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This Expedition is Not a Lost Edition – plus interview with book author Mitch Krpata!

Hey Poptropicans!

For all you avid readers waiting, the second Poptropica graphic novel, The Lost Expedition, has finally been released to bookstores – and those who pre-ordered the book should be receiving it soon!

You can order the book on Amazon, among other places, if you want to check out what happens next in the adventures of Oliver, Jorge, and Mya following the events of the first book, Mystery of the Map, which was also made into an island. We’re not sure if The Lost Expedition will be made into an island, but Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon recently stated that it’s not one of the islands they’re currently working on. Also, unlike the first book, this one isn’t being distributed for freeย online!

PHB author Brave Tomato recently uncovered some pretty cool info about the third book as well, which you can check out here. In the meantime, here’s the description for book two!

Oliver, Mya, and Jorge continue their search for home, with a few hilarious stops along the way. As the friends set sail for new sights, they find the evil Octavian is still hot on their trail, and heโ€™s determined to get his hands on their magical map. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization is keen on expelling the three friends from Poptropica. As the pals travel, they find that each island is filled with its own unique brand of peril, and the mystery surrounding the map and Poptropica itself begins to unfold. Will our trio be able to once again outfox Octavian and discover the identity of this secret society?

Over on the Creators’ Blog, there’s an interview with the author, Mitch Krpata (who, by the way, is the voice of Captain Crawfish)! Here’s an excerpt below, but you’re encouraged to check out the full exclusive interview on the Creators’ Blog!

So, Mitch. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m married and have two young kids and a dog. I like to watch movies, read books, play board games, and sleep late. Anything that doesn’t require me to leave the house.

How long have you been working on Poptropica? What do you do exactly?

I have been working on Poptropica from the beginning. I was part of the team that met every week in a windowless conference room to brainstorm ideas, and also helped to lay out Early Poptropica. My main job has been to write the island scripts, but I also help with marketing and promotion, licensed products (like the books and Ubisoft games), making our YouTube walkthroughs… I’m also a real cut-up on Slack.(Editor’s note: He certainly is. His gifs are epic.)

Tell us something random about yourself that Poptropica fans would find funny or surprising.

I love professional wrestling. One day I will convince the powers that be to let me make a Lucha Libre Island.

Can you give us some hints about books 3 and 4?

Book 3 will finally start to answer some of the many, many questions that have come up in the first two books. It’s also action-packed! Can’t say much about book 4 just yet…

Oliver and Jorge battle it out in a game of Poptropica soup words. Who wins?

Oliver would win because he’s a total bookworm. Jorge would probably look for swear words, which aren’t allowed.

For the rest of the awesome interview, check out this post on the Creators’ Blog celebrating the launch of the book!ย Congratulations to everyone involved with the book production! ๐ŸŽ‰

Creator Skinny Moon, who conducted the interview, ends the post with this snazzy animated gif that she says “may or may not be video straight from Poptropica HQ.” If it is โ€“ it sure looks like the Creators get up to someย dizzyingly funย antics! And given her earlier comment about Mitch’s gif-making prowess, it may even have come from the man of the hour himself!


Anyway, we’ll let you know here on the PHB what interesting information we uncover from the second book once we have a chance to get to it. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜€


23 thoughts on “This Expedition is Not a Lost Edition – plus interview with book author Mitch Krpata!”

      1. That’s interesting, how recent is the first one? Some places don’t consider it an offensive word even for younger audiences, so it may be reflecting that fact, but America (where many Poptropica Creators are from) is generally not one of those places as far as I know.

        The second one isn’t generally considered a swear word. It’s not the type of thing you’d expect to find on a kids’ site, but the word can still be used appropriately.

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