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CYDI winning entries: a personal review

Hey everyone! Now that the winner and top ten runner-ups of Poptropica’s CYDI (Create Your Own Dream Island) contest have been revealed, each with their own post on the Creators’ Blog as well as here on the PHB, I’d like to give my own personal review on each of the winning ideas.

CYDI review v2

In my opinion, there were some great island ideas, and some bad ones. Some I felt were too common or even plagiarized, but overall, I thought the ideas were pretty cool! So without further ado, here’s my list of the winning island ideas in order of (again, in my opinion) best to worst:

  1. House of Cards Island
  2. Symphony Island
  3. Space Bar Island
  4. Shakespeare Island
  5. Pharoah’s Fantasies Island
  6. Prehistoric Island
  7. Stormchaser Island
  8. Arabian Nights Island (winner of CYDI)
  9. Fashion Crisis Island
  10. Golden Mustache Island
  11. Bikers vs Boards Island

There’s my list, everyone! Now, I’m going to explain it in greater detail why I put them in that order, starting from the bottom…

CYDI review

#11: Bikers vs Boards Island: This island… was just plain plagiarized from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. This was my least favorite island idea by FAR and I was actually mad the creators even considered this as the winner of the whole contest… and, well, I’m too mad to say any more. 😛

#10: Golden Mustache Island: I really don’t have anything against this island – I just thought the idea, plot, and name were very corny. I felt this island was way too childish for Poptropica. Before anyone gets mad at me for saying that, I know Poptropica is a kids’ game, but this island sounded like it was for 5 year olds – like, come on, Creators!

#9: Fashion Crisis Island: The idea here isn’t that bad! But being a sports guy, I’m just not really into fashion… I can’t really have fancy clothes or they will be torn when I play sports. xD

#8: Arabian Nights Island (WINNER): Now, this one… to tell the truth, I wanted to put this one 10th. This soon-to-be island sounds very lame; from the very little detail the Creators gave us about the island, it sounded like another Nabooti Island to me, and I wasn’t too fond of Nabooti. This should not have been the winner, in my opinion.

#7: Stormchaser Island: I was impressed by the quality of this idea, but I don’t know how Poptropica really could’ve made this into an island. It would’ve been a lot of work, and maybe confusing for younger players too.

#6: Prehistoric Island: When the Creators said “dinosaurs are coming into the 21st century. Poptropicans must reassemble the time portal and send them back” – I was hooked, but as I continued reading on, it sounded like any other entry about dinosaurs and their existence. So, I feel like the Creators shouldn’t have considered this as a winner because it doesn’t really stand out to me as a unique dinosaur story.

#5: Pharoah’s Fantasies Island: I have the same opinion of this island as the Prehistoric Island idea. When the Creators said “Poptropicans would enter the mind of King Tutankhaman, and defeat the gods of Egypt…” I was like, cool! But, like I said, many people must’ve sent in this kind of ancient Egypt/Pharoah idea…

#4: Shakespeare Island: It gets down to the tough ones – I could’ve easily put this second because this, I thought, was a great idea. (But Space Bar and Symphony were better – but let’s get back on topic.) The plot was that “Players help Shakespeare put on a Romeo and Juliet play. Players sign up to be an actor, backstage organizer, or costume designer. But during the show, another actor gets stage fright and players will have to dress up and sing the song.” When I read that, I immediately fell in love with this island idea. This was GOLD, I thought. If you didn’t know, I love poetry and Shakespeare so I would have loved to play this island. I wish I could pick my top 4 of these ideas to be made into islands, because I think this one was definitely one of the better ones.

#3: Space Bar Island: I loved this island from the start! A computer-based island would be so cool to play! The way Naomi used clever wordplay for the villain’s name (the Mother Board) blew me away! The plot was this: “On Space Bar Island, you’re trapped in the newest computer, the “Lap Life,” and you meet who’s really running the internet.” That sounded so cool to me! I would have loved to play this island too!

#2: Symphony Island: I love music, so this is probably why I love the island. 😛 In my opinion, the Creators saved the 2nd best island idea for last. I loved the plot: “Karl Notune hates music — and has an evil plan! It’s up to you to save the music before it’s too late!” Now, that sounds like a fun island idea! There’s more: “…be able to play many different instruments — including piano, saxophone, and drums — and gave us a funny villain in ‘Karl Notune’.” That’s a lot of the instruments I love! This island idea rocked! Great job, Erika!

#1: House of Cards Island: I don’t know where to start with this island idea! Before Joel sent me the in-depth look into his island idea that I published on the PHB (where Joel describes the suits and kingdoms), I already thought this island idea should’ve been first! The plot that the Creators showed us blew my mind so much that I had a dream about it. 😛 The in-depth look was just the icing on the cake for this island idea. Joel, I really appreciate that you sent me that in-depth look! This island should’ve won by far, in my opinion!

Anyway, that’s it everyone! I want to hear your opinion too and see your personal rankings of the CYDI contest winners! Comment below and let’s see if we agree or disagree on this! 🙂




58 thoughts on “CYDI winning entries: a personal review”

  1. I somewhat agree with your list and somewhat don’t. I don’t like how the creators chose Arabian Nights Island as the winner. The best ones for me are Space-Bar Island, House of Cards Island, Fashion Crisis Island or Shakespeare Island.
    I honestly loved Space-Bar island, top on the list for me. Wouldn’t it be cool to go inside a computer and have a talk with the person who’s controlling the internet? and even better, It’ll all be poptropican style 😎 The main question is, How would they design Mother Board if this was considered as an Island!

    I love House of Cards Island 2nd best, as soon as I heard the name the first thing I thought of was ‘Alice In Wonderland’ but it’s nothing like it, It’ll totally be fun and cool to play it! (if the creators considered it)!
    The 3rd one for me is Fashion Crisis, neither am I, a girly-girl and all that! I don’t even use makeup but in Poptropica, we have costumes! We can have a wigs booth and makeup booth and styling clothes booth! It’ll be all cool. The story line is amazing too, and It would have been great as an Island.
    The 4th one for me is, Shakespeare Island. It is good and amazing too! The story line is great too, but we have done sort of this in Black Lot island. It will still be cool being in a play and designing costumes and all!

    No Island tops these for me. But Sadly, Only Arabian Night island will be made into an Island. :/

    1. I like House of Cards Island best too, but is no one noticing Space Bar Island’s plagiarism? The name Mother Board is completely copied from the PBS Kids show “Cyberchase”.

  2. I agree House of Cards Island should have won! It sounded awesome! Too bad we’ll never get to play it….:(

      1. Except for when the actual bad guy (can’t remember his name…) poisoned her! Then she was a jerk XD but they still copied the name, and they could have been imagining her as the real Mother Board. Big green screen with light green facial features.

      2. The villain in cyberchase was Hacker I think (he had a weird green head and a purple cape I think… Lol I feel so nerdy) and yeah the good guy was mother board.

      3. Believe it or not, since you brought this up I actually looked up cyberchase. The “Good Guys”, as the site calls them, are the creepy-looking Mother Board, Digit the parrot, and Matt, Jackie, and Inez (the kids in the show). Hacker is the bad guy and Buzz and Delete are his henchmen. The weird thing is, I think it was a show about math. 😛

        -not to get off topic or anything…-

    1. Exactly what I thought! The name was plagiarized, it doesn’t matter if it was villain or hero..
      I was also a fan of it, back when..well, when i had extra time on school nights..

  3. I really respect your opinions samwow5! Here are my top 5: 1. house of cards island 2. spacebar island 3. symphony island 4. storm chaser island 5. prehistoric island all of them are awesome entries overall!

  4. I loved House of Cards too. That would have been an awesome island to play (I personally thought of Alice in Wonderland when first hearing about it), other then the island I entered of course. XD

  5. 11. Bikes vs Boards Island — This one, as Sam said, was just plain plagarized.
    10. Arabian Nights Island — Was this the only island out of the thousands of entries that stuck out?
    9. Prehistoric Island — Just like all the rest.
    8. Pharaohs Fantasies Island — There’s no plot whatsoever…
    7. Golden Mustache Island — While creative, sort of silly and seems too much like Wimpy Wonderland Island.
    6. Storm Chaser Island — It’s a neat idea, and they could have made Dr. Cumulonimbus a main villain with this island. 🙂
    5. Shakespeare Island — While it’s a cool idea with a neat time period, the story seems copied from a lot of Disney Sitcom shows.
    4. Symphony Island — Finally, an island with a neat villain! Karl Notune is really neat. c:
    3. Fashion Crisis Island — making a whole island based on the costumizing feature? Gooooood. c: Although it sort of sounds like a number of different Disney movies and sitcom episodes…
    2. Space Bar Island — This island doesn’t really have any problem with copying something, and the name really seals the deal. I would have loved to play this island. 😀
    1. House of Cards Island — So good. Need I say more? c:

    1. They probably didn’t want Symphony island because they would have to add a new villain to their “collection” of villains. Then they’d need to find a new creator to be him. Space Bar Island was copying a character name off of something else. Shakespeare Island: whaaaaaat? I thought it copied off a MTH Book. In what TV show on Disney has there ever been an episode like that? Lol.

    2. your just sore that your idea didn’t win or made it into the top 10 s so you decided to make a girl fell down because she accidentally copied, well you know what, what’s over and done, the one’s on this list won and we cannot change it. just live with it

      1. No, I scored it that way because 1) she admittedly said that she got the idea from a movie, it was not accidental, and 2) don’t I have a right to form an opinion about something?

      2. Sorry it was late at night I was tired everyone acted like the island didn’t deserve to win and everyone like every other island other than the winning one but who knows the top 10 might be made into islands we never know maybe in the near future we’ll have a house of cards island or whatever else anyway I’m sorry behavior

    3. Yeah, apparently, Tori V (Bikers vs Boards Island) broke one of the contest rules. Read the summary of Teen Beach Movie on IMDb:

      “Life’s a beach for surfers Brady and McKenzie — until a rogue wave magically transports them inside the classic ’60s beach party flick, Wet Side Story, where a full-blown rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to erupt. There, amidst a sea of surfing, singing and dancing, Brady and Mack accidentally change the storyline, and the film’s dreamy hero and heroine fall for them instead of for each other!”

      Notice the ’60s beach party & bikers and surfers in the summary? Hmm, the island’s pitch also mention bikers and surfers; and one of the reasons the Creators liked the island is because it was in a ’60s setting.

    1. Woo! Symphony Island, House of Cards, or Shakespeare Island should have won! Maybe all three, maybe all the islands! An island (or more) that all like and will play!

  6. 1. Symphony Island
    2. House of Cards Island
    3. Shakespeare Island
    4. Pharoah’s Fantasies Island
    5. Fashion Crisis Island
    6. Prehistoric Island
    7. Space Bar Island
    8. Stormchaser Island
    9. Golden Mustache Island
    10. Arabian Nights Island
    11. Bikers VS. Boards Island

    There’s my list. The top 3 I loved from the beginning. Shakespeare Island would have been #2, but it sounded too much like a book I’ve read. I also like Egypt, it’s culture, and it’s mythology. I’m not big on fashion, but it sounded very interesting. Prehistoric Island, it would have gotten a spot farther up, but there was worse. I like computers, but the name made it sound like a bar in space. Storm Chaser island sounded cool, but really hard. Golden Mustache Island: cheesy but easy! It sounded like Wild West, but easier. I liked the Wild West Island. Arabian Nights Island, would’ve been in 11th if not for the other island. It’s copyright, sounds like Alladin, or maybe the India area in Time Tangled Island, (which I hated) so I gave it 10th on my list. Bikers VS. Boards I hated the most. It was completely plagiarized, making the creator sound pretty lazy not to come up with their own idea. Also, I used to love Teen Beach Movie, so I watched it a million times. Then I was sick of it. So this doesn’t sound too cool. It also sounds hard. That’s my list, with my own opinions.

  7. I say
    11-Bikers VS Boards. NO.
    10-Golden Mustache. CHEESE
    7-Shakespeare. NO!PLSPLS
    6-Pharaoh’s Fantasies- MUMMIES ARE SCARY. IRL ONES.
    5-Symphony. Niiiice
    4-Stormchaser. Interestiinng
    3- House Of Cards. delicious plot.
    2-Arabian Nights. It’s ARABIA. You cold people have to melt a little. Plus, it’s Arabian Nights!

  8. I do not play Poptropica as much as I used to, but I occasionally play and look at the Poptropica Creator’s blog. I do agree that Bikers vs. Boards island is almost a complete copy of Teen Beach Movie. Plus, if I remember correctly… the girl who made up the island was interviewed and she said something like “I have recently seen a movie that inspired me to make this island.”

  9. I really wish that the creators would’ve let the players vote on which island idea became an actual island

  10. House of Cards was GOLD. It had a great plot and everything! I would have loved to play it! BTW Bikers vs. Boards = Teen Beach Movie

    1. If it wasn’t already a movie, I would have loved it! But since it is, I think it’s fair that it’s not at the top SW’s list.

    1. ikr I thought Aladdin when i saw Arabian Nights, put it as my 2nd or 3rd, and Bikes VS Boards, and Space Bar last b/c those are plagirized

  11. Yeah, I agree with you. here is mine (best to worst):

    Symphony Island: Since I’m a HUGE music person, this will be pretty enjoyable. I know a lot of music terms AND I play the clarinet. Enjoy listening to pure music.

    Shakespeare Island: I LOVE writing so much. What if the players were able to MAKE a play?

    House of Cards Island: Love it! Let the cards be in your favor! Does this remind you of a TV show?

    Space Bar Island: Wouldn’t it be cool to go inside a computer and have a talk with the person who’s controlling the internet? and even better, It’ll all be poptropican style 😎

    Stormchaser Island: I like it, but I think this would be too much for the creators (and a lot of work!). On the positive, we might have our first non-human poptropican villain!

    Pharoah’s Fantasies Island: Again, I’m not a fan of history, but since I liked the Egyptian history, I’m willing to play this island. Just make the plot more understandable and clear.

    Prehistoric Island: I’ve already has enough history classes on this period. Since I’m not a history fan, this would again be a minus. I would like this if Jurassic Park didn’t make dinosaurs so scary. Plus, it would be “too much” for the young ones as there’s too much graphics.

    Fashion Crisis Island: I like the idea, but since I’m not really (a. girly (rather a TOMBOY (b. into fashion (I’m a music/gamer/writer/sports person to be exact), this might be a minus for me.

    Arabian Nights Island (winner of CYDI): Like what HPuterpop said, I’m pretty sure there were others that were better.

    Golden Mustache Island: I honestly think that this is too childish and silly for Poptropica standards. This is a popular trend, and if you overuse a trend it’s a not-so popular trend. Just an annoying one. This might be a problem for older and boy Poptropican players. I’m not really that kind of person who follows the popular trends, so this will be a minus too.

    Bikers vs Boards Island: Seriously? Why was THIS runner-up #1? Just why? This was SO plagiarized from TBM. I’m pretty sure the submitter was too lazy to even think of a creative island. If THIS was the winner, I’m pretty sure Poptropica and Tori would be sued or filed a lawsuit by Disney.

    1. I agree with you, but Bikers vs Boards wasn’t the actual runner-up #1, it just happened to be first of the ten they talked about. I think they said that it wasn’t in order?

  12. Umm… I don’t know about you guys, but my top 5 was this
    1. Storm chaser island ( I love weather, storms, and anything among those lines!)
    2. Pharaohs fantasies ( I’m also a sucker for anything with Egyptian gods and culture!)
    3. House of cards ( this was a super intriguing idea and I really wanted to see more of it!)
    4. Symphony island ( a cool new villain and cool instruments to play? YES!!!)
    5. Prehistoric island ( this was a super great idea and I would love to have poptropican dinosaurs!)

    Congratulations to the winner and all the runner ups! Those ideas are great!

  13. I wanted to enter, but didn’t know how 😥 My idea was Spiral Island
    Mine was based around the item card Hypno powder.It was invented by Serenity Spiral (new villain!) who is a normal girl born into a family of vampires. You have to stop her from using her Hypno Powder to control everyone (lots of detail cut out)
    tell me what you think of it!

  14. Have yáll listened to the new version of “A whole new world” yet by Zhavia and Zayn? You really should it’s so soothing to listen to.

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