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5 Unsolved Mysteries in Worlds from Detective Dave

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with information on another YouTube video by Poptropica!

The last video was about “6 Cool Side Characters” in Poptropica Worlds, and now we have another one about “5 UNSOLVED Mysteries.” The videos were uploaded only 4 days apart, so appears like these lists could become a regular series on the channel. Here’s the new video:

What are these ‘mysteries,’ you may ask? Well, they are…

  • The origin of coins from the Wheel of Loot
  • The Bum from 24 Carrot and his possible motives
  • Maynard and how long he has been staying in the barn on 24 Carrot, along with where he goes when he finally leaves
  • The kid complaining about “Old Reliable” and why he only complains about it and how long he’s been there
  • Stanley from Crisis Caverns and how he can still be giving cave tours

The narrator, who we recently learned is named Dave, theorizes the answers to these questions, which are mainly silly possibilities, like how Bum could be sinister and working for Dr. Hare and how the kid could have been waiting there next to Old Reliable for days.

It seems like the video has brought up some varying opinions. Napstachill, one of the commenters, believes the reaching makes the video like a joke and there isn’t enough content to make a serious one yet, unlike Poptropica Original. Additionally, Brave Tomato has suggested that the only real mystery so far is what happened to Dr. Crispin Vincent from Crisis Caverns.


On the other hand, people are already suggesting ideas in the comments, like your Poptropican’s origins/parents and real-life unsolved mysteries. Personally, I was hoping for plot-driven island mysteries similar to BT rather than random theories. What do you think? Leave your comment below!


18 thoughts on “5 Unsolved Mysteries in Worlds from Detective Dave”

  1. I think the video itself is a joke. And a pretty nice one at that.



    Actually, that makes sense why we have to get the new furniture and stuff. The guy’s too tired of making the same thing over and over so he said ‘Yea, I’m done with this. Build your own stuff kiddos’.


  2. Dude, everybody knows the real mystery is…. Why the heck would a rabbot help you stop his own creator? (Also did Harvey Hare found the “flaw” of his mind control helmets yet? *cough* *cough* off button *cough* *cough*😶)

  3. Lol my question is in what kind of insane world do you buy yourself a house, and then not have access to like five rooms in it? Just sayin’, you know… ^-^

  4. The real mystery is what the Poptropica Creators are doing right now! If it’s taking them this long to create something, whatever it is, it better be good. Doesn’t anyone else here agree?

    1. Well they’re probably finishing Dr. Hare’s Revenge, although, I hope there will be more to it than just the “collect all carrots before time runs out” game. Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab was short (I mean it’s a mini quest after all), but it did provide stuff like puzzle solving and stealth. But who knows, I’m probably asking for too much (I mean it’s just a demo). 😐

      1. Dr. Hare’s Revenge Mini Quest was horrible. It required very little puzzle solving and, to be honest, wasn’t that fun. Also, it seems like there are a bazillion other games like that mini quest. You are literally just going through a simple maze collecting objects; not that creative. Poptropica should just stick to what it is good at.

    2. YES I am getting almost sick of waiting for a new island. I mean, I know they’re busy and they have families and stuff, but Poptropica comes before family, am I right?

      (lol that was a joke pls dont hurt me XD)

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  5. i think the real mystery is where is balloon boy and why is a kid writing to him *suspicious look* DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN

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