Create Your Dream Island (CYDI) runner-up #1: Bikers vs. Boards

Hey everyone! This is going to be one of those posts where I compile a lot of people’s opinions in as well as my own. Anyway, let’s get started…


The girl who came up with one of the top 10 ideas* for the Create Your Dream Island Contest is Tori V. of Texas, also known as Quiet Berry. You can read about her island idea, Bikers vs. Boards Island, on the Creators’ Blog. (*since the Creators have said that they are posting runner-ups in alphabetical order, she is not necessarily the second place winner)

Remind you of something? Well if it doesn’t, I’ll explain. Here’s a snippet from the Creators’ post:

The pitch: Poptropicans try to stop the constant fighting between the bikers and surfers before anyone gets hurt.

Why we liked it: Tori’s Island idea had a great setting — a beach in the 1960s — and lots of fun ideas for gameplay. (Who wouldn’t want to surf and ride a motorcycle?) We also liked the message about helping two rival groups to understand that their differences aren’t as important as what they have in common.

At first I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but then HP and I were talking to each other later and he said the island was not original. I was like, how so? Turns out, she pretty much copied the storyline of Teen Beach Movie. I was blown away! This is the storyline (with some key words bolded):

Life’s a beach for surfers Brady and McKenzie — until a rogue wave magically transports them inside the classic ’60s beach party flick, Wet Side Story, where a full-blown rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to erupt. There, amidst a sea of surfing, singing and dancing, Brady and Mack accidentally change the storyline, and the film’s dreamy hero and heroine fall for them instead of for each other!

In her interview, Tori even admits that her idea was inspired:

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?
Tori: I got the idea from a movie I was watching that day.

Also, notice the ’60s beach party & bikers and surfers in the summary? This pitch also mentions bikers and surfers; and one of the reasons the Creators liked the island is because it was in a ’60s setting. Then, Scary Plug also pointed something out that I thought was really worth mentioning:

Remember that post by the Creators with tips to win the Create Your Own Dream Island contest? Tori’s idea may have stood out because of its “interesting time period” – but whatever happened to “no licensed properties”? Re-read what the Creators said about what the entries should include here, and you’ll see what we mean.

This was what Scary Plug had to say about the issue:

The Creators said the phrase above themselves. Yup, read the post over and over again until you find the phrase ‘So make sure that everything in your entry is an original idea!’. Ehem! What about Bikers vs Boards Island, Creators? The island is obviously based on the movie Teen Beach Movie, and you said the island must be ORIGINAL. You guys lied to us; how pathetic. 😦

And here’s my take: I think the Creators messed up and they need to apologize for their mistake. I could have sent in the plot for MIB 3 if I wanted to and I still might’ve had more of a chance than an original island idea someone invented.

I hope none of you are offended by this post, but it had to be said.



118 thoughts on “Create Your Dream Island (CYDI) runner-up #1: Bikers vs. Boards”

    1. lol

      and also, Sam, i am not offended at all i totally agree with you!

  1. I don’t know what exactly to think of this.

    About Arabian Nights being complained about as not being original, this isn’t always a bad thing. Look, the Creators had done an island before that was also influenced by old lore: Mythology Island! Mythology Island is one of the most popular islands in all of Poptropica. In Mythology, there is a fresh twist in the old Grecian mythology- it only referenced other myths and you still felt like one of those epic heroes these tales tell you about.

    Another example of making something unoriginal their own is in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island. Like Mythology Island did, it includes you in the story. It is loyal to the source material, making it feel like you are part of Roald Dahl’s story. However, there is a original spin on the tale. There is that Poptropica twist of the fact that Charlie is the one that ends up in trouble and you are given the choice to rescue him. Also there’s the bonus quest where you have to defeat Ficklegruber, Slugworth, and what’s-his-name in order to protect Wonkas secret recipe!

    Arabian Nights will probably be treated like Mythology was 4 years ago and CatCF 2 years ago- although staying true to the source material, it still has a dash of that Poptropican goodness that would make the island unique. Poptropica is known for its plot twists and who knows what we’ll be seeing. We can’t assume Arabian Nights will just be a carbon copy of 1001 nights and all- because this is Poptropica and it is known for it’s (usually) great storytelling and you being immursed in that story to explore it, collect items, and compete for your and your world’s well-being.

    1. I believe it is Greek mythology, not Grecian. Also, why would the creators forget their own rule? I personally think that she should have been disqualified for pretty much plagiarizing.

      1. But if you think about it she isnt really plagerizing. Ok she took the idea from the movie in the movie, about the rivalry and stuff but maybe there isnt a romance or anything and the movie(teen beach movie) is about some friends who get trapped in the movie. So really if you think about it she may have taken the concept of a rivalry but maybe the plot is completely different.

    2. I believe that Arabian nights island is plagerized because this island is basically about the movie Aladan. a Disney princess movie made a while back.

      1. @berries175

        You do realize that Aladdin was actually based on the book 1001 arabian nights. They actually do sing in the movie like at the beginning or the end that its an arabian night. I think it was the end of the king of thieves but I’m not sure, haven’t watched it in a while.

  2. When I first read the creators post about the first runner up, I immediately thought about TBM.(Teen Beach Movie.) I was pretty annoyed, and so was my lil sis, even though she loves TBM. So I totally agree with this post.

  3. I don’t think it’s a copy. it would count as a copy if anything in the movie was mentioned like names. Lots of islands look like they’re based off of things. Unless the runner-up probably said a name, it would be a copy.

  4. I (obviously) agree, Sam. It’s really sad to see these ideas being the winners. I’m not saying that mine should have won, but over the 1,000 entries that they got, there had to be some more creative ideas than this. That said, the Creators have really let me down. Arabian Nights island is sorta cool, but Bikers VS Boards is just sad…

    1. And also very lame and right there are only putting girl as winners but not guys but I am also interested in playing them but I hope their not very boring. Or the creators should look at more entries to see what better or the creators should make a poll of which entries is the best.

      1. bcuz girls rule… remember?

        *who runs the world, girls. who runs the world, girls* lol

      2. (to TFCO) You do realize that (like Silver Wolf said) two girls winning wasn’t planned, it was a coincidence. Also, the Creators spent a lot of time trying to find islands. I think that some people need to have good sportsmanship (this goes for HP, too) and just accept that they didn’t win, and not trash other people’s ideas. (I’m not talking about the post above about plagiarism, but the idea that Bikers vs Boards was “lame” and “sad”.)

      3. i guess what we are trying to bring out is that out of the thousands that entered why did the one that basically copied off a movie win as the top 10?

        i am not trying to say her island idea was stupid or dumb, just that there may have been a better idea out there.

    2. I agree HP. My island was called Disastrous Island and you had to use different items to stop mysterious weather disasters and save the different places where they occurred… How the heck was Bikers vs. Boards better than that?

      1. that may have been to heavy a plot for little ones

      2. i wish there would be an island where you have to travel to other islands to get stuff and then bring it all back, sorta like u did in counterfeit when u went to early poptropica’s art museum!!!

      3. Seerious Panda, personally I think that Disastrous Island sounds WAY better than Bikers vs. Boards 😉

      4. Thanks! 🙂 I think that one of the reasons I didn’t win was because of the characters… they were kind of boring. But I did spend a long time drawing them

  5. bikers vs. boards shouldnt have even been nominated its like uhhhhhh that would be a two-minute island:

    1. you go and meet the bikers
    2. you go and meet the boards
    3. they try and fight
    4. you end the fighting

    THE END.

    and like you said it was a TOTAL copy of teen beach movie, which is basically like cheating.

      1. So true, My brother was watching Teen Beach Movie and I was bored so I watched it with him…..Worst decision of my life. XD

      2. yeah once i decided i would watch teen beach movie and i had it on and my mom walked in and she was like “uh what is this” lol

        and yeah it was almost as bad as camp rock, which was the dumbest movie ive ever seen.

      1. what, me? i didnt say “everyone is stupid for watching TBM” i just said i dont like the movie and i think the island couldve been more creative in it coming from her own brain. yes, her brain did think of “oh yes that would be a great island” but still she didnt sit down and TRY TO THINK OF A PLOT HERSELF, it came from a movie, as she said in the interview.

        at least arabian nights was original because it came from experience with her dad traveling to arabian countries or something like that.

        that is all i am trying to say here.

  6. I totally disagree with you in this circumstance. Why? Well…

    I visited the post Scary Plug was talking about, and Quiet Berry didn’t break any rules, and the Creators definitely haven’t lied to us.

    She definitely merged bikers and surfers, which seems to be a copy of “Teen Beach Movie,” and she also made it take place in an interesting time period — the 60’s — with a great setting. You guys are upset about the next paragraph the Creators included:

    “No licensed properties: Believe us, we’d love to make an Island in which Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen team up to fight Darth Vader. But it’s not up to us. Other people own those properties. For this contest, we can’t use existing characters, stories, or fictional worlds — period. So make sure that everything in your entry is an original idea!”

    For one, her idea is very similar to “Teen Beach Movie,” but it is not plagiarism. If you look deep into the paragraph, the Creators are mainly talking about character names and their personalities; she, Quiet Berry, simply was inspired by the movie and decided to keep the plot but change the characters to something original that the Poptropica audience would enjoy. Also, she didn’t win first. If she had won first, this would be a different situation. But she didn’t. She won second, which means no island, yet it shows her idea is of great significance. The Creators probably didn’t make her first because of the similar idea. Lastly, the Creators have made “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” an island with the same name as the book and movie. You guys weren’t upset about that island, so why be upset about hers? Especially since she edited the island and didn’t completely copy the movie and book. Therefore, she has no “licensed properties.” Let me compare this to a similar situation. Flappy Bird, a game I’m sure you’ve heard of, was a huge hit. Guess what? He said he was inspired by the classic Super Mario, as seen with his style, green pipes, and gameplay. Did Nintendo sue him? No, because it does not steal anything; it is simply a similar idea, yet has its own twist. Now, I think you should apologize, for she is completely worthy of second place.

    1. the creators made Charlie in the Chocolate Factory because they got permission from the company who published that book……….

      1. i agree. she shouldnt have just come up with something that was the exact same thing as teen beach movie.

      2. yeah its just we think it shouldve been more original

    2. She didn’t get second place. The creators said they would be announcing the 10 runner ups in alphabetical order.. She could’ve been #10 for all we know.

      1. I respect your opinion Silver Wolf, but to be honest, the plot is very similar to TBM and it could’ve had an extra twist to the movie plot.

    3. Even though she might not have plagiarized, the island still has an unoriginal plot. I personally think that there was hardly any creativity shown with these islands ideas. Out of the thousands of entries, there had to be something more creative that a copied movie plot and a name from a children book…

      1. You do have to put into thought that young kids do play Poptropica and younger kids may not make such good decisions. It’s not their fault, they’re just too young to understand.

      2. Did u see any of the other comments -_-. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was an island that the creators got permission to make from the creators of the movie. Red Dragon is from Mary Pope Osborne who was in the Creator Clips and might work for Poptropica…..

      3. I don’t think Mary Pope Osborne works for Poptropica…. she has a writing job, not a computer job. You’re right, the Creators have to get permission to use Magic Tree House and Willy Wonka.

      4. Creator Clips aren’t necessarily all creators of Poptropica. That would mean the author of Big Nate, and other authors would also work at Poptropica…

      5. He has worked with Poptropica in the past and I read some articles and he worked closely with the creators on Big Nate.

      6. there was Big Nate Island after all…

    4. Hello Silver Wolf, I have to disagree with you on that. The rules specifically stated to be original, and not only was the Bikers vs. Boards idea not original, it beat many unique concepts that should have been worthy of at least a spot in the top 10. My good friend Samwow5 does not need to do any apologizing. It’s blatant plagiarismand deserves to be called out.

  7. Also I noticed something: The creators are posting the runner ups in ALPHABETICAL order, so Bikers v Boards might not be second place. It says so in the post…

    1. oh. well still………… it was not completely original.

      1. Well she didn’t copy everything from the movie. She took the idea of it and made her own twist to it. Maybe that’s why she didn’t win first place. 😛

  8. I have never watched Teen Beach Movie so when I saw the post on the CB, I actually thought it was an interesting, original idea. How wrong I was… 😦
    I wonder what the other runner-up ideas are- hopefully they’re more original.

  9. i like your post, but of course, i dont know what’s teen beach all about. I never watched it

      1. i know that, but i seem to remember watching that movie when i was a kid,

    1. club penguin had a teen beach movie party? so glad i missed it lol

  10. If I entered, I would have made REVENGE ISLAND. You would be walking out of the candy store, licking a lollipop when you get knocked out. You wake up in a cell and see a familiar man glaring at you. He says he is the one with revenge planned for what you did. E.vile is the name you mutter as he sets missiles to blow up the islands. You use the laser pen you got from spy island (doesn’t matter if you have it or not) and knock out E.vile. Your character whips out their sword and BOSS FIGHT begins! You win and E.vile gets tossed into jail. Then you get the medal!! If I did enter this, my island could have won Grand prize

  11. What I think the creators are looking for in their island submissions were: a) Creativity b) At least some originality and c) Some sort of message within the goal of their islands. For the most part, Poptropica islands have a very black and white view on things – there’s almost always a good and evil side. For creativity, they were probably looking for decent art of the setting and characters, etc. However originality is always a problem. Most likely, the majority of submissions were in some way copyrighted or trademarked (meaning the idea belongs to another company and in order to use said idea, Poptropica would have to buy the rights to use it). The problem in this case is that the submission never said specifically that the idea was from Disney and I (highly) doubt that the creators ever watched that Disney movie in the first place, therefore they wouldn’t have known of such a violation of originality.
    Also, if you’re going to criticize the winner of the contest for not being original, stories can be interpreted in many different ways, especially a collection of 1001 different stories. 😛

    1. I respect your opinion, but the creator herself said she was “inspired by a movie I was watching that day”. If she hadn’t watched that Disney movie, then please show me another movie that has the same plot.

      1. You interpreted what I said incorrectly. When I said that “I highly doubt that the creators ever watched that Disney movie in the first place”, I meant the Poptropica creators, not the contestant.

  12. I don’t think it’s kinda fair to others… she basically copied from a movie :/ If Bikers vs Boards can be a runner-up then I want a Death Star Island!

    1. I know this lot of drama but this winner who made a Bikers vs. Boards Island could have made island more creative and by the the way the creator said it a dream island you should use brain to make creative island.

    2. well i think that if she called it “Teen Beach Movie Island” that would be worse

      but like you said bikers vs. boards is the same exact thing as the “movie she was watching that day,” aka TBM.

      and yeah a death star island would be sooooooooo cool

      or how about a divergent island? =) *jumping off of trains wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

      1. OMG yes Divergent!!! *Jumps off the train over a bunch of possessed Dauntless soldiers*

      2. ACK That`s a total spoiler for some people dude!! But it`s still funny though
        *eats the chocolate cake* 😛

      3. whoops sorry =P

        but still it was pretty funny…………. until they deleted my comment ;(

      4. At least I got the chance to read it and smile 🙂
        *starts fighting possessed Dauntless soldiers Divergent style*

  13. guys, i dont wanna try to be blunt here but i think that this is really stupid, i mean most of the people are angry from it because its not that original and its not that creative but i think they are just trying to find any excuse that this idea is stupid and they didnt choose their island idea, but whats the problem? ” teen beach movie ” is INSPIRATION. she just copied the SETTING and most of the plot, not characters, i mean if someone wrote a book about vampires and another wrote also about vampires, would it be palagrised???? and also i think thats a good idea, imagine surfing and riding bikes. and you even didnt see the island to judge! also the island didnt win the first place so….

    1. No, I don’t think it will be every year- if it was, it wouldn’t be that special. :c But maybe they will have it again in a long time, perhaps.

  14. ok guys i am sorry

    i dont want you to think i was being a jerk for saying it was unoriginal…

    i was just trying to express my opinion that there could have been a better plot for an island that wasn’t pretty much the same thing as TBM.

    but maybe i went over the top a little bit. its not a bad idea, just i think she couldve been more creative.

    no, she was not plagiarizing because the characters werent named Brady and McKenzie and they didn’t travel back in time to solve problems between the surfers and the bikers (aww dang now i got that song from the movie stuck in my head… *we just ride ride ride all dayyyyyyyy we’re not gonna live any other way* lol). The island also wasn’t called Teen Beach Movie island, which, as ive said before, would be FULL of problems.

    i hope you understand where im coming from that all i wouldve liked to see from a runner up out of the 1000000000000001 entries is that there mayve been a more creative island, like Revenge island or Disastrous island 🙂

    i hope you understand,

    -george bob jones the third (aka swiggity swag in a paper bag)

      1. np 😉

        and also they may make the island if they read ur post and make the E-Vile thing a episode island… you could be on charlie and the chocolate factory island at the candy store and thats where it all happens……. dunununnnnnnnnn…..

  15. I don’t know what to say. I mean, if TBM wasn’t created, this island would be sorta cool, but still not one of the greats. (Sorry if I offended anyone.) But still, I don’t think everyone should be arguing about this. She could’ve been runner up ten, for all we know, due to alphabetical order. But, I know how everyone feels, at first, I admit I was FURIOUS. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, Hey, almost everyone here is pretty much a kid, and she could’ve been a younger kid who couldn’t think of anything better, and time could of even been running out. I still am kinda mad, but, all the creators are adults, like some of you were saying, they probably didn’t want to watch TBM. And like I said, I’m pretty mad, that one of the top ten ideas was almost the same plot as a movie. I know poptropica is known for cool twists on plots, but for this competition, they wanted you to be creative, and I think she just could’ve used some more creativity. I guess she kinda does deserve it, it is a good idea to teach kids about excepting differences. I’m on both sides, I guess, but why do we have to all be fighting about this. It’s just a contest, and this isn’t even about the winner, and we all are goin’ crazy!!! Now again, sorry if I offended any of you, this is just my opinion. I understand we all have our feelings about this, and we all obviously let them out, so, why don’t we just all go back to the Shark Guy mystery? I hope all of you will understand what I’m saying.

    1. Ya, she could be a kid that doesn’t know copying/plagiarizing is something wrong… and she might be younger than most of us here. I’m actually more upset with the Creators, not Tori, cuz they basically lied to us. They said the island MUST be original, but why did Bikers vs Boards, an island totally based on Teen Beach Movie, is a runner-up?

    2. And I don’t think the Creators haven’t heard of TBM… I know they’re adults, but the movie’s quite popular…

  16. Here’s what I think – the plot of “Bikers vs. Boards” does sound a lot like that of Teen Beach Movie (as outlined above), and the fact that so many commenters here recognized this right away shows that it’s similar enough to put originality into question. Tori’s interview also tells us that that was probably the movie that inspired her idea, even though it’s not named. 😛

    It’s possible the Creators have never heard of the movie (they’re older than the target audience, after all), so perhaps they thought the idea sounded really cool and original without checking closely where it may have been drawn from – or perhaps they did notice, but still thought it had enough of an original twist on it (but it sounds like a lot of people disagree on that).

    Anyway, I guess a lot of people (understandably) feel that their own ideas were “better” and that this “unoriginal” idea “didn’t deserve one of the top 10 spots” – but this was one of the runner-ups selected by the Poptropica team, so congrats to Tori. 🙂

    1. i did not enter the contest so count me out of the

      feel that their own ideas were “better”

      category if you feel i have an extremely biased opinion. lol 🙂

  17. Even if I didn’t win, at LEAST my idea should be mentioned. Not just mine, but everyone else’s. I know it would be a lot of work, but I’m unsure of what place I took.

    My idea was stereotype island, when Christina Perri, Green Day, and Ned Noodlehead were in Vegas and didn’t get along. The goal was to help them as much as you can (if someone was hungry, needed advice or encouragement, or for you to be a backstage singer).

    Also, you would receive items that could be used anywhere (depending on which contestant you decided to be on the stage with); an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, or a drumset.

    In the end though, everyone realizes that their differences don’t matter (through the song he or she sang, and also, because an unmentioned singer wins; Katy Perri).

    There would also be an option to make your own song if you wanted to, and to enter the contest and win instead of Katy Perri. Plus, when singing with one of the contestants, the lyrics would appear at the bottom of the screen so that the person (in real life) could sing along if they knew what song it was!

  18. so unfair, especially because she didn’t mention the name of the movie, but if, honestly, Harry Potter Island came out, i would be bouncing off the walls. OR EVEN A PHINEAS AND FERB ISLAND!!!!!!!!

  19. So I know that this was more than a year ago, but for some reason I was just seeing it now, haha.

    Well, if anybody sees this, I want to say something

    The contest is called Create Your Own DREAM Island. Meaning you submit something that would be awesome for YOU to see in Poptropica. Now, like many of you said, her plot was based off of TBM. But that’s not the point. She submitted something that would be awesome for HER. The Creators happened to like the idea, and she got in the top ten.

    Now, if you want to talk about Red Dragon Island, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, here’s the deal. The Creators got permission to do that. Now, if this island was actually happening (WHICH IT ISN’T), the Creators would have to get permission from Disney Channel (or maybe someone else…), making it a SPONSORED ISLAND. If they wanted an extra twist, they could do surfers vs. something else, etc.

    Now. My last thought. Arabian Nights DESERVED to win. I’m pretty sure that the Creators didn’t need to get permission because it is a GENERAL IDEA. I saw something that it was based off Aladdin, the Disney movie, but it wasn’t, because Aladdin was based off of 1001 Arabian Nights. Because it can go either way. There are SO many twists that can happen, and you can see Poptropica’s take on it. Like me, I’m writing a story about it. It’s MY take and that’s that.

    And as I go, I’m going to mention one more thing. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s the entire point. It’s Create Your DREAM Island. That was her dream, the Creators liked it, and it went into the top ten. I know a lot of you might be upset that her idea wasn’t “completely original” and that your ideas “might be better”, but I’m going to tell you to stop. Instead of being jealous, you should be happy for your fellow Poptropican, give her a round of applause and be done with that.

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