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Basking with Bastet 🐱 and Islands in Caskets

Heyo Poptropicans, dig in for member gifts, a reaction to Jade Scarab from its designer, and more!

Knightly gear is in this season at Adventure Outfitters! Fill up on medieval fantasies with classic costumes like the Heart Astro Knight as well as more recent returns like the Baby Dragon Plushie for your clubhouse. (If only Amelia sold tickets to lost islands, though…)

The trend goes up a notch with May’s member gifts! Members this month will find in their inventories a Cute Baby Dragon Follower, Dragon Sword, and Master of All Dragons costume. 🐉

Soon after Jade Scarab Island came out last week, Girl Power (Pop username: GwenBrightly), the island’s designer who won the Dream Island contest to have her idea made, shared an appreciation post on her Tumblr blog composed of pictures of the legendary cat/goddess, Bastet.

She also included the hashtags #My baby and #they did her so well, so it’s safe to say she quite enjoyed playing with this Poptropicat! 🐱

Interested in more opinions about the latest island? Check out the PHB’s Review for Jade Scarab Island in the post below! 🪲

Meanwhile on Twitter, Poptropica continues the odd memes with a clip of a flailing mannequin. (Spoiler alert: It’s not actually Cryptids Island.)

Still, could the mention of this old island be a hint for its return, or are the Creators just nostalgia-baiting once again?

Rounding off, here are the latest fan art features from Pop’s Instagram stories, sparked by imaginations of older islands…

Keep on poppin’ on!


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PHB Quickie: Cryptids Island

Cryptids Island Quickie

What’s up, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here with a PHB Quickie where I quickly review one of Poptropica’s many great adventures. Today I’ll be reviewing the riveting Cryptids Island. Let’s run through it!

(Be warned: Spoilers ahead!)

fake nessie

If you love urban legends and creatures, you’ll love this island. The task at hand is to find four of the most popular cryptids and prove their existence for the head of the Mews Corporation of scientific discovery, Harold Mews.

I really liked this premise. I find it as interesting and compelling as one could possibly be, in fact. It definitely makes for a thrilling and exciting journey. The creatures, of course, were just as cool. Who isn’t fascinated by mysterious beasts like Nessie or Bigfoot?

On the other hand, none of the Poptropican characters really stood out for me besides Mews — not even the island’s main antagonist, Gretchen Grimlock. There was an absence of any unique personality and everyone was just a bit lackluster, in my opinion. Again, Gretchen Grimlock could have been more heavily featured throughout the quest (like Black Widow, Mademoiselle Moreau, or Myron Van Buren on their islands).

mews excellent

As far as gameplay goes, a quibble I have, albeit slight, is that there’s a lot of back and forth from each location to the lab in Mews’s mansion. (By now, though, our Poptropicans must be used to that 😅) The tasks/mini-games, however, were great! At first the dart game was kind of hindering, but eventually you get the hang of it. And the climb up to the temple in the Himalayas was challenging, but not irritatingly so — so that’s a plus.

cr ness

Despite my complaints, Cryptids Island gets an impressive 4.5/5 yeti footprints rating from me! I have to admit that when I was younger, I never paid this island any attention, but upon replaying it I discovered a newfound love for it! The positives majorly outweigh the negatives in this case. If you’re a member and haven’t played through this island at least once, or even if you just want to revisit this classic, I totally recommend doing so — especially since it will be disappearing at the end of the year.

And that about wraps it up! What are your thoughts on this island? Sound off in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to participate in the Tribal Tournament currently happening on the PHC Discord server. You’ll definitely have a blast! Thank you for reading as always, and I’ll talk to you all soon.

 Lucky Joker 🍀

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Pop Places IRL: Cryptids

Pop Places IRL Header

SD here with another “Pop Places IRL” post, everyone! Are you sick of me yet? This time around, I will be comparing scenes from Cryptids Island with the scenes it was inspired by in real life (IRL). Check out our official guide for the island here.

Even though Main Street seems pretty ordinary, you actually end up visiting many real places in Cryptids Island! In fact, I’m sure you’ve heard of many of these locations.

Let’s start off with what may be the star of the quest… Nessie! The Loch Ness Monster is from, well, Loch Ness. If you were unaware, it’s a large body of freshwater in Scotland. As one would expect, it’s famous for its aquatic monster sightings!

Other than Nessie, we also search for the Yeti in the Himalayas, a huge mountain range in Asia. Like in game, there sure are monasteries in the IRL mountains! We also visit the Himalayan Mountains, particularly Mount Everest, in Time Tangled Island.

After the mountains, our Poptropicans attempt to capture the infamous Chupacabra in Puerto Rico! Sorry goats, but I don’t think you could pay me enough money to go face that beast IRL…

Talking about beasts, up next is New Jersey! And that means the Jersey Devil. Am I bringing up bad memories for anyone? If you ever visit, maybe you should stay closer to the city, just to be safe…

Finally, we visit the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of Big Foot. This location may be a bit broad, but roughly includes states like WashingtonOregon, and Idaho in the US. They are known for having the most frequent Big Foot sightings!

I think that’s it for the real-life Cryptids Island tour! Have you been to any of the places we listed? Or better yet, have you think you spotted any of these cryptids IRL?

Where would you like us to go next time for this series?


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Escape Cryptids with the #FreeThe15 Challenge

Hey there, good players of Poptropica!

It’s me, Purple Claw, with some interesting news — the unknown Creators are hosting another challenge that you should all know about! (There was also the visitors’ center challenge that we didn’t post about, but you can check it out here.)

Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

FreeThe15_1080x1350 (002)

So basically, the Creators are releasing 15 new house decor items, and we have to be the ones that have make that happen, through the power of social media!

Random PHB reader: Um, Purple Claw, what do you mean by that? We’re just plain fans! And why don’t you post more often?!

I’m glad you asked! Well, the Creators are giving us an opportunity to release some new sweet house decor items, but what we have to do is… uh… post pictures of the Ice Cream Machine inside our houses for some reason, and with the hashtag #FreeThe15. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Poptropicans must post a picture of the Ice Cream Machine from the Home Decor Store placed into their Pop Worlds Home.

Step 2: Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FreeThe15 in your entries so we can find it.

Step 3: Tag your friends and get them to post! We only release the 15 items if we get enough people to share their Ice Cream Machine in their Home and tag with #FreeThe15. The more people who enter, the greater the chances of unlocking these items!

Remember, this is a race against the clock- we need enough people to post with the hashtag by Monday to unlock all 15 items. The more Ice Cream Machines you have & pictures you post, the better! These items would be available for ALL PLAYERS, and we need EVERYONE to participate! Good luck, Poptropicans!

There’s a positive and a negative side to this. First of all, it’s free items, baby! Everyone loves ’em! But on the other hand, this kinda popped out of nowhere, and there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to it…

Don’t get me wrong; I love Poptropica challenges. But this one just felt so… random. In my opinion, I think that they should’ve just added the 15 new items without making this contest, but maybe this was their way of trying to increase the activity on social media. Still, the way they’re going about it feels half-hearted, with not much of a story to it.

If you want the new items to be added, please post the picture of your ice cream machine along with the #FreeThe15 hashtag on your social media pages. If you don’t have any social media, I can share yours on my twitter page – just DM me on Discord.

In other news, yesterday, another post was published on the Creators’ Blog, promoting one of Poptropica’s most popular islands: Cryptids Island. Cryptids Island is well-known for its mythical creatures and its extraordinary adventure.

The post was pretty interesting, but the thing that stood out the most was this glorious drawing of the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie:

Cryptid_Island_1200x627 (1).jpg

It’s really nice! I really like the detail on the ocean, and I wish I would draw like that. However, it doesn’t quite look like the ordinary Poptropica style. When asked about it, the Creators wrote back that a Poptropica artist wanted to do things a bit differently to capture the mystery.

Anyway, Cryptids is one of my favorite islands, and I really want it to be remastered for Poptropica Worlds, so I kinda hope (even though the chances are really low) that it might be. So I guess #CryptidsForWorlds..? I don’t know. XD

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! I’ll try to post more and stop being too lazy – but until then, I’m out!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

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Android app finally here & monstrously cute art

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a round of the Poptropica Help Blog’s Punch Out!!!

Has everybody gotten their retro video game references out of the way? Yes? Good. In all seriousness, Blake here, with a recap of Poptropica’s latest Twitter posts. First up, for all you Android fans out there, the Poptropica app is finally available for Google Play!

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 5.54.25 PM

Yes, now you can frolic in Poptropica wherever you go! And all for the price of — wait, there is no price. It’s FREE! Just download the app from Google Play to get started.

By the way, this image was posted on Poptropica’s Instagram. Yes, after lots of retweeting other players’ Instagram posts, they’ve joined in on the Insta-bandwagon! You can follow them at PoptropicaCreators.

Next up, let’s take a look at the latest new doodles Poptropica’s been tweeting. Here’s PopStorm #6, which explores what Poptropicans would look like with shoes:

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 5.54.07 PM

This is a great addition to the PopStorm series, and the one in the middle with the glasses reminds me of Groucho Marx. Oh Groucho, why did you have to go? D:

This next one is another possible teaser to an Island based on the Poptropica comics. What’s going on with these balloon animals, you ask? Well, as a hint, the tweet links to Funbrain’s page for the official Poptropica comics…

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 5.53.52 PM

And finally, we have a blast from the past. Close your eyes. Are you closing them? Of course not, you wouldn’t be able to read this post otherwise! Anyway, just imagine the monsters from Cryptids Island back in kindergarten. Do you see it? No? Maybe this doodle from Poptropica artist Jon Pitcher will help. Who knew little Chupa had a secret crush? 😉

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 5.53.30 PM

This has been “Let’s Imagine!” with Blake. *little rainbow star thingy from The More You Know pic floats above head* Enlightening, was it not?

Well, that’s it for the Poptropica Help Blog’s Punch Out!!! today. I just defeated Tyson by a series of button-mashing combos, so it’s time for me to go soak my thumbs in ice! Stay popping, Poptropicans.