PHB Tribal Tournament: Tribal Thinkers!

poptribe thinkers

As the philosopher René Descartes declared, “I think, therefore I am.” If you can think – as you are doing now – then you must exist, because a thought has to come from a thinking thing. And here you are, thinking and existing here in the midst of the PHB’s Tribal Tournament! So are you ready?!

This final competition in the PHB’s Tribal Tournament is called Tribal Thinkers, and it tests your knowledge of Poptropica and its extending community. If you haven’t caught up with how to get involved with the Tribal Tournament yet, you’ll want to read this post first.

Anyway, onto the round of contemplation! We’re going to give you a bunch of trivia questions, and to earn points for your tribe, you must give the correct answers in your tribe’s channel on the PHC. Each correct answer given by anyone in the tribe will net the tribe five points.

Note: All answers can be found somewhere on our website (the Poptropica Help Blog). Please do not comment answers anywhere outside of your tribe’s channel, or else other tribes may benefit from your mistake! Without further ado, here are the questions…

Trivia about Poptropica!

  1. When was Poptropica founded?
  2. What brand of soda does Gamer Guy drink?
  3. What item on Shark Tooth Island isn’t actually needed in the quest?
  4. What is carved on the tree in the Lewis & Clark Expedition on Time Tangled Island?
  5. What are the names of the B.A.D’s guard dogs on Spy Island?
  6. How much did the Astro-Knights Early Access pass cost?
  7. The Tabloid on Reality TV advertises an article about dating who?
  8. What Greek letters are on the Drachma coin on Mythology Island?
  9. What does Sprocket from Steamworks Island want to call his autobiography?
  10. For which island did Poptropica first launch its own external website as a promotion for the island and what was the website?
  11. Which island’s name is also a possible Poptropica player name?
  12. Which island contains an altered version of the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood?
  13. What does the binary code found on the recycle billboard outside the Game Show Main Street factory translate to?
  14. Which island has a common room that has no name, and what is the room?
  15. What is the name of the ship in Captain Crawfish’s dream on Super Villain Island?
  16. Which time period on Time Tangled Island requires an item from another time period to collect the misplaced artifact?
  17. Which island has a character claiming to be from “Time Twisted Island”?
  18. Where did Dr. Spyglass, from Spy Island, use to work?
  19. Who was the Ice Arrow, seen in Astro-Knights, crafted by?
  20. In the trash bin on Mocktropica Island, what is the name of Zeus’s tree character?

Trivia about the PHB team!

  1. What is Brave Tomato’s favorite island?
  2. What was Slanted Fish’s first Poptropica account?
  3. Spotted Dragon made a fansite about Poptropica and ___?
  4. How did Slippery Raptor discover Poptropica?
  5. Which island did Ultimate iPad Expert play first?
  6. Who is HPuterpop’s character designed to resemble?
  7. What was the name of Koi (Spencer)’s second Poptropica account?
  8. What place did Ylimegirl win on the Reality TV Island Champions Map?

Bonus question! (Worth 10 points to any tribe that gets it right!)

  • What’s the name of Skinny Moon’s puppy?

Stolen Snapshots!

In addition to the trivia questions, we also have another round of Slippery Raptor’s Stolen Snapshots here to stump even the most seasoned Poptropican. Can you guess where these are taken? Each correct answer from within a tribe will earn a tribe ten points!

Get those thinking caps on, because there’s a lot to ponder for this round! This round ends on Sunday, August 21, Wednesday, August 24, so be sure to submit answers to your tribe’s channel on the PHC before then.

Remember, you can still earn points for your tribe via the Artistic Athletes competition AND the Medal Marathon all throughout August 24!

Again, if you’re new to this tournament, please read over the details in our first Tribal Tournament post to get caught up. If you have any questions, you can ask your tribe rep on the PHC!

Think hard, and good luck!

– the PHB tribe reps –

34 thoughts on “PHB Tribal Tournament: Tribal Thinkers!”

  1. Oh there are some updates having to do with Pop… First if all there’s a new cover for the app… Dr hare wearing sunglasses and holding a beach ball..and I think there’s a new ad where you have to click fruits that come to you and at the end you get a chameleon follower that you can camouflage by clicking space and time also get a pirate outfit!

  2. Stupid duplicate comments 😛 Check our Wildfire tribe chat to spam the answers (have all the correct answers posted.) Also, we are in the process of checking Snapshot answers, so get over there to be a part of the PHB Point Palooza!

    1. Welllll…. you could always go to the website.. you don’t have to download anything.. I think… well… I never had to download anything….on a computer that is…

      1. A Discord account would make things a lot easier for you, but you can use Discord on the PHC without making an account. Just come online, ask to join your tribe’s channel, and once you’re in, you can post your answers there. You can’t retain the permission to access your tribe channel once you leave unless you have an account, though.

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