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New Poptropica comic: starring Oliver & Jorge

Hi Gs,

Check it out – a new Poptropica comic strip (simply called Poptropica) has debuted, involving the story of two young boys called Oliver and Jorge sucked into a monkey-man-inhabited dimension. It sure looks cool, and there’ll be new strips every day!


Oh, and check out the PHB’s new Comics page, where all the original Poptropica comics are being collected into a database, from Super Hot Dog Boy to unreleased strips of Poptropica!

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You can read unreleased comic strips by changing the URL of the comic file. Visit that link and change 2-2 to 2-3 and beyond! 😀 After 2-7, change it to 3-1, etc. 😉 Also, Funbrain has even more strips that haven’t been uploaded to Poptropica’s servers yet.

A hearty amount of it has been released already, and you can keep up to date on the saga via the Daily Pop or Creators’ Blog. The nice thing about the strips is that they look quite authentic to the comic strip style – I’m curious to know who is illustrating them. You can get a taste of the comics below, or read the full thing here.


23 thoughts on “New Poptropica comic: starring Oliver & Jorge”

  1. I love how in the first strip, they mention Terminator XD

    Anyways, this comic about a cool kid and an “uncool” that end up in… I guess Poptropica… Because of some science fair project wrong sounds pretty entertaining!

    Anyways, there’s monkey people now. Make a note, Poptropicans.

    1. Me too d: I liked that movie… Hmm… Anyways, I think it’s cool they have their own comic strip for the Daily Pop now!

  2. Monday, May 5, 2014
    Introducing the new Poptropica comic strip!
    We’re very excited to introduce you to the new Poptropica comic strip!

    This is an original series about two mismatched boys, Oliver and Jorge, who find themselves stranded in the strange world of Poptropica. They’ll travel from one weird Island to the next, always looking for a way home — but usually finding more adventures instead.

    There’s a new comic published every day. To see the newest. visit Poptropica and go to the Daily Pop.

    We’ll also be publishing the comics here in the blog. The first week is below!

  3. This Poptropica comic series is pretty interesting! 😀 But I do want to point out something – in the page 3 comics, they refer to the monsters as “Frankensteins”, but Frankenstein is the name of the monster’s creator in the original story. The monster itself doesn’t have a name. 😛

    Also, it’s amazing how Jorge can fit so much in his pockets – no wonder his pants are always falling off. 😀 And look – the boys have shoes!

  4. Lol Jorge’s allergies haha

    “That’s a snake.” “AHHH!”

    @CuddlyLion: Dinosaurs… *wink wink* ;p

    And does the world’s smallest violin pun remind you of Mr Krabs playing a sad song for Squidward? 😛

    The comic’s awesome, I gotta say — probably the best. 😀

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