A store decked out for Halloween

Hey Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, with some sp00py updates for Poptropica Original! First off, if you head over to the Store, you’ll find old Halloween favorites back and moved up to the front of the selections.


To celebrate Halloween coming up, the Creators have placed at the front of the Costumes section in “Newest” and “View All” sections a handful of Halloween costumes: the Pumpkin Head (which you can also activate using the hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + P without having to pay 275 credits), the Vampire Boy/Girl (which is absolutely free, by the way), and the Clown.

As for the Gold Cards section, there’s the Haunted House (miniquest guide here), the Halloween Accessory Pack* (which released last year), Followers Spook Pack, Frankenstein’s Monster* and Swamp Monster at the forefront for this Halloween. ( * indicates members only)

Moreover, the Creators’ Blog post states that the Haunted House mini-quest is “back for a limited time only,” so better get on it now because it’s not staying year-round! They also state, erroneously, that “The Haunted House is free with Membership” — but this is not the case, as non-members can get to it too (notice the “free” label on the card). Besides, why would they ever, ever make the Haunted House members-only?

Update: The Creators’ Blog post has been corrected, per our suggestion.


By the way, if you haven’t already, make sure to participate in both the PHB’s 9th Annual Halloween Costume Contest and this month’s Community Creations, with the theme of Halloween! We look forward to all your sp00py entries! 👻

Thanks for reading this post, and see you soon!

5 thoughts on “A store decked out for Halloween”

  1. So they were bluffing about the membership thing, or was it just something they forgot?

    Although of course, *why would they have it for members*? I mean it’s not like as if they have never done it before cuz Jeff Kenny doesn’t have enough money already, am I right guys?… 😁

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