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CYDI runner-up (Fashion Crisis), more music men, and possible Night Watch book!

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Runner-up #2 in the CYDI contest

The next runner-up of the Create Your Dream Island contest, without further ado, is…

Fashion Crisis Island!

Now, even though I’m not that big on fashion 😆 , I still am pretty impressed and pleased that this girl won. I’ve never heard of the idea being used, and the prospect of an island based on the costumizing feature is pretty smart —

When you’re on Fashion Crisis Island, you must recover a stolen line of clothes for a very famous designer right before an important show.

Is it just me, or is it strange that all the winners up until now have been girls? I’m excited to see a boy’s idea, but in the meantime, I’d like to congratulate Elsa W. of Illinois — or Bronze Fox — for the awesome idea and the impressive ranking. 😀 Here’s why the Creators liked the idea:

Costumizing is one of the most popular things to do on Poptropica, and yet we’ve never made an Island based entirely around using the Costumizer. Elsa’s idea presented a lot of opportunities to let players create new costumes. It was also set in the the 1940s, which we haven’t done before, and featured some famous fashion icons as characters.

More music men

Kyle Fox now has a Soundcloud, and he’s uploaded his few but wholesome tracks that he’s made for Poptropica. I want to give him a shout out for all the music work that slips by as Jeff Heim’s — I personally love the MFB theme. 😀

Another unknown composer for the theme and sound effects of the Forgotten Islands app has now been uncovered: Bob Baffy! The theme sounds great as do the sound effects, and I hope he might do more soundtracks for Poptropica in the future. 😉

Jeff Heim recently posted a Demo Reel for his work on Poptropica, including a new Villain theme for the island Super Power. Sounds awesome!

Mythology SUI offers easier River Styx

As mentioned the recent PCB post, the upcoming Mythology Island SUI is going to have an easier River Styx scene (check it out here), and I immediately had to check and see what it was like. Well, they weren’t lying — all you do is jump over an alligator and you’re home free!

easyriverstyxI wonder if they’ve made any of the other hard parts of the island easier — maybe the red eyed snake game and the Aphrodite test. Either way, I’m happy! 😛

Who is Catie?

There’s a question that remains a mystery, and that question is “Who is Catie?”. Written on a wall on Virus Hunter Island, we see “Catie was here” scribbled onto it. Designers often do this sort of thing in Poptropica – for example, in Mocktropica, written on the wall in the Poptropica Headquarters is “Nasan was here”. Nasan Hardcastle is a designer for Poptropica, and he wrote it there. So who is Catie? An unknown designer? There are multiple possible answers.

Catherine Prentice is a writer for Pearson, but it seems unlikely that she would be designing anything. There’s also Catherine Gilliland, a person who strangely liked a Poptropica tour on YouTube, and that was pretty much it. Who do you think Catie is? We may never know…

And did you notice the view count on the tour? Over 5 million hits!

Night Watch book may be coming soon

Here’s some forewarning — a written book for Night Watch Island may be coming soon. Why? First, I don’t think that they will be releasing books for all of the islands — just a select few that have a strong enough story and cast of characters to work with. For sure, Night Watch Island has a pretty good story to begin with, but I’m not just going out on a limb like that. You guys know I wouldn’t do that. ;p

Around mid-2012, around the time that Night Watch Island was being made, multiple preliminary sketches for the illustrations for the book pertaining to Cryptids Island were posted to the Daily Pop. Around the same time, a sketch looking very similar to the drawings for Cryptids Island was posted — showing the rare Cat Burglar costume being worn and the Poptropican posing in multiple positions. I have a hunch that the picture was actually some preliminary sketches for a new book pertaining to Night Watch, where a Cat Burglar contributes to the plot. What do you think?



 How many theories did I fit into this post? XD Quite a few… 😛


35 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up (Fashion Crisis), more music men, and possible Night Watch book!”

  1. Well… would it have to be a person designing to be Catie? I mean, it could be like a tribute to someone one of the Creators knows or is related to. Just an idea. 🙂

  2. Even though I HATE ( o_O ) fashion, I have no objection of the idea. It actually seems like a cool idea to me. :3

    Also, my name is Katie but with a K. o_o

  3. Red eyed snake game takes a while and is frustrating, I don’t like it =P
    But I didn’t think the Aphrodite test was difficult because reading Percy Jackson really helps, a lot! =D

  4. I like runner up #2’s idea much better than the one before. This one is a really good idea and more original I reckon. In her interview, it looks like she also has a better personality.

  5. good thing mythology island is easier, i got frustrated at jumping over them! i tried like 10 times to finish that

  6. This is who Katy is Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson, better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American recording artist, businesswoman, philanthropist, and actress.

    1. True, there is a Katy Perry, but she doesn’t spell her name “C-a-t-i-e”, and I doubt that she would be working on anything Poptropica related. 😉

  7. The red eyed snake was always the most annoying part when I replay Mythology… Well when it becomes mobile, that game’ll be easier! 😀

      1. Well, it’s not like she decided who was going to get picked. People are bashing out on HER when she didn’t even know if she would have been a runner-up or not,

    1. And I don’t think it’s fair to automatically assume that it was based on Teen Beach Movie. It seems similar, but the girl could have watched a different movie for all anybody knows. Lots of movies have similar plots. I’d just like to see evidence that it was from Teen Beach Movie, besides the plot.

  8. I have to admit, I’m rather disappointed with this whole dream island competition. First they make it unavailable to a large amount of players, and then they pick islands which aren’t very creative or clever. I didn’t think B. vs. B. island was anything that creators said they wanted (being so unoriginal) and Fashion Crisis is better although it doesn’t really strike me as an all ages, both genders island. I am not really looking forward to seeing the winner and I expect it to be boring and un-creative. I hope the creators prove me wrong.

    1. So do I!! 😀 really cant wait for the actual ad of legends of Dorthy’s return. Will the creators give us another hand held item or will they let us customize china princess. Or even Linda!

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