Mythology Island

Mythology Island SUI is coming soon!

LONDON, 1930 –

*stumbles out of police box* Woah. I thought I told Timmy to set a course for 2030. He is so fired…

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, in what seems to be 20th century England. Anyway, my Post Radar tells me that the Mythology Island SUI (sound-updated island) is coming soon! 😀

Mythology Island

It may be the most popular Island the Creators have done yet, and possibly one of the more original ones (ahem, Bikers vs. Boards), and now, it’s getting the full treatment: Sound. Music. Oh, and the River Styx will be made easier too. (cue the angelic choirs!) Plus, don’t forget  the all-new Mythology desktop wallpaper and printable poster on the remade Tour page!

mythology extras

Also, it seems that Icarus costume was intentional after all!

After so many weeks of mystery…

(Timmy: Uh, Mr. Blake? It’s been like 3 days…)


(Timmy: SORRY!)

So, that’s pretty much it for my rambling today. Stay popping, Poptropicans.

12 thoughts on “Mythology Island SUI is coming soon!”

  1. No!!! Pls! I’ve been trapped in 1930 England for years and the day keeps repeating! TAKE ME BACK WITH YOU! Nah, I’m just kidding. Fire Timmy. There are certain glitches that I can use on SUI’s that I really wanna use on Mythology. Call me Mini Zeus!!!

  2. This is the only island I figured out to do by myself. IT IS THE BEST!
    Oohh and when you’re going to 2030, pick me up and take me with yu! I need to contact the mother blimp (The mother ship- the mother blimp- see what I did there? Oh never mind.)

  3. The fact that it has been four years since Mythology was released makes me feel so old a Poptropican. This island concreted my love for the game all these years ago… And I still remember when it once said “comin soon”…

    *sniff* These islands grow up so fast.

    1. ikr i remember when poptropica was only one page of the map with like 3 islands lol

      and you had to pay with credits to get early island access…
      and there was no membership and everyone had an equal chance to get clothes and items…

      good times.

      BUT i am very happy for poptropica =)

    1. Ya, I think the Creators should make at least one or two items that are purchasable with credits (for non-members)… It’s been a long, long time they haven’t do that.

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