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Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, sharing with you, some new updates from the Poptropica Creators!

This week has been filled with cool updates and sneak peeks for both, new and current Poptropica! First off, we got a cool look at the making of a monster worm. Then, we got some very creepy puppet costumes in the store, along with a new spooky wheel on Home Island. And now…


We have some awesome new fashion and followers! In the spirit of the season (that is, if you’re living in the northern hemisphere), Poptropica has come up with some more fall attire and Halloween gear!

Woof! Meow! What was that? Oh right! Poptropica now has something we’ve all been wanting for a while. They’ve heard the requests and now have added pet followers to the Poptropica store! How exciting, am I right?

Currently, a Cat Pack and a Dog Pack are available with three variations of each. But who knows what types of followers we will see in the new Poptropica? Perhaps other pets like turtles, rabbits, and more! But for now, I’m so happy these adorable creatures are now available for purchase. Check ’em out:

Poptropica New Halloween Costumes and Fall Fashion.png

The Halloween Accessory Pack (250 credits) contains five different handheld items: a trick-or-treating jack-o-lantern, paper bag with candy, potion cauldron, science test tube, and gravedigger’s shovel.


The Cat Pack has three different cat breeds: a pure black one, a fuzzy gray kitty, and a calico cutie.


The Dog Pack comes with three furry dogs: a brown one, a loyal Labrador, and a happy mutt.


The girls’ versions of the other costumes are also slightly different, as you can see below:


The female Bog Monster (350 credits) has a flower on its head, Sportsball Girl doesn’t come with goggles like the Boy variant (275 credits), Skull Girl’s color is purple while Skull Boy’s is blue (300 credits), and Jill O’Lantern and Wolf Girl are a little different from Jack O’Lantern and Wolf Boy respectively (not to be confused with the Werewolf costume in the store).

Wolf Boy/Girl, Jack/Jill O’Lantern, and the pets (Cat Pack and Dog Pack) are all for members only. Members can also get anything in the store for free for the duration of their membership.

Cool creeptastic costumes (and pets) all around!


Also, the third book of the Poptropica graphic novel series, The Secret Society, is now available for pre-order! The release date is scheduled as April 11, 2017.

The story revolves around a secret society known as the “protectors” of Poptropica trying to do everything they can to preserve the mysterious world. Go and get your copy as soon as possible!

So what about you guys? Are you excited about all of these incredible new items, as well as the release of Poptropica: The Secret Society? I sure am. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

18 thoughts on “Cats & Costumes, Dogs & Dresses”

  1. These cards are really amazing, much unlike the not-so-great Fall Fashion ones released earlier this month. My personal favourite out of these is the Bog Monster – such spoopy eyes! 😛

    1. Well the pets would’ve been great if I didn’t have to buy membership. I’m also not going to spend anymore on membership either. Though the bog monster is kind of great so are the Halloween accessories.

    2. They’re pretty cool! I do like the idea of pets, although I feel it has to be said that having “followers” isn’t new to Poptropica. These are perhaps the first conventional pets (cats and dogs), but we’ve had the follower concept for a while, including the cat from Timmy Failure (Señor Burrito Follower) and Follower packs in the store.

      I think it’d be awesome to have more ways to interact with our pet(s), by taking care of them through feeding, walking, naming, teaching tricks, etc. Maybe even have profiles for individual pets, and to be able to interact with other players’ pets. Of course, I know this is only the start, but these are some ideas for ways to expand.

      It’d also be interesting to have other types of pets, hopefully some of which non-members can own as well. “Poptropica original” species would be cool as well – perhaps like the creatures on Realms.

      Anyway, great update! The fall/Halloween costumes are also quite impressive. My favorite would have to be the Jack/Jill O’Lantern, although it’s members only, which is always a touchy subject for people who can’t get membership (fortunately, Poptropica granted me a one-month membership earlier for placing in their art contest!). 🎃

      1. @slantedfish I totes agree w/ u about the pet thing. Also, would u mind maybe–just maybe–friending me? I’m 09StormClaw. And when I tried to put in a costume idea it wouldn’t work–if u friend me would u be able to put it in and give me credit?

      2. Hey Curious Shadow, I’m happy to accept any friend requests on Pop! Also, I wouldn’t be able to submit your costume idea without your image, but make sure you’re using

  2. Wait,so pets are all for Members only?! That’s nonsense! Why do we non-members get the short end of the stick? It’s just not fair! 😦

    1. It’s about the money. It’s not like as if they don’t have enough stuff for members already. At least it’s not like Club Penguin where everything is for members and you can’t keep your stuff.

    2. They need to have incentives for people to want to be members so they can continue their business, so it’s not unreasonable – although I would suggest to Poptropica that non-members should get at least some access to pets.

  3. I just realized something. Is there any point of raising the prices of items and at the same time raise the amount of awarded credits?

    1. Raising the amount/availability of credits was to give more incentive to log in and play (daily spin wheel, islands, etc). As a result of credits being easier to obtain, prices in the store were raised to adjust for the inflation.

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