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PHB Review: Scariest Poptropica Moments


Happy Halloween Poptropicans! Slip here.


What a spooky time to do a creepy post, eh? Today, we’ll be reviewing some of the scariest moments in Poptropica! I might as well tell everyone to beware of nightmares and trauma. Read on, if you dare…



Let’s start with the cryptids—specifically, the Chupacabra. A creature that is said to look like a coyote-wolf hybrid that has green glowing eyes, sharp quills on its back and leaves a drain on the victim with a fang-like mark. Who wouldn’t be scared of this guy? Did it made you jump? Let’s check the fear meter!


Jersey Devil


Ah, of course. Who wouldn’t forget the time when the Jersey Devil, also a cryptid, was peeking at the window looking at your player? You wouldn’t forget that time, right?

That’s the winged creature that looks like a half-horse and half-goat. That face is a face that we all remember when playing Cryptids Island. Let’s check the fear meter!




It’s the zomberries of Eastman—these guys give me the creeps. Well, they became zombies from a substance mixed with blueberries, don’t eat brains, and are scared of lights. These guys are really crazy; lurking in dim places and chasing you every time you meet them. Let’s check out the fear meter!


Count Bram’s obsession


Oh, Count Bram. He still hasn’t mastered the art of letting go— perhaps what he needs is a consultation from the doctor? It’s sad to lose a loved one, but he reached a ridiculous level of insanity when he turned our player into a vampire and bit Christopher along the way. He did show a soft side at the end, though, and was reunited with his love, Annabelle. ❤


Giant Eel/Leviathan


This Leviathan is one of the scariest prehistoric creatures I have ever seen on Poptropica. Before you meet this creature, the lights go out—setting a great mood for a jumpscare—then it peeps through holes on the wall, shows itself – and tries to eat you! The giant eel left fear on me and I never came back… after two tries. Oh fear meter on the wall, is the eel the scariest of them all?


Fiona’s voice


One of the creepiest things in the history of Poptropica is this scene from Ghost Story island. Before SUIs (sound-updated islands), sound was pretty rare – making Fiona’s voice all the more spooky when it was heard.

What actually made it scary is that I thought that someone was behind me! I was shocked to know that the voice was from Poptropica. RIP headphone users.

Another bonus point is that the person responsible for Fiona’s voice was Creator Dr. Lange — amazing! What does the fear meter tell us?


Myron van Buren


You might not have seen this coming, or maybe you did; I don’t know. Well, this list is not complete if it doesn’t include Poptropica’s most despicable villain — Survival Island’s Myron Van Buren! His face his creepy, his butler is also creepy and his motives are frightening.

“Mister van Buren sat on his tuffet, eating his steak away,
Along came a player, who asked for some supper,
and he invited him right away.

What does the fear meter have to say?


The Puppet Man


For the last scariest moment on Poptropica, it would go to Monster Carnival Island’s Puppet Man. At one point, we have to enter the Haunted Lab at night when everyone’s been turned into monsters. If you go in without a flashlight, you can come across this eerie fellow lurking in the shadows of the Haunted Lab — carnie by day; scarer by night. What does the fear meter have to say about this one?


…and that wraps our special Halloween post! Which of these moments scared you the most? Let us know in the comments if you agree with these ratings, or if you have another moment to add to the list!

Happy Halloween, Poptropicans!

-from the PHB. 😈


26 thoughts on “PHB Review: Scariest Poptropica Moments”

  1. The only one I’ve actually come across was the puppet dude and let’s just say that was terrifying xD

  2. To be completely honest all of them were scary for me. Especially I reacted the most for fiona’s moment. Seriously, I don’t usually have my headphones on for poptropica. But that day I had it on so I don’t get scared of any scary moment in the island. I was listening to a calm music on another tab.

    When I entered the house , I was pretty scared. I thought something or that woman would pop out of no where but when we had to just look through the telescope , I calmed down. Just when I was having fun with the telescope looking here and there was this voice” Are you looking for someone?” O.O My heartbeat felt like it almost stopped for a second. I quickly removed my headphones and looked back until I found out it was from the game! O.O

      1. The zomberries are scary at the start, but when you find out what they do to you when you touch them, is dissapointing. Also, I had old account that got deleted. (:P) on which, I completed Ghost Story on. So I knew the voice was coming.

  3. Ok, my scariest was Fiona’s voice and the Jersey Devil, i kinda thought the chupacabra was cute (weird huh?) fiona’s voice scared me the most, i jumped out of my chair! still, i keep my eyes closed when me and my cousin play cryptid island and the jersey devil comes.

    By The Way…
    Happy Halloween! 😀

    1. I played through that part and couldn’t sleep well because of it. But I’m just happy I went to the bathroom before it happened.

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