus, we know they saw the PHB’s recent “Poptropica Hate BlogApril Fools’ prank, since they liked our tweets about them, so maybe they’re finally going to comment less vaguely on fandom frustrations? 🤞

Or might it just be news we’re expecting about the upcoming new Secret of the Jade Scarab Island, or another older episodic island on its way? Either way, pop in tomorrow to find out!

In other news, check out Poptropica’s latest Instagram stories! In addition to the news hype, there’s fun fan art of fave villains, as well as the return of the Poptropica Enneagram we saw last year. (Protip: Click on the artists’ hyperlinked names to view posts in detail.) Enjoy!

Keep on poppin’ on!


15 thoughts on “Future Fanfare for Present Poptropicans 🤞”

  1. News about rereleases of older episodic islands is of no particular interest to me. They will only make said islands available to members who have a paid subscription, as they have done so far. I do not find Poptropica worth my money anymore, so, not being able to play those islands nullifies their significance in my case. It strikes me as odd, however, that Poptropicans let this happen without protest. These were islands for which we had already waited back when they were first released. And, after having waited for the designated period (four weeks, I believe it was), we got to play them for free. It does not, by any means, make the slightest of sense to make those islands available solely to members, when regular players had access to them in the past. Poptropica is utterly hopeless at this point. They expect to keep their players with that pathetic excuse for a game.

    1. There have definitely been discontent voices anytime membership is involved, including islands (even for the past business model with early access), and especially so for islands that were once free for all (as we’re seeing today).

      The logic of the current membership model is probably that with the transition away from Flash, Poptropica isn’t able to make islands at the rate that they used to, losing the incentive to subscribe for early access to new islands. Locking once-free islands behind a paywall is extremely unsavory, but it’s a business strategy to incentivize people to buy memberships, especially considering their current situation with little else to offer.

      1. Taking your view into regard, I understand the situation that Poptropica is faced with at present. That being said, one must consider that they are pushing their audience away by applying such business strategies. You see, currently, Poptropica is quite a disappointing experience for most of the older players. Some of us have largely moved away from Poptropica because it has simply become that unsatisfactory to play. Making players pay for those once free-to-play islands only furthers these feelings of discontent. When Poptropica is losing this fanbase at such a rate, would it make sense to make players pay to play most of those older islands? Furthermore, the players do not bear any responsibility for the discontinuation of Flash. Considering the prior, if the Poptropica Creators still wish to draw profit from membership sales, it would, at the very least, make sense for them to allow some of their earlier re-releases to be available to all the players, rather than restricting their access to just the members. I don’t think a supposed “children’s game” is meant to run simply to draw such profits. They can’t claim to run on the basis of “storytelling” and then start charging people money for access to islands that used to be available to all users for free.

    2. I really hope the news isn’t about bringing back the episodic islands because I never really liked the episodic islands that much. I mean, I liked them better than Fairy Tale or Goofball, but not nearly as much as the regular classic islands. I definitely wouldn’t renew my membership just to play the episodic islands. Those islands don’t even feel that nostalgic to me, since they were pretty new compared to classic islands like Astro Knights. I understand that the AS3 SUIs are easier to convert, but I would personally rather them bring back Monster Carnival first.

      I think there’s a chance that they may eventually bring back one or two classic islands just to try to shut us up, but they would probably ruin it like they did with Mythology. Unless they bring back a really easy island like Early Poptropica, I’m sure they will dumb it down and make it just as boring as the new Mythology :/

      And I agree that charging us to play those islands isn’t a great business strategy. I understand that they need membership revenue, but there isn’t enough incentive for us to keep playing Poptropica at this point, much less to pay for access to a couple episodic islands. Without membership, there’s very little you can do on the website. With membership, you get access to a couple extra islands, but there still isn’t much to do. I renewed my membership for one month recently, but I cancelled it again because membership really isn’t worth the cost anymore.

      1. We could potentially form the “Committee for Poptropican Reforms” or something at this rate.

  2. All right, well just have to wait and see what the surprise is. I’ve also noticed that they put in the store a jetpack and an animal that you can ride on.

    P.S If developers of Poptropica read this I have one thing to say: Can you put some old Islands that are still members free, they’ve been up there for members for past months. I’m just saying when you relace more membership Islands make some of the old membership Islands free so I and the rest of Poptropica can enjoy.

    1. Your last sentence presents us with a brilliant idea. However, the Poptropica Creators will most definitely continue to charge players to play those islands, as I don’t see them releasing any new islands or re-releasing older islands anytime soon. It seems to take quite a long time to develop these islands and considering that the Creators also need to focus on much more pressing endeavours, such as creating Roblox games and adding new outfits to their game, we can’t expect them to be releasing islands just like that. It’s much more important to make Poptropicans play some random unicorn-collecting game than it is to focus their efforts and “limited employees and resources” towards salvaging their game and bringing back the old islands.

      1. Yeah, I guess you make a really good point, it might be a while before they start remaking old Islands. Maybe years later if they did make more islands in the future maybe my idea can come in if they make more in the future. But it may or may not happen will just see.

  3. In my opinion, if it’s anything other than “old islands are coming back” I’d be disappointed. The tweet mentions past players and voices heard… People from the past have been saying nothing but “we want old islands back”, so why would it be news about the new island or another episodic island? It’s gotta be about old islands returning and I’d be disappointed if it’s anything but.

    Unfortunately, if it IS old islands returning, we already saw what happened to Mythology, they uh… Messed up badly on it. It’s going to be hard to trust the new pop to do these classics correctly, and I’m mostly afraid of how islands like Skullduggery, Steamworks or Red Dragon will turn out- Are they going to make astro-knights easier? That wouldn’t be right. I don’t like how my poptropican tells me what I should do instead of me having to figure it out myself (Mostly was seen in the new mythology island…) Those are my thoughts… Been playing since April 2010, lots of nostalgia for this game and I want to see the old islands come back as they once were but it’s definitely hard to trust them to do it right.

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