Security breach of Poptropica accounts

Hi Gs,

Things have been going awry in the world of Poptropica lately — multiple accounts have reportedly been stolen, including PHB reader Pixel’s main account, Nice Dragon. The password had been changed and look of the character also altered rapidly and frequently.

(EDIT: Pixel got her account back by contacting the Poptropica Creators!) Nice Dragon’s username remains undisclosed, but you can check back on the shape of the account below.

It doesn’t seem to necessarily be about short or guessable passwords either — ND’s password was over 20 characters with symbols and numbers and yet the account was hacked. This means that anyone’s account could be gotten into somehow.


EDIT #2: I recently received an email prompting me to reset my password, although I had never had that sent. Also, a person named FS claims that he was the one who did it in the comments, and upon further investigation, it was found that he has been abusing Poptropica’s contact form by giving just a few details about an account and claiming to have forgotten the password, resulting in Poptropica allowing him to reset the password. If anything, Poptropica’s lax in security is a bigger concern than FS’s so-called ‘hacking ability’ (which is not so much a threat).

If you’ve had your account compromised, contact Poptropica so they can help you retrieve it back!


EDIT #3: I just got another reset password email — these are sent if someone types in your username and clicks “forgot password”, but you should be safe if you’re the only one who can access your email. If you get an email, please just delete it and disregard it.


74 thoughts on “Security breach of Poptropica accounts”

  1. Nearly 15 of my rare accounts (I make them for friends and contests) were stolen….. All of them had secure passwords…

    And my account ross1dog, a former member, with no rares on it, was stolen :’c this is the last account of someone who’s passed that I have, and I don’t care if it looks special, I just want this one back :’c

    *singing* gonna ride that donkey donkey, down to the honkytonky, we gonna get funky FUNKY!!**


    1. Ignore the signature on that please… that’s my email signature d: Thank you HP…

    2. Someone stole my account Tessmariahgio… It had 30 Rare Costumes in the closet… It had a lot of photos with Rare Costumes…. Someone hacked it, and they DELETED it all.

      I was thinking… What if this is Poptropica doing it….. Who could steal so many at once?

      A while back we got a hint, or what our minds thought was a hint… A Black Widow Post, warning us of “Snappy” dressers… What if it’s Poptropica trying to delete all of our Rare stuff? All of my RARE accounts were hacked…. Maybe that’s why they’re deleting them all too. Who would be so inconsiderate to Rares as to delete them? I mean… Why?

  2. THIS IS CRAZY!! D: i hope my poptropica account doesn’t get hacked. But it’s not fair either because ppl have a type of cheat they download and when they play poptropica they click on any poptropican they want and then they go back to that hacking cheat and it tells you the username and password of that specific poptropican. 😦

      1. Yup it’s true. i go on youtube and look at poptropica walkthroughs. one day i saw something interesting and i clicked it and it was about how to hack into ppl’s poptropica accounts and the guy did exactly what i said on my first comment. don’t worry i dont hack accounts its not my thing and its not fair

  3. I Just checked my account, and it seems fine. I just hope it doesn’t get hacked.

    BTW: Is the 911 magazine this Saturday?

      1. Thanks, cause I am finishing up some island ideas to submit.

  4. wow, if your complicated accounts can get hacked then i’m screwed. it is a easy password. 😦 worried face.

  5. Oh my gosh I haven’t been on Poptropica for a while so I hope it didn’t get hacked! I’ll check all of mine plus my sister’s. Fingers crossed.

  6. I just got my eyes dialated and it hard to read this post D: anyways, thankfully my account is ok, but sorry to here about anyone elses that might have lost access to their account

  7. Mine seems to be ok… I wonder if the hackers are targeting certain accounts, ones with rare items?

  8. I’ve counted 17 accounts of mine (Random ones that I have made, not my Member) stolen… I know 2 or 3 of them were just given away (By me), but the rest? I have no idea ): I hate this…

    PS: Silver Wolf texted me and said that she and Pixel “Pretty much figured out who’s doing it” so I’m waiting on her to text me back…

      1. So I would think, considering it’s all happening at once… But that’s just my own theory, I’m not sure about anyone else’s.

      2. Well here’s an idea. My dad’s work is making them change passwords to everything because there’s a virus going around. He made all of us change our email passwords too. I also heard that Internet Explorer and Pinterest got hacked recently.

    1. It doesn’t work like that, though — if you unhash the password that I blurred out in the video. it’ll show my password — the pass hash on the page is your pass.

  9. Guys, it’s serious. If you have your account hacked, it may be a keylogger. These things can detect what you type! You have to ask your parents to run a complete malware/virus scan and remove any threats (or do it yourself, if you know how to). ~Tikal

      1. It is a piece of software which hackers use to detect what you type! They could have detected passwords this way.

    1. You’re not famous, in fact you’re quite the opposite if you are in fact the person who hacked it. The correct word to use would be “infamous”.

    2. What the muffin, man.
      You let all of us down (not that we had any expectations anyway…. Other than to maybe NOT HACK INTO PEOPLES ACCOUNTS)

  10. some1 here hacked my account the username was luigi=2 and when i tryed to log in the pass was change

      1. yep, Serious Panda is right. This is not funny at all……. I hoped who ever is doing this gets stopped soon.

    1. why would you do that?? :-I its just a dumb move to make. im still in shock that u still did that. how would you like it if someone did that to you. Think about it because i bet you werent even thinking when you hacked pixel’s account. :-I

      1. I assume that sharkguy is the replacement for sharkboy, and that they have not added Shark Guy to the list of names that are able to be seen, suchas creator names.

  11. i really hope i don’t get hacked, i have some accounts with rares and my main account has all store items and costumes, premium stuff, and rares too D:

    1. I was really concerned on what was going to happen with Nice Dragon, I’m just so happy that I was able to reobtain her via techsupport. I’ve had Nice Dragon since 2008 or so, since then she has been my primary account.

  12. Hey I just found out something,try to right click the poptropican avatar in this place(Nice Dragon or Slanted Fish) and click play or loop and voila!A new poptropican!Otherwise a ‘user unidentified’

    1. I don’t think CB would do all of this… The thing is, it’s sad to say too, that he’s greedy for glitches. He wouldn’t delete them. Trust me, I know him a lot better than I let on… I mean, it’s a possibility, but, I’m not going to point a finger at just one person….. I think it’s Poptropica…

      1. I get it.You cannot accuse someone without proof.I only thought of him when I saw the comments on the duplicater glicth on your website.

      2. Yeah, I thought I had found the new Cloning Glitch, but it didn’t work more than once for me.

  13. Alright my account is fine and I am not gonna say my password in my comment so ha! I think FS is lying…. He just wants to get aressted by the poptropica police (Siren) anywho….. I am very upset about the outbreak it’s a good thing I don’t have much friends… Still though. We should make a fake account and see if anyone hacks it!!!!

  14. So if you’re account gets hacked, will you definitely get an email? I don’t really care if my accounts get hacked (non member no rare stuff) but I care about my password.

    1. You don’t get an email notifying you that your account’s password has been changed to “changeme” and whatever techsupport decides to change the password to for the person to be able to login to your account. People are still exploiting the account retrieval system to steal accounts…

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