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Spilling the Secret: Jade Scarab is here! 🪲

Pop drop alert: Jade Scarab Island is here and available to all players! Head to the map to start digging in on this excavation vacation, which is the third and final of the Dream Island winners.

Looking for a helping hand in this adventure? Our Jade Scarab Island Guide is now up! Plus, you can ask for help and share your thoughts in the comments and on the PHC.

Word on the web is — this quest gives OG classic island vibes! We won’t spoil too much here, but feel free to share below, and stay tuned for the PHB’s review coming up!

A curse has befallen those looking for the Jade Scarab, can you get to the bottom of it?

In other news, just as with the last Dream Island release, Poptropica has an island-inspired contest underway: the Secret of the Jade Scarab Fan Challenge (ending this Thursday, April 28)!  To share your artifact art and win credits, you can use their submissions page.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a fresh fit for this Egyptian experience, Adventure Outfitters has a refreshed rotation of returning styles, including a Skull Mask and Sunny Sport! See more on the Creators’ Blog »

Now that all three fan-imagined Dream Islands have been released, which is your favorite — Fairytale, Goofball, or Jade Scarab? What did you think of the latest one? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 🪲💫


30 thoughts on “Spilling the Secret: Jade Scarab is here! 🪲”

  1. The fact that it took them this long to release an island like this is appalling. It is just as short and simple as the other new islands. It also contained a worrying number of animated NPCs and reused some of the tracks from Arabian Nights. To me, this island is still much below the standards of the old islands. Poptropica in general is much below its former standards, for that matter.

    1. Agreed, the islands seem very dumb-downed and simple now. I remember older islands like Skullduggery and Cryptids took a few hours to beat when your playing it blind. I’d rather them take time to create more complex puzzles and bigger maps than to make flashier characters and animations.

      1. My thoughts exactly. The simplicity and short length of the islands available to us on Poptropica’s site, mainly the new ones, are lacking the depth and the challenge of other great Poptropica islands.

    2. It’s not quite as simple, as there was a higher level of difficulty than Goofball and Fairytale. The animated NPCs (in my opinion) are not that bad and make the gameplay more interesting. I KNOW it’s unoriginal, but you gotta admit, this island is the closest to the old islands that we knew and loved by heart. So, in my opinion, it is a pretty good island! 8.95/10

      1. When you say “closest to the old islands”, in what regard do you mean this?

      1. Again, I agree. There was quite a bit of hype around this island, and it took them a while to release. However, upon playing the island, one learns that it isn’t quite the “adventure” we were anticipating.

    1. I’m on that part and I’m not understanding what it means, hopefully I can figure it out on my own.

    1. Put the star at the half-edge of the line before it disappears and lines it up with the merkhet on the right side, the same on the left side and the walls will open.

  2. I’m really disappointed.

    All the dream islands, all of them, have been, in my opinion, way too easy, short, and really not worth the hype. Secret of the Jade Scarab was no different. After all our feedback, the creators still didn’t change how islands these days are short and easy. That’s what bothers me the most. Why don’t they use the feedback they get?

    Good Poptropica islands are really long, taking possibly hours, even days to complete. They should be hard to figure out, but the small side quests, like the Merkhet from Secret of the Jade Scarab, shouldn’t be hard to complete. They should have twists and fun characters and not hand you all the answers. They should be hard, but it should explain to you how to solve the mini quests within the island.
    In other words, good Poptropica islands have a specific complexity to them that can’t be imitated or recreated. That’s why the creators have to bring back the old islands.

    And I mean OLD old islands, like Spy and Cryptids, not the creators’ idea of old, which is apparently Mystery of the Map and Mission Atlantis

    1. Honesty, I am so tired of you complaining. If you can’t stand anything Poptropica makes, just quit! Pop’s better that way without you whining EVERY SINGLE day. This applies to you too, @HEINRICH‎‎ LUITPOLD

      1. True. Just stop complaining about everything. For me this island was hard. It’s not just you in the world. I agree with incredible flame

      2. I mean, freedom of expression, my friend. I would say that “Pop’s better” without such snowflakes.

      3. We are not “whining”, but rather providing our views on the matter. I believe it is our right to express our views, so, you really don’t have the authority to tell us to stop criticising or “whining” about the problems we have with Poptropica.

      4. @IncredibleFlame:
        Hey, I get where you’re coming from, and I apologize if I was bothering anyone with my comment, but in my defense, I’m pretty sure the creators WANT us to give our feedback on their creations, negative or positive it may be. Again, I’m sorry if my complaints have been bothering you, but then again, I just think people should be allowed to give their opinions. I understand your opinion and respect it. I understand I’m not the only person on this blog with an opinion. But I also know I’m free to give my opinion as well, so, with respect, maybe tone it down a little.

      5. Incredible Flame, dude, what? I mean, no offense, but like, it wasn’t like I was even talking to you. I mean, let’s be real, you can’t just go around and take away people’s rights to give their opinion. If the Pop community is “better without me complaining everyday,”can’t you just ignore it? That was really rude. I get it if you like the new island, but I don’t and you can at least respect that without saying it’s better without me here.

      1. Ah, but these children must understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I can make a statement as I see fit, so long as I am not offending anyone or violating any rules. Rather than saying that you are “tired” of our “complaining and whining”, you can choose to completely disregard what we say, if it has no meaning for you.

      2. That is the approach I will take, yes. However, when someone takes the trouble to specifically call you out, I think they deserve a response. A response that puts them in their place.

      3. Just a friendly reminder to all that expressing disagreement does not need to be uncivil on either side, whether it’s saying “Pop’s better” without “whining” voices or infantilizing people as “snowflakes” and “children” (when they may be older). Further discourteous comments will not be tolerated here. Thanks for understanding.

    2. You know, @Heinrich Luitpold you sound a lot like the guy anonymous from the Official Poptropica Blog, he’s very “vocal” about his disappointment and disapproval of what Poptropica is doing

      1. Being “vocal” about your opinion isn’t a crime. Heinrich Luitpold and I both don’t like the direction Pop is going in right now. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with my opinion, but you can at least be respectful towards people who have different ideas.

      2. Oh, if only that were me, my friend. You see, for some reason, none of my comments seem to make it past Poptropica’s comment-reviewing filter.

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