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House of Cards Island: an in-depth look from its inventor


Hey everyone! Remember when the Creators announced last week the fourth runner-up for the CYDI (Create Your Dream Island) contest – House of Cards Island? Well, actually, the person who made it saw our PHB post and sent us a more in-depth look at the island he invented that won him a prize of all the Poptropica books! (Just to clarify: This is not going to be a real island, as it was just a runner-up in the contest.)

Joel (Giant Foot) – the island’s inventor – commented on my post talking about his island. I asked him to email me the plot, its characters, and more miscellaneous info about House of Cards, and here’s what he shared. Thanks Joel! Click Read More to read on!

First off, I’ll start with the personalities of each suit. 

♥ the Hearts 

They are the most powerful. They are (usually) wise and fair. The queen is very sweet but the king has anger issues. He wants to go to war to find the ace of hearts, but the queen is holding him back… for now.

♦ the Diamonds 

The second most powerful suit. They are conceited, snobby and jealous of the heart kingdom. The Queen loves jewels and keeps a safe full of her riches. The king is pretty weak and will do anything his queen says.

♠ the Spades ♠

They are strong, ugly and not too bright. They really want a war.

♣ the Clubs ♣

They are peaceful and love nature. Their kingdom is not very powerful, but they don’t care. They hate war and send the Jack of Clubs to help you with your mission.


Every kingdom had an ace; it was their symbol of power. But as the years went by, all the kingdoms, except the hearts, lost their aces. That’s why they are the most powerful kingdom. When the ace of hearts is stolen, the queen recruits you to find it before the king declares war.


The queen tells you she thinks the queen of diamonds stole it because she is jealous and the heart is made of gold and diamonds. You go talk to the queen and you find her safe. Thinking the ace is in it you ask her to go in it. But she tells you she gave the key to someone else.

You meet the jack of clubs when you exit the castle. He tells you that you can get information from a flapjack, but he lives in the spades castle which is guarded. When you get to the spade castle, the king of spades storms out of the castle yelling to himself about how the king of hearts should just declare war already. He drops a note that you must pick up. On it is a list of things to do, and one of them says steal the ace. you can’t see the last letters because grape juice is spilled on it.

After that you must go through an open window into a room, but the door is locked to get out. You must customize a spades outfit hanging on the wall. Now, the guards will let you in, you find the bar and talk to a flapjack. He tells you if you can beat him in a game of hearts. (or any other card game) He will give you some info. After you beat him he tells you the jack of diamonds has the key.

You also find some stain cleaner in the bar, which you use to clean the piece of paper. It turns out it just says, steal the acorn. (don’t ask, I couldn’t think of anything else.) When you talk to the jack of diamonds, who is outside the diamond castle, he says he won’t trade it for anything. But you keep seeing him looking up and saying, big red diamond.

Now, you need to climb the Card Eiffel tower in the land of card creations, to find the big red diamond. You trade the diamond for the key and sneak into the safe and find the ace! The queen is banished to the land of jokers, even though she keeps saying she’s innocent. Everything is happy again in the card kingdom… or is it? The ace is on display, and the jack of clubs shows you something on the card. the gold looks like paint! GASP!

When you use your stain remover on it, gold paint comes off! the ace is a fake! Now you have to find special cards around the kingdoms to build a plane to rescue the queen of diamonds! When you fly to the land of jokers you find the queen, but also the jokers! They were banished there because no one played with them.

To escape the island, you must beat them in a game of giant spoons, were you must climb a mountain to reach the spoons. After you beat them, you fly back with the queen, who shows you a security camera. You rewind to the day of the theft, and see the jack of hearts putting the fake ace in the queens safe! You find him in the castle with the real ace of hearts!  You chase him to the queens room when he runs away.

When you get there, he’s gone! But you find footsteps leading to the bookcase, when you pull a book on it, a panel opens on the wall to a secret entrance! The secret passage leads to the temple of Tripoli. After going through lots of hard obstacles you find the jack of hearts AND the queen of hearts. The most glorious thing: On four pedestals are the four aces! The queen tells you all the kingdoms used to be one kingdom, joined together by the aces, but the kings and queens got greedy and took the aces for themselves, dividing the kingdoms. So she had stolen all the aces, and now that they are back together the kingdoms will join together once again! So there is a flash of light, and all the kingdoms join back together! The queen gives you a medal and the island is over. Congrats!

Samwow5’s comment of the plot and dialogue:

Wow, just wow. I can’t describe it! This was probably the most entertaining island, even though it hasn’t been made! I thought the war between the kingdoms was pretty cool, and so were the secret rooms and traits of the cards! Overall I’d give it 10/10.

I’d like to thank Joel for sending me this so I could make the post for you guys, and I’d also like to thank the Creators for making this idea a runner-up. Without Joel and the Creators, I probably wouldn’t have made this post in the first place!


48 thoughts on “House of Cards Island: an in-depth look from its inventor”

  1. I stole the acorn by the way. I didn’t like it,so I traded it for some lady who seemed to have an obsession with spiders.Claimed she was an art thief.People these days.

      1. Why does everyone always laugh at anything I say?Wierdos. Well,time to go and animate a stick with the help of a good banana friend of mine while electing the Cube SMP president and playing tennis at the same time.

      1. I wasn’t showing my face then, when I do he takes pics and edit them to make me look ugly….so yeah that’s why I don’t really show my face xD

  2. Maybe the other people who create their dream island and won should to tell about their plot including the biker story.

  3. This island seems so cool!!!! I wish it would’ve became a real island and that we could’ve voted for which ones we liked out of all the top islands, because this one would totally win!! 🙂 🙂

  4. This really should have won, I would have liked playing it. Maybe if the creator changed the name… How about Card Theft Island? Lol. I would rate this 8/10 because 1. The story line changes all of the sudden, making the island very long and 2. It says there will be “very hard obstacles,” it would be best if it wasn’t “very hard”. But I still wish it would have won, sounds better than the real winner (Arabian Nights Island?) and the other runner ups (Bikers VS. Boards was so un original…)

    1. I was getting that when the original article came out, but now I see that Joel has added another dimension to it!! This should have won…

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I had some help from my sister to make the island. And about it being a TV show, I really had no idea. Peace!

  6. No offence to Sarah (the CYODIC winner), but as of now, I think this really should have won. Arabian Nights Island sounds cool, but it’s not as amazing as this. IMO, their two positions should be swapped.
    But who knows? We really have no idea what’s gonna be on Arabian Nights Island – all we know is that “on Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.” I don’t think we can really all make a decision until Arabian Nights Island comes out.
    But still, amazing job, Joel! Even though I have no idea how good Arabian Nights Island might be, it’s going to be really hard for it to top this. 😀

    1. Really? i don’t see how house of cards island is really that cool… it’s just my opinion. I thought the islands for the pick were cool and all but i didn’t actually like any of them.. Sorry it’s just my opinion. I mean arabian nights island was copied and so was bikers and surfers. Golden mustache island sounds really boring and so is house of cards. again its just my opinion.

  7. I didn’t think of poker cards when I heard the title. I thought an island based on the show of the same name, where you could play along side Frank Underwood in Congress and the White House. But still, great idea.

  8. that soooooo shouild have won!!!!!!! 😦 why didnt it win? hi guyz, friend me ekambiss1

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