Shark Boy Mystery

Shark Boy… is now Shark Guy?

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or scroll down for updates to the Shark Guy mystery! the plot thickens…

Something fishy’s going on… it seems like beloved Poptropica Creator “Shark Boy” (also known as Nate Greenwall) has changed his name to Shark Guy! When did this happen? And why? That I don’t know, but if you look up SharkGuyCreator on the Avatar Studio, here’s what you’ll get:


Where’s the iconic dead blue fish he usually carries?! Now he’s inexplicably holding a video camera in his hand. (Here’s a far-fetched theory: what if this has to do with Mission Atlantis? A shark, a film device… it might make a little sense…)

Even stranger, if you look up Shark Boy’s old username, SharkBoyCreator, you’ll just get a random Poptropican named Young Catfish who’s wearing the Aztec warrior mask and Tiger Shark body – whereas before you’d get Shark Boy with his name and costume.

Besides, Shark Boy hasn’t posted on the Creators’ Blog in ages (the same goes for some other Creators…) – it’s almost always Captain Crawfish these days. (UPDATE:) In fact, Shark Boy’s previous posts on the Creators’ Blog have been replaced with Captain Crawfish listed as the author! Here’s an example from a cache from the Wayback Machine, and compare that to the current version on the Creators’ Blog. Other posts (like this one) have just outright been deleted.

HP’s theory on this (which you can read more about in the previous post) is that it might be a cover-up for some kid who got access to Shark Boy’s account, because those who had his old username friended but not his new one would see it replaced with Shark Guy (but with the name “Poptropican”).


PHB readers Big Kid and Cuddly Lion confirm that Shark Guy has been holding the camera handheld ever since Back Lot Island came out (it’s the reward from the bonus quest).

Why are the Creators trying to erase all traces of Shark Boy, and what’s up with all this Shark Guy business? Share your theories in the comments section!

~thanks to Massive Raptor for the tip.


43 thoughts on “Shark Boy… is now Shark Guy?”

      1. make a new one i will b glad to join!!!!!!!!!!!111

      1. listen samwow5! You might want to post this on your blog! It just might lead up to shark boy! When you go to shark tooth island you appear on a dock right? Well… you can jump in the water and go to the right where it will show a lunchable ad! We used to never be able to go further to the left on shark tooth island then the dock! Very wierd….

      2. He posted about this a couple of months ago – click here to see the post. The spaces to the left on some islands are a bit new, and they’re just extra places for ads. You can check out my post about it here to see more.

    1. SharkBoyCreator was a real Creator’s account, but if you had him friended, he was mysteriously replaced by Shark Guy (username: SharkGuyCreator), and that probably means he’s a real Creator, not a fake.

      1. They haven’t brought any attention to it, though – quite the opposite, with Shark Boy’s old posts having been replaced with Captain Crawfish as the author (even though he didn’t exist in 2009!). The thing is, Poptropicans of old will remember Shark Boy… Shark Guy just isn’t the same.

  1. Guys If you haven’t noticed sharkboycreator had the movie camera ever since back lot came out. He basicly switched outfits and thats it.

      1. thank you very much, blue boot =)

  2. What time is it ?!?!?! Story Time! Anywhoooooo …….. I’ve been on pop a lot lately helping with err account and stuff and noticing some of my friends have been changed. I usually like to keep 1 outfit on and never change it. But anyways one of my favorite youtubers recently go hacked and his costumes keep changing and stuff … But this is my theorie! Someone was probably coding and stuff and messed shark bows name up and then a kid hacks shark boy !!!! Will shark boy ever be saved?!?!?!?!?!😔
    3 days later…. Nooooooo sharks boys dead!!!!! Anyways probably just pop and the glitches….
    Once trusty tooth, always trusty tooth.
    Btw when am I ever gonna see poptropica universe !!!!! I didn’t just waste 12 pages of paper just to rewrite half of the story. Did I?

  3. It seems as though Shark Boy was hacked. I have experience in this from playing Star Stable Online and having to deal with many hackers. Or, as another theory, Shark Boy (Guy) is quitting and they just don’t want to say anything – yet.

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