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The Creators’ Halloween Photo Booth Challenge Winners!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here! It’s been a little while since I last posted, so glad to be back at it again.

Anyway, today the Creators announced the winners of their Halloween Photo Booth Challenge! The Creators’ received thousands of entries from Poptropicans, and have narrowed them down to one winner and 5 runner-ups for each of the five categories. So, let’s get to the winners! 😀

Best Costume

  • Winner: Golden Typhoon
  • Runners-up: Golden Rider, Trusty Lightning, Spotted Eagle, Slippery Boot, Happy Starfish

Best Costume - Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

The first category is Best Costume, showing off the coolest of the creepy costumes. The overall winner is Golden Typhoon, with her character’s in-transformation werewolf and the addition of the awesomely terrifying wolves from on Vampire’s Curse! Here’s what the Creators commented:

Golden Typhoon didn’t just make a great werewolf costume — she also posed it mid-transformation for a dramatic photo. Look how the other wolves are welcoming the newest member of their pack! Creepy!

Great runners up, too, including characters inspired by some of your favorite movies and comic books.

Best Halloween Party

  • Winner: Speedy Knuckle
  • Runners-up: Orange Burger, Squeezy Pelican, Trusty Walker, White Toes, Brave Thunder

Best Halloween Party - Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

Second is the Best Halloween Party, with its several scary celebrations. The overall winner of this category is Speedy Knuckle! He made a super awesome party with some awesome quests including a few creators and famous monsters. I especially love the crowd-surfing vampire. The Creators are totally down for these parties:

Judging by the entries we received in this category, Poptropicans know how to get down! Please invite us to all of your future parties. Our winner was Speedy Knuckle, whose composition and character poses made for a rockin’ good time.

Special mention to the runners up, each of whom brought a fun twist to the idea of a Halloween party.

Funniest Photo

  • Winner: Tall Kid
  • Runners-up: Fast Lizard, Fast Lizard (yup, he won two spots!), Popular Flyer, Spotted Sword, Super Snowball

Funniest Photo - Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

Tall Kid brought home the top spot in the Funniest Photo section, which in itself has heaps of hilarious happenings. Tall Kid created what I can only assume it’s of some sort of condiment battle. A few monsters are chasing a guy in a hot dog costume with ketchup and mustard. I have to say it did make me chuckle. 😛 The Creators appreciated the sense of humor, too:

Tons of hilarious entries in this category. In the end, we had to give the top spot to Tall Kid, who gave us three monsters (and two bats) chasing a poor Poptropican in a hot dog costume. We always knew that would get you in the end.

You’re not seeing double in the runners-up. Fast Lizard placed twice, and with good reason!

Most Creative Photo

  • Winner: Smart Glove
  • Runners-up: Blue Monster, Brave Pear, Loud Chicken, Moody Jumper, Tall Flipper

Most Creative Photo - Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

Next up is the Most Creative Photo filled with innumerable imaginative inventions. The winner of the category is Smart Glove depicting a little Halloween get-together that seems to have been interrupted by Mr. Silva from Shrink Ray. It’s a pretty cool photo, if I do say so myself. The Creators enjoyed looking through everyone’s creative entries:

Every photo we got was creative. Smart Glove zoomed out to show Halloween from a perspective we hadn’t really seen before.

Check out the runners up for some clever and fun storytelling, too.

Scariest Photo

  • Winner: Maroon Bird
  • Runners-up: Brave Panda, Fast Lizard, Neat Hopper, Noisy Bones, Trusty Leaf

Scariest Photo - Halloween Photo Booth Challenge

The final category, Scariest Photo, shows off a certain type of terrifying talent. The winner of the most frightening of submissions is a work by Maroon Bird. The scene shows DJ Saturday Night and Aphrodite on walk with a zomberry peering in through the forest of trees. It is quite creepy. The Creators say it may even be too scary:

The Jersey Devil found his way into a lot of the scariest photos, but it was Maroon Bird’s contribution to the Slenderman tale that earned top honors in this category.

Pretty much all of these are a little too scary, though. Maybe you should scroll back up to the funny ones.

By the way, the winners of each category get to have their avatars and their photos added to the Photo Booth for the next week, so you can play around with them in the Photo Booth!

Well, that concludes the winning submissions from the Creators’ Halloween Photo Booth Challenge (wow, long title)! As for the PHB’s Halloween contests (Costume & Photo Booth), we’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow on Halloween, so stay tuned! Prizes include some Poptropica memberships, and it’s not too late to enter, so check it out!

What did you guys think of the winners and runner-ups? Comment below.

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8 thoughts on “The Creators’ Halloween Photo Booth Challenge Winners!”

  1. Wow, these photos look awesome! I should have entered, I didn’t have time because of real life events.
    Also glad to see that you’re posting again, Paul! *hugs him* c:

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