Monster Carnival Island

The Monster Mystery Revealed

“Why was Monster Carnival taken off the map five years ago?”

This was still the question that boggled our minds… we tried to come up with a possible explanation, but some of them were kinda just silly assumptions. Now, in Captain Crawfish’s new post, he explains everything from the Creators’ point of view:

Longtime Poptropicans know that Monster Carnival was supposed to be one of our earliest Islands. It was announced in 2008, and even added to the travel map with a message that said “Coming Soon.” Then it disappeared without notice.


There have been a lot of explanations over the years. Some were closer to the mark than others. Frankly, we’d like to let the conspiracy theories go on, because they’re more interesting than the truth. But it’s time we came clean.

Monster Carnival was removed from the Poptropica travel map because it wasn’t finished, and everybody was too busy with other projects to give it the attention it needed. That’s all! We really just announced it too early, got onto other things, and never came back to it.

But as Monster Carnival continued to live on in the imaginations of our players, we couldn’t let it go. What a great name! Every year, when we discussed what new Islands to make, somebody would say “Monster Carnival!” and everyone else would nod. Then we’d pick a bunch of other Islands to do instead.

Maybe we were intimidated. We all know what happens when something becomes anticipated for too long. Better to leave it as an unrealized dream, rather than risk not delivering.

Well, every dog has his day, and the same is true of a great idea for a Poptropica Island. Monster Carnival is very real this time, and we hope it is worth the wait.


After reading this, I couldn’t agree more, CC. I know how it feels to promise something good… but then life and other ideas happen and we let the idea collect dust. As a writer, I get that. A lot…. even before I joined the community, I hardly ever finished any story I wrote. And then my mind reminds me of it and I go, “Oh yeah.. I remember that…” That’s a problem for me even now…

Creators, if you feel that we pushed you too hard, I feel the need to say that I’m sorry. I hope that you guys are doing it because you guys want to do the island and not just because we requested it ten million times. Yes, we were curious, and we did enjoy the hints and jokes you gave us all these years gone by. Yet like I said before, I hope that you’re not just doing the island to shut us up. For that reason, I have high hopes for the Monster Carnival… hopefully it’s an island that you guys did put your heart into and not just one to pander to us.

…good luck you guys, and thank you.

~Brave Tomato

8 thoughts on “The Monster Mystery Revealed”

  1. D’aww! That post was awesome.
    Also, BT, srry for posting about the same thing. 😛 I deleted mine, I didn’t know you had already posted about it (wasn’t signed into my email account thus no update).

    1. Wait, you made a post too? Sorry, didn’t see it ^^; I just hit “new post” and started from there….

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