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Seeking Your Questions for a Pop Interview with Former Storytelling Creator ✏️🎤

Henlo, Poptropicans! I’m happy to announce a special upcoming PHB post: an interview with former Pop Creator, Mitch Krpata!

While the PHB has covered and even hosted interviews with this senior story developer in the past, this time we’re reconnecting with ol’ Captain Crawfish to talk about the development process for Poptropica. And you’re invited to join!

In the comments of this post, bring your unanswered questions regarding the stories and characters of past islands, pertaining to content made before 2018 (when Mitch departed the team). This interview will not cover the current state of the game, and Mitch cannot speak for the current team. That being said, ask away!

Mitch Krpata wrote three of the four Poptropica graphic novels, among others.

Before I close off, here are Poptropica’s latest Instagram stories, including an animation of Monkey Wrench Island some rockin’ Zomberries by the PHB’s Lucky Joker (LJ)! (…ok I’ll take my leave now.)

Make sure to check out these artists, and don’t forget to submit your questions in the comments of this post! I’ll see you soon for the next Villain Saga episode and the completed interview!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles


5 thoughts on “Seeking Your Questions for a Pop Interview with Former Storytelling Creator ✏️🎤”

  1. Hi Mitch! Although I stopped playing the game some years back, I’ve always been interested in the lore and worldbuilding of Poptropica. It’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with how connected and unconnected the islands are simultaneously. Since you’ve done a lot of the writing for the game and graphic novels, I’m wondering how your approach to worldbuilding has changed over the years, and how you came up with the big lore reveal in the graphic novel series. Does it apply to the games too, or is it original for the comic series? Did you always have this explanation in mind?

    As for the game itself, I’m wondering how exactly the islands connect. While many clearly take place on Earth, others, most notably Astro Knights, have a “Planet Poptropica.” What planet do the islands take place on? We know they’re all connected because of Super Villain Island, which brings its own host of problems… namely Mystery Train Island being destroyed in the present day when it should take place in the past. Do you know what’s really going on?

  2. 1.While writing the Poptropica series, how did you decide on Octavian’s fate?
    2.Whose idea was it to put Napoleon Dynamite in Mocktropica?
    3.Also, what DID happened to the crew in the Lost Expedition?
    4.Last of all, if the books took place in the more expanded Poptropica, would Octavian have tried to defeat Poptropica villains such as Captain Crawfish, Mordred, Scheherazade, Shogun, Zeus, etc in order to help fulfill his mission, since he was trying to erase tyrants from history? Or would he somehow work out a deal with them in order to get what he wanted?

  3. What was your favorite island you worked on? Will you be returning to Pop? Who was your favorite character in the game? (Aside from Captain Crawfish, of course)
    Thank you!

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