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Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds, Pt. 3

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Hey guys, Spotted Dragon here with another Pop Petition! This one is about Poptropica Worlds yet again.

With my last post on Worlds focusing on all the positives, it was only inevitable that the negatives would be brought back up. Although, remember that these posts aren’t meant as complaints about the game! They are simply voicing what we want and what we are excited for! Click here for our first Pop Worlds Petition and click here for our second.

Anyway, we’ve talking about customization, interacting with friends, glitches, and more, so what could possibly be left? Well, we saw all your feedback and we totally get that Poptropica Worlds still has a lot to live up to. So, let’s get into it!

#1: Item/Power Cards

How could we forget about this? We have a store full of clothes and a store filled with house decor, but there are no items/powers anywhere for purchase! In Original Poptropica, we had gum, balloons, electric powers, followers, and more to choose from.


Currently, there is not even a place where we could go looking to buy items/powers. While these items don’t really help game-play, they were always a cool addition to the ways we could customize our characters. I guess it always comes back around to wanting more customization, huh?

We are already seeing more animation in Poptropica Worlds, such as the little movements our Poptropicans make when idle, and I feel like this attention toย animation could make item cards even more exciting. Although, now that I think about it, this will probably just lead to even more lag at our multiverse parties!

#2: Old Cursor

Remember how the old cursor we had in game changed length and color? Well I’m sure you’ve noticed that those features are no longer a part of the cursor in Poptropica Worlds. The movement controls are still the same, but the appearance is slightly different. It may not seem like a big deal, but to some it is a big change.

rtvi arrow

With the old cursor, the arrow turned green when you would jump, turned blue when you would just walk, and turned yellow when you would crouch. In addition to this, the arrow grew longer the further it was away from your player. Both of these features helped to determine exactly how your character would move and where they would go.

You can move the same way in Poptropica Worlds, but it can often be a bit difficult when you’re trying to land on a small, specific platform. I found myself falling into lava on Crisis Caverns more than once I admit. If the color change and length change were added back, I think that making precise jumps would be much easier. Don’t you agree?

#3: Organized Store

Now here is something that even Original Poptropica didn’t have! A more organized store. In OP and Pop Worlds, costumes (and in OP’s case: item cards) were simply arranged in a single row, usually by date added with some exceptions for holiday features and whatnot.


Having things disorganized makes it very difficult and time consuming to find something specific. It also means that the things in the “back” of the store get viewed and bought less. It’s especially a hassle in Pop Worlds, since only a handful of costumes are shown on one page and you have to wait for new pages to load. We’ve had a similar problem in the past with Poptropica’s backpack too. Players who had tons upon tons of items had a hard time finding things, even though you could organize things alphabetically and by date.

In the future, when Poptropica Worlds expands, organization will certainly become more of a problem. Not only in the house/clothing stores, but in our inventory as well. The solution? Well one idea is simple… a search bar. Another solution? Instead of selling full outfits, maybe have different pages for different accessories. Just some ideas.

#4: Mouth Customization

At this point, no one should be surprised to see we wantย more customization! Like, seriously. It’s super limited right now. In addition to being stuck with our hair and skin colors, we are also stuck with the mouths that we chose when first logging in.

tongue tied

This isn’t a super big deal if you’re content with the mouth you chose. But what if I feel like classin’ myself up one random day with a little lipstick? What if I’m down in the dumps and have the urge to needlessly express that through an online kids’ game? Welp, I currently can’t put a frown, nor ruby red lips on my Poptropican.

This isn’t the only problem like this that people have come across. Many things that players chose upon first logging in have come back to haunt them in a mildly annoying way. This seems like something that should be easily fixable. I know it’s weird to “store mouths in your closet…” *ahem* but I mean we are already able to store blush and other facial features, so it’s not that big of a stretch.

#5: First Log-in Accessories

This is something that I briefly mentioned while taking about mouth customization. Yes, yes, it’s yet another customizing concern. Like I said before, many people end up wanting to change whatever design they chose when first logging into Poptropica Worlds. However, it doesn’t just have to do with hair color and facial expressions.

new pop worlds

Maybe when you logged in, you chose a pair of black shoes that you thought were fitting, huh? But then later, you realized you totally should have chosen those once in a lifetime rainbow kicks! Okay, I might be reflecting my own past decisions when I explain this, but my point is still clear. All those cool clothes, hairstyles, and other accessories are not available anywhere else in the game.

We wouldn’t have as much of a problem if the initial clothes we could chose from also showed up in the store. In Original Poptropica, many of the initial clothes we could chose from showed up in common rooms and on Early Poptropica’s NPC’s. Thus, it was still possible to customize the things we seemingly missed out on. Like a few other things on this petition, it’s not a huge problem but it’s something nice that I think a lot of players would appreciate.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with our list? Shout out what YOU want to see in Poptropica Worlds and what other subjects you want to see petitions for!


28 thoughts on “Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds, Pt. 3”

    1. I believe the Creators left a bit of a warning somewhere regarding the colorizer tab for non members somewhere. If you change your hair or skin color using the default set there and your original color(s) aren’t among them there you won’t be able to change back. In your case, once you go blonde you can’t go back. Rip, blue hair ;( . Wouldn’t be an issue if the colorizer wasn’t membership only, like in Original Pop.

  1. I totally agree with all this, especially the old cursor.

    Hey, maybe power cards will have their own section. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Although, would the followers be a little obsolete since they said we would have pets?…wait…
    *mocktropica*… *narfs*… *coins*… *unnecessary payments*… *restricted areas if no pay*…
    Did Mocktropica predicted Poptropica future… Nah, they wouldn’t, right?

  2. I miss the old cursor, but if it doesn’t get added back it isn’t that major a deal. I’ve gotten use to the controls without it so far xD. Seeing Power items making a comeback would be a welcome addition as well. Thankfully I don’t regret my choices made during Poptropican Creation, but considering how limited customization is it is an issue for those that rushed through it since there is no changing your mouth or getting other accessories exclusive there. Not to mention not all skin tones and hair colors in Poptropican Creation are able to be picked from in the non-memeber default set in the Colorizer tab. I hope mouth customization becomes a thing soon since I’d like to try on some of the ones in the store’s costume preview images. The first thing I thought when I entered the store was, “Oh, maybe I can get those mouths!” but nope. Poptropican Creation accessories should definitely be attainable later on somehow. Maybe through Multiverse customization like Original Pop, or just being available in the store.

  3. Oh yeah, the cursor! I forgot how intuitive it was when I first started playing Pop. It was easy to get used to and easily understandable. I guess I didn’t mind in Worlds because I’ve been playing for so long I can estimate the trajectory and momentum of the character, but it could be very helpful for new players.

  4. Ok Spoted Dragon you should twitter this to the Poptropica creators! The Poptropica creators have to add all of these things that you mention. Also for Pop Petition part 4 you should add hidden items and secrets. Like they should add more hidden costumes or maybe more Ctrl Shift Codes! Hows that for a feature?

  5. I hope that they’ll come out with so many house expansions that regular players could get a limited amount of rooms. My imagination already goes wild. A trophy room like that of survival four. That’s where you keep your trophies and taxidermy animals. A play room: Buy balloons and games. Infirmary: get hospital beds and bio-waste trash cans. Pet room: get dog and cat houses and even bird and mouse cages.

  6. I’m not sure if these were mentioned, but in the original poptropica, are they EVER going to fix realms??? And whatever happened to Island of the month for us non members!!?

    1. Sadly, we don’t know whether Realms will ever be fixed. It seems unlikely, considering the top priority is Pop Worlds, especially seeing as Flash (the old coding that runs Poptropica Original) will be retired from web browsers by the year 2020.

      Island of the Month stopped when Worlds released last May. The Creators said that the original Poptropica game wouldn’t be receiving more updates after Worlds came out (though it still had the occasional ad and other bonus things, but nothing majorโ€”definitely no new islands).

      1. I like the original better, Y can’t they do both!๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ™โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜–

      2. Once Flash is retired in 2020, we probably won’t be able to play the original online, but for now we can still have both. The Creators have not said if they have any plans to find a way to save the original game somehow, only that they are moving forward with Worlds and re-mastering some of the classic islands from original into the newer Worlds.

  7. PO NEEDS LOVE๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ!!! #poneedslove! In my opinion the islands of the month should be Game Show and Time Tangled. Both of these islands have to do with the future and January is the start of a new year and a new future.-RT๐Ÿ…

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