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Shark Boy mystery update: the Daily Pop icon

Hey guys, BT here with a quick update on the Shark Boy mystery that consumes us all.

Now, even Shark Boy’s icon on the Daily Pop has been replaced by a grinning Dr. Hare!!

...and after!
…and after. 

Holy cow, it looks like the Creators are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to Shark Boy (or Shark Guy?)’s disappearance!

What is going on that you’re not telling us, Creators???

41 thoughts on “Shark Boy mystery update: the Daily Pop icon”

      1. because they want to make sure nobody remembers shark boy and that nate greenwall is sad about leaving the company and all the people with shark boy/guy t-shirts sad and depressed so maybe he will come back.

        poptropica be like: we dont get mad. we get revenge heheheee

  1. I found something the other day before this all happened that Shark Boy was another guy working for poptropica, so maybe that guy got fired or Jordan Leary doesn’t wnata be Shark Boy anymore.

    1. That’s along the lines of what I was thinking as a possible reason…

      (BTW, Nate Greenwall is Shark Boy, and Jordan Leary had always been Dr. Hare 😉 )

  2. i am SERIOUSLY going to contact the poptropica people.

    when i get something back, i will let you guys know =)

    1. ok so the email is now through and someone from Poptropica should answer any day now =)

      1. um hello they answer EVERY TIME i send something. i just send it to them in the “bug or problem” section and they have to respond. hehe

      2. Lol, me too! 😛 I usually send fan-mail to them in the General Question category so that they’ll answer… or sometimes I email directly to them

    1. the last straw would be taking him out of shark tooth island………..

      1. and would that make you…….. athena???

      2. kk

        daughter of who and zeus??

  3. I’m almost certain they’re eradicating Shark Boy’s existence because of Mission Atlantis…but I don’t know for sure. I’m debating on whether I should contact them or not.

  4. Ever notice how slowly EVERY non-villian PCB author has vanished? I believe that poptropica is slowly being taken over by the evil forces, and shark boy is next, but hes putting up a fight, and disguising himself as “Shark Guy”

  5. Woah woah woah woah looks like there is something going on here… 😎 WHAT DA HECK? What happened to Shark Boy, and what are the Creators trying to hide? Suspicious…

  6. OMG! We’ve been thinking of this all wrong! Remember how Dr.Hare says he’s gonna come back and take over poptropica again? Well, this might be the starting stages of it! Maybe he’s taking out each creator, one-by-one.

    1. no there was actually a dumb reasonable explanation over a lawsuit. why does life have to be so reasonable.


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