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Could these be Poptropica’s new Islands?

Hey everyone! I’m here today to not only share in the celebration over Monster Carnival Island (dream come true) but to look at the future of Poptropica. We had a pretty good idea that Monster Carnival was coming soon thanks to some prettyย monstrous Daily Pops, which raises the question, what other secrets are hidden in those often overlooked little pictures? I have grouped some recent Daily Pops that may give us an idea of some upcoming islands!

Atmos-Knights Island

These previews almost look like they could be from an alternate version of Astro-Knights Island. The last two images even show very similar locations to some that were used in Astro-Knights! The images show a castle, an old broken down windmill, and someone’s study. It also appears that these images are high up in the air.

As you can see in the bottom of the first two images the land seems to be floating on clouds! The plane crashed into the windmill in the second image is very interesting also! It appears that this is a mixture between an atmosphere set Sky Island and Astro-Knights Island… Atmos-Knights Island!

Twisted Twice Island

Our next hypothetical island looks like it could be a sequel to Twisted Thicket Island. Twisted Twice Island! The first and second images show forest scenes that could easily be part of a Twisted Thicket sequel island. The first image even has a ghostly Poptropican, very similar to the forest dwellers in Twisted Thicket once their powerful orb is stolen. Could it be stolen again and we must find it?

The third picture has the most connection to Twisted Thicket showing an image of what looks like a journal. Inside this journal are drawings of what could be the weapons used by the forest creatures and at the bottom a drawing of the Tree where the forest’s orb is kept.

Winter Wonderland Island

Odds are that we won’t be seeing a Frozen Island, but these Daily Pops do look a little chilly! What could be happening here? Is there an eternal winter we must thaw? Do we need to find the Abominable Snowman? All we know right now is that there is a frozen mud puddle, a nice looking bird pecking at a tree, and there will be a nice moonlight night! Time will tell what this new island/feature will turn into!

What are your thoughts on these new sneak peeks? Is Poptropica making island sequels now? All we have to do now is enjoy Monster Carnival Island and wait for the next announcement! These are all hypothetical, but what do you guys think? Will we be seeing Atmos-Knights, Twisted Twice, or Winter Wonderland Island anytime soon?

23 thoughts on “Could these be Poptropica’s new Islands?”

  1. Maybe it’s a backwards poptropica island… And these are some of the features in it?


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  2. The ghost guy is probably a creator using the ghost power from the pop store. There’s almost always a person in the background daily pops and that’s because they’re screen shots taken by the creators. I know because in one it showed a boy with a skull hat on his head, and in mocktropica that boy was in the files on the computer. It said he was test123 and it said Creator. Sorry, going back to the pops.anyway, remember in a post by (brave tomato or slanted fish) someone had found Balloon boy rescue island on a wall paper? Maybe balloon boy has drifted to an island in the skies, and we must go and find/save him from something! I mean, they had a island from underwater, so why not an island from the skies? That’s my best theories and facts about some things.

    1. That’s a great theory! Maybe the sky related sneak peeks are for that Balloon Boy Rescue Island! ๐Ÿ˜€ However they DO look strangely similar to Astro-Knights Island, so IDK.

  3. I think all these sneak peeks are just parts of the islands already (besides the snow peeks). The Creators said themselves that the new format allows more background area. Perhaps they’re parts of the islands that just haven’t been released yet. (:

  4. It would be cool if Twisted Twice was actually a Spiderwick Chronicles Island! They hadn’t made an island based on a book series in a while now. The third picture is Arthur Spiderwicks book!

  5. I would really like an island in which you have to thaw an eternal winter… I think it would be pretty cool! ๐Ÿ˜›

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