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Pop Petition: What we want from Pop Worlds, Pt. 4

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Hello, everyone — Lucky Joker popping in to bring you another Pop Petition!

Like parts 1, 2, and 3, this one is concerning Poptropica Worlds and made with the hope of letting the Creators know about what we’d like to see added to the game to make it even more fun.

We’ve already discussed the idea of more customization, and in this post, we’ll be further talking about just that, along with some brand new ideas as well. Let’s get into it!

#1: Anatomical Customization

Everyone wants to make their character unique, and what better way to do it than by being able to change our height and/or body size?

Poptropica Worlds - New Body Types!

Options like widening your character to match the sumo wrestlers in Red Dragon Island, or stretching yourself taller like Mike Teavee after we stretched him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, would allow for greater diversity among characters in Poptropica — and wouldn’t that be something?

#2: Island Trailers

Remember the days when we got an island trailer as a sneak preview of what the upcoming island would be about? For almost every island that was going to be released, a video trailer would precede it, amping us up for what was to come.

watch the trailer.png

I really enjoyed the animated trailers for some of the newer islands like Virus Hunter and Escape from Pelican Rock. It would be nice to see that again with future islands being released on Poptropica Worlds. Granted, Poptropica Worlds is still in its early stages, meaning there haven’t been a lot of islands even released yet.

Although the Creators did release a preview clip for the revamped 24 Carrot Island for Worlds, they released the clip after the island came out, instead of before. Trailers/preview clips released before an island really stirred up the hype, and that’s the way it should be.

Though trailers weren’t the biggest or most important feature, it was always nice to get a glimpse of what to expect in our next adventure. Nowadays, compared to older days, Poptropica hardly gives us any sneak peeks at all.

#3: Photo Booth

The addition of the Photo Booth on Home Island back in 2015 was one of Poptropica’s biggest, most popular updates.


Being able to make silly or spooky photos, perhaps featuring your Poptropican and/or some of Poptropica’s most beloved characters, was really fun, and served as a great boredom buster while waiting for a new island. I mean, sure, it’s still accessible on Poptropica Original, but as we all know… Flash—which is what Poptropica Original is built on—won’t be here forever.

And how cool would it be if the characters in the Photo Booth were in Poptropica Worlds’ art style! Plus, newer characters from Poptropica Worlds could be added in: Poptropicans like the dazzling Iris Ray or the coin-giving Captain Scuttlebutt.

#4: House “Liking” Feature

It sure is amusing to buy and use furniture items to decorate your house, and we really appreciate that you can now interact with some of your furniture items.

However, it would be cooler if there was more purpose in decorating. I think being able to share your creations by allowing other Poptropicans to visit and leave a like for your house (similar to what other virtual worlds have done already—even Realms on Poptropica Original had this feature) would be super exciting! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this.

#5: World Champions Map

Though this feature wasn’t essential for actual gameplay, I still think it should be carried on to Poptropica Worlds. The World Champions Maps were a little extra something to make completing new islands more thrilling, by encouraging you to race others against the clock and see who’d beat the islands first.

mythology player map

When competition is added to the mix, more people would play the islands. Being one of the first 10, or 100, or even 1000 finishers was always a goal of mine, and I’m sure for a lot of other people as well.

Maybe the Creators can even do a membership sweepstakes where the first ten finishers of a new island get free memberships, or even give a shout-out on the Creators’ Blog like they used to do some time ago. I think this is a great strategy for bringing more players to Worlds from Poptropica Original.

I think adding these features would really enhance the overall experience of Poptropica Worlds. And really, we don’t know what the Creators are working on at this very moment, so for all we know, some of these features may already be in the works!

Disclaimer: this post is not to meant to bash the Poptropica Creators or to make Worlds out to be an unpleasant game. The aim was to list out some suggestions of what we’d like to see adopted or added to Worlds to make the game even better.

What cool stuff would you like to see added to the game? Don’t be afraid to leave your suggestions in the comments section down below. Remember, your thoughts matter too—and the Creators may just take you up on your ideas!

Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀


19 thoughts on “Pop Petition: What we want from Pop Worlds, Pt. 4”

  1. New body types would be interesting and dynamic, yeah, but I think having the same one for everyone also makes it a little less awkward in gameplay moments, if you know what I mean. A lot of stuff in islands are just custom made for our body size, yeah? It’d be too much to take into account. Though admittedly I do want my Poptropican to have a six pack just like I do irl

  2. You know what would be awesome? An Avatar Studio for Worlds. Right now, if you want an image of your Worlds Poptropican, you have to go open the game and screenshot him and that usually gives you a very blurry image. So if we had an Avatar Studio, it would cause a lot less headache to bloggers who are not very image-savvy (like me!!).
    Speaking of that, I wonder if we will be able to import our original outfits and appearance at any time. I have done my best with the Second Eel, but he is just not the same…

    1. Agreed, but for now, if you want a decent quality image of your Worlds Poptropican, the best place to take the screenshot is in the closet view, where your Poptropican will be larger than usual.

  3. Ikr Worlds Red Tomato looks nothing like Original Red Tomato. I call the Worlds Red Tomato “Red Potato”😜

  4. Pop Worlds is like, brand new, so there is not much content but I expect it to be a whole new world this year! A WHOLE NEW WOOORRRRLLLDDD… OH POPTROPICA HAS A MAKEOVER.. NOW WE ARE WAY UP HERE, AT THE PHB, LOOKING DOWN AT THIS WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH YOUUUUUUUU…ok I’ll stop with Aladdin references lol

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