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Followers of Poptropica hope for Dragon Answers

Hey Poptropicans!

We thought it might never happen, but Poptropica Original (not Worlds) has gotten an update! But before you get too excited, it’s just on the mobile app, not desktop.

If you update your Poptropica Original app, you’ll get a free Dragon Follower! This little creature is pretty cute, eh? Would’ve been cool to have it on desktop and Worlds as well, so let’s hope it shows up there too.

Thanks to Young Hippo for the in-game screenshots.

There isn’t much else to the latest from the Creators, except to say that whoever made the blog post managed to make two typos: one in the title that was fixed after being pointed out, and another with an extra space in the hyperlink. Speaking of which, why not hyperlink some words instead of posting the entire URL?

Now, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but with many players feeling a drop in overall quality from the Creators since the release of Worlds, what we’d desperately like to see is for them to step it up โ€“ and a higher degree of professionalism would definitely help.

Since Skinny Moon’s departure as Poptropica’s social media manager, we haven’t had any introduction to the new social media staff, and that along with their noticeable differences in communication has only added to the growing impersonal feeling between Creators and players.

naps dragon
fan art by naps (astroknightsisland on tumblr)

With Poptropica’s 10th anniversary coming up this month, we sure hope they’re planning something big for sometime soon, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Not too much has been said about it โ€“ Skinny Moon sounded excited about the upcoming 10th anniversary when she was running the social media a few months ago, but now that we are into the month itself, Pop’s social media has been eerily silent on this topic so far.

Still, a few earlier tweets have hinted that something big is coming this September, so perhaps we’re close to a big update soon…

All we ask for are a little more answers to our questions: What’s Poptropica working on these days? Who are the new social media staff? Could we have some more interesting updates, blog posts, and community contests?

If you are someone who shares these feelings, leave your questions and concerns in the comments below. The Creators have been known to consider our feedback, so let’s give them some suggestions!


38 thoughts on “Followers of Poptropica hope for Dragon Answers”

    1. As much as I hate to say it, I agree with you. The post says it all, really. Plus, with such an important date on the rise, I’m a bit disappointed in their apathy towards it. I dislike sounding so cynical, but that’s just the way things are currently. I’m…sad, to be honest. Sad in the drop of quality they’ve been showing for a while now.

      Just look at the tweet. The OP does ask some genuinely good questions. What’s next on the list? Can you give us any dates? Who is running this account? What do they reply? “There’s something in September lol”

      Really, I hate talking like this. I feel terrible for even saying such things, but it’s just what I’m perceiving here. The creators’ sudden lack of communication in this aspect is bothering me. I haven’t even touched the game since finishing Crisis Caverns, and to be honest I have no intention to at this rate. Tch.

      Well, at the very least, there’s always old Pop. sigh

  1. I wrote the tweet and Was really curious about what’s next for poptropica. And all they reply to me is that something big is happening in September. I mean, at least a little picture to show us what they’re currently doing. Back in old Pop they gave us release dates of islands. Now in pop worlds, no release dates. I hope Poptropica improves with this.

    1. Lately they haven’t had a great track record with sticking to their planned release dates (for example, Worlds was originally meant to release sometime in 2016 but wasn’t ready until May 2017). That may be why they aren’t giving release dates, to allow themselves more flexibility – and besides, we wouldn’t want a due date if they wouldn’t be able to keep the promise.

      That being said, we do still want to hear more from Poptropica, and if it’s not going to be release dates, then they should throw us another bone: sneak peek images, fun contests, expanding on established characters and storylines, more friend features โ€“ the possibilities are many. I think we’d all like to see something more than just “something big is coming soon” and a small update that’s not even available on the rest of their platforms.

      1. Well that is true. I mean Poptropica has less than 50 creators working there. And yet they did such a great job on Poptropica Worlds. Remember last year, when skinny moon said they were doing something in a mysterious way. I still don’t think there is an answer to that. Maybe it’s set for September. Whatever they’re doing this month, is probably going to be a game changer.

      2. Well, I think it’s pretty clear that the big thing Skinny Moon kept alluding to last year was what eventually became Poptropica Worlds. We didn’t have a lot of info to go on, but the Creators’ blog post about a “New Poptropica” was what informed us of the big thing we were anticipating.

    2. I agree. Your tweet raised a lot of good questions, and in truth they didn’t answer any of them.

      I can understand the PHB not wanting to be too antagonistic towards the creators, but…this all just kinda speaks for itself, honestly.

  2. IM SO SAD


  3. Woah, cool, I get a dragon follo…

    *App only

    *realizes he deleted the app to have room for Pop Worlds*

    I don’t wanna say the app is kinda obsolete but, I barly used it… and the follower could have been the first pet you could adopt soooooooo.๐Ÿ˜

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