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Dr. Hare’s Revenge, minus the Hare, plus bouncy beds

Hey Poptropicans! Big news in the Poptropica sphere this week…

…if you’re a member, that is. But even if you aren’t, don’t worry โ€” you’ll get to play this update soon. So what’s up? Well, Dr. Hare is backย (kind of) in a new mini-game called Dr. Hare’s Revenge! Check out the sweet animated video promo:

In this game, which you can find on your map in Poptropica Worlds, Dr. Hare (who you may remember from 24 Carrot Island) has set a series of challenges for you: find your way around each maze full of tricks and traps, collecting all the carrots before time runs out. There are four zones of 10 levels each, which gives you plenty of gameplay and scenery to be entertained with.

Check out this full playthrough video from the PHB’s very own Brave Tomato:

Since this is currently still in beta, members who play this game during this early access period get to take a survey after completing Zone 1, in which you can give your feedback to the Poptropica Creators! They want to know what you think, so be sure to fill it out if you can! This style of gameplay is definitely following a different direction than a typical Poptropica island, yet it is a common mobile gaming trend with its simple objective and ascending level difficulties โ€” but what do you think of it?

Also, if you’re playing this on a mobile phone or tablet, you also get to try out a whole new control scheme. With it, you can move around using an on-screen joystick and jump button. Again, the Creators want to know your thoughts on this!

worlds joystick
picture credit: Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyotekans, who has a ridiculously high coin count…

The game itself is pretty exciting, but there is one thing worth pointing out: despite the name, Dr. Hare himself doesn’t make an appearance, instead letting his rabbot droids run the show! It looks like Poptropica has pulled another Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab โ€” but at least Dr. Hare’s Revenge is quite a bit more interesting.

When you’ve completed Dr. Hare’s Revenge, you’ll win 500 coins and a cool trophy of Dr. Hare’s head for your house! Plus, you can always replay levels to beat your high scores and see where you’re at on the leaderboards.

On a comparatively less exciting note, but an exciting one all the same, there’s been an update to house decor: you can now stand on your furniture (the ones that make sense to do so, anyway โ€” and yes, this one applies to everyone)! Jumping on beds will even make your character bounce with a satisfying springing sound.

Alright, that’s all for this post! Let us know what you think of Dr. Hare’s Revenge and furniture fun in the comments below!


24 thoughts on “Dr. Hare’s Revenge, minus the Hare, plus bouncy beds”

      1. Except, unlike in Dr Hare’s secret lab, you get a trophy instead of a little rabbot costume (and you can’t cheat by playing from Super Power Island ๐Ÿ˜).

  1. Maybe the reason he’s not in the mini game is because it’s a way for the creators to tease us that Dr. Hare will be returning to Poptropica Worlds soon, maybe not in the mini game it’s self but on a island that will kind of be a sequel to 24 Carrot Island, although knowing the poptropica creators they’ll probably pull another Super Villain Island thing on us, I mean seriously creators why do you keep teasing us, except maybe the reason why they keep teasing us is because they have something big planned, but what could it be?

  2. Not to be all negative or anything but, when was the last time the Poptropica creators made a new soundtrack? I mean, we have had islands reuse tracks from other islands: Glactic Hotdogs, 24 Carrot, Mocktropica, Time Tangled (especially). Like, imagine if they used the same music from Poptropicon for Super Villain, or Mocktropica for Early Pop, or that forest theme from Time Tangled (The one they use for every single one) for Twisted Thicket(!), etc.

    I don’t know, I don’t think its worth to complain about a sound track, but I’m just seeing a lack of variety with these Pop Worlds and SU islands. ๐Ÿ˜•

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