When in quarantine, play Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans. By now, you’ve probably heard of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping over the world, causing school shutdowns, closing businesses, and more. With life on lockdown, why not turn to Poptropica to pass the time?

Like the postcard? You can download Virus Hunter Island printable postcards from Poptropica and send them to your friends!

Real talk, though: we haven’t heard from Poptropica in about a month, and with all of this going on, Poptropica Creators may have their workflow disrupted, too. That could mean a lull in activity for Poptropica, despite earlier promises about updates for this year. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, whether the virus has been on your radar for months, or has just started to affect your area in the past couple weeks, at least one thing is clear: staying away from crowds helps keep you and everyone safe.

The outside world may be falling apart, but on the flip side, the online world is thriving. Here on the PHB, we’re bringing you recommendations for enjoying the best of Poptropica while under quarantine. There’s plenty to do inside!

Can you stomach the comics? 🦠

One obvious island comes to mind: Virus Hunter. In this island released in 2013, your mission is to locate the person harboring a dangerous new virus, then enter his body to remove the disease before it spreads! There couldn’t be a more relatable adventure in these trying times, and whether it’s your first time playing or you want to revisit it, the PHB has a guide for you.

Before the island came out all those years ago, Poptropica created a six-page comic called Pandemic Panic as a prelude to Virus Hunter Island. Check it out below, and read tons more official Poptropica comics on the PHB!

More island adventures, for all the benchers 🏝

Besides Virus Hunter, Poptropica is also filled with lots of other great island adventures to play. If staying at home is starting to feel like jail, try busting out of prison on Escape From Pelican Rock Island. If you miss large gatherings full of people, mingle with the cosplayers on PoptropiCon Island. Or if you prefer to strike it out on your own, embrace the solitude of Survival Island. There’s something for everyone, and we have all the guides you’ll need!

Here’s an open secret: the islands currently on the map aren’t the only ones you can play. With the Old Island Directory, you can play about 30 more old school islands, which Poptropica had taken down from the official game due to the older technology causing bugs. Since Flash is going down, now’s the time to play them before they’re gone for good!

Create or compete, staying upbeat 👩‍🎨

Even beyond the decades of islands, Poptropica still has a fair amount of fun to offer. The Photo Booth is back, your club house could use a refreshed design, and worlds are waiting to be made on Realms. And while you’re at it, maybe you’ll enjoy giving your character a new look, too!

Meeting up in real life may not be a great idea these days, but you can still hang out with friends online! Drop by the arcade at the same time and you can play games like Star Link together, or head in solo and find new buds. You can also challenge yourself on solo games like Blaster Attack.

And last but not least, join in on the PHB’s Community Creations challenge! This month’s theme is Hobbies, and all this downtime is a great opportunity to explore some (within health precautions, of course). Whatever the hobby, you have until the end of March to capture it for us Poptropica-style. Details here.

What have you been up to in this pandemic panic? Share your stories in the comments, keep washing your hands, and take care, everyone! 💪🧼

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Graphic novel news: Lost Expedition, Mitch Krpata, and book 3!

The lost expeditionHey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and this set of news is not just some ordinary wheel or fancy pair of sneaker-related news for once. This will be interesting… as long as you’re a fan of the Poptropica graphic novel series.

Let’s start off about Book 2, The Lost Expedition, which will come out for the world August 16th. After over a year of not hearing from them, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge are back for a brand new adventure in the world of Poptropica.

The novel will be written by Mitch Krpata (I’ll get more into him later) and illustrated yet again by Kory Merrit. If you need a reminder, the summary is as follows, according to the Barnes and Noble page:

In book two,The Lost Expedition, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge continue their search for home, with a few hilarious stops along the way. As the friends set sail for new sights, they find the evil Octavian is still hot on their trail, and he’s determined to get his hands on their magical map. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization is keen on expelling the three friends from Poptropica. As the pals travel, they find that each island is filled with its own unique brand of peril, and the mystery surrounding the map and Poptropica itself begins to unfold. Will our trio be able to once again outfox Octavian and discover the identity of this secret society?

So with that up ahead, of course it’s going to get some minor coverage. This news article by the MetroWest Daily News may seem like an ordinary news article showing off the graphic novel, but if you look into it deeper, you’ll find not just the standard summary. The news article confirms that the Poptropica graphic novel series is on a four-book deal. It also says that Mystery of the Map will the only one of the four that’s written by a different person (Galactic Hot Dogs author Max Brailler) and Mitch Krpata will write out the rest of the series.

There are also some interesting quotes said by the man himself in the article. He describes The Lost Expedition as a novel that would teach about “accepting the responsibility” of a leadership role, as well as mixing in the more action packed parts of the books. He had been with Poptropica since its beginnings in 2007, calling the franchise his “life’s work” and he desires it to “survive and outlast [him]”. Check out the article here if you’d like to read about his inspirations and other information.

However, strangely enough, the news article itself isn’t the biggest plot twist of this post. It’s the video that should be drawn attention to as well. It’s only 28 seconds long, but it’s not entirely about the content- it’s about what you hear. (Although at the end of the video, it does show a preview of one of the pages.) You can find it on the news article, so take a good listen to how Mitch sounds.

Sound familiar? Well, if you don’t hear it, Mitch here sounds quite a lot like our favorite blogging and YouTubing pirate, Captain Crawfish! For reference, here’s one of his videos.

Captain Crawfish’s identity had been a major secret for years, and now that the identity has practically been revealed to us, we have yet another mystery off our backs. All those years of crawfish-nomming jokes have been worth it. (And thank you so much for shouting out to me on the Reign of Omegon walkthrough!)

Now, let’s get into the future here, because, everyone, I found the title, cover, release date, and summary of the third Poptropica graphic novel.

*Warning: There might be potential Book 2 spoilers ahead, especially in the summary, so tread carefully.*

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Mystery of the Map – online vs. print

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with a very special post.

MotMGraphicCoverRemember when I told you all that I was going to get the print version of Mystery of the Map’s graphic novel in my post about when it was just released? Well, I had gotten it and re-read it a few weeks ago. In case you’re wondering why I waited so long to tell you guys about this novel, it’s because I wanted to give a fair shot to the novel’s sales. After all, the novel is a source of revenue for the Creators, and money is needed to fund the game.

This post is here to highlight the differences between the original online version that was posted last year, and the newly updated printed version. I’ll tell you right off the bat that the plot is the same as well as the circumstances. However, there are a few differences that sometimes enhance or affect the graphic novel in other ways.

Be wary of spoilers ahead! If you haven’t bought the book, yet are able to, I recommend you buy it for yourself – it’ll support the Creators!

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Announcing the 2nd Poptropica graphic novel!

This post has been updated with new information.

Hey guys, Brave Tomato here with a bit of interesting news – graphic novel fans, hear me out!

So I decided to go on Barnes and Noble to pre-order the Mystery of the Map graphic novel (which is available March 1st). You know, standard “Add to Cart” and all that stuff. However, I decided to go ahead and look up “Poptropica” in the search bar of Barnes and Noble. As I scrolled down, I was met with a very interesting sight…

The release date, cover, and title of the next Poptropica graphic novel!

The Lost Expedition

The Lost Expedition.

Mya, Oliver, and Jorge are back, and have now arrived in a more arctic setting, as contrasted to their previous viking adventure. It’s written by Mitch Krpata (aka Hades), and Kory Merritt is back for illustration, of course.  According to the Barnes and Noble page, the release date is not until August 16, 2016. Plus, you can pre-order it now, along with the first book.

Unfortunately, other than these facts, there is no other information on this book.

Update: Plot twist! I actually just discovered a description for the plot of this book on the Amazon page for it! Here’s what the description reads:

In book two, The Lost Expedition, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge continue their search for home, with a few hilarious stops along the way. As the friends set sail for new sights, they find the evil Octavian is still hot on their trail, and he’s determined to get his hands on their magical map. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization is keen on expelling the three friends from Poptropica. As the pals travel, they find that each island is filled with its own unique brand of peril, and the mystery surrounding the map and Poptropica itself begins to unfold. Will our trio be able to once again outfox Octavian and discover the identity of this secret society?

A secret society. Expulsion from Poptropica. Peril. Mysteries unfolding. Identities. And a few obvious answers. Part of me wonders… this Society… would it be one that Octavian was once part of but then went rogue? And could Embed (the “Viking” Octavian tied up, and told the trio that they should be wary about Octavian) be a part of that society? Well, there’s only one way of officially finding out: play the waiting game.

BT out! 

Introducing the PoptropiComic!

Hi Gs,

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was starting a story driven comic centered around my Poptropican, Messy Sinker. I haven’t forgotten about that project, and if you keep up with my DeviantArt, you’ll know that the first few pages have been released there.


This comic won’t just be starring me, though! As before mentioned, a few other key community members will play large roles in the comic, and I think you guys will really enjoy the mixture of personalities. I have so much to cover in the comic – from Doodles to Time Keepers – and I’m splitting up these adventures into “books”. These books will be comprised of chapters, which will be comprised of pages. Here’s the thing: these chapters will have a lot of pages – 50 to 100 each – so the books will be pretty large. These stories will be larger than life. You can read the first pages below:

For the latest pages, keep watch on my DeviantArtI post them as soon as I finish them! I’ll be sure to publish some posts containing pages on here as well, once a few have been posted there. Also, there’s more to this story than just a comic. Stay tuned for more on that… 😉



Poptropica for Kindle Fires, DeviantArt, & the PoptropiCast!

Hi Gs,

Yes, finally the day has come: Poptropica is now legally and not bootlegged for Kindle Fire devices! Super excited for auto updates ❤ I’m really excited for that “Poptropica TV” update that’s happening sometime this week. At this point, I think all the major handheld devices have the Poptropica mobile app – except the *cough*Windows phone*cough*


My DeviantArt

But there’s more to discuss in this post! First of all – and I’m surprised I haven’t announced this sooner – but I created a DeviantArt a few months ago. You can go watch me (I’ll watch back!) and enjoy each other’s Poptropica art!


PoptropiCast Co-host competition

Remember the PoptropiCast? I really still want to do it, but without a co-host it’s going to be really difficult. Just as a test run, you can send in an audio submission of text of your choosing. Just read it and send it! (You can use Audacity to record it!)


As the graphic describes, you’ll need a good mic (nothing fancy) and a fluid voice (able to put words together) in order to be eligible. Send the submissions to andrewwilesinfo@gmail.com. I’ll select some possible co-hosts and we’ll go from there. (and yes, I plan to make a new logo. 😛 )

PoptropiComic details

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a comic for Poptropica – thanks to Ylimegirl for the name – and now it’s time to officially announce it. I can’t give any set dates, I’m just going to release it as I finish each panel. It’s a story driven comic with main characters Messy Sinker and Nice Demon (Nice Dragon’s new name) – possibly more eventually. Keep watch (heh) on my DeviantArt as I before mentioned for the first page!

poptropicomic1 copy

This has been my first combined update post in a while. :O Glad to be back.



Reign of Curls, Comics, Tweets and Zomberries!

Hello Poptropicans! Slippery here.

First of all, Poptropica has announced over Twitter that the concluding episode of PoptropiCon—Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon—will be released on March 19th for members and on April 9th for all. Just keep in mind that these dates are only tentative and may change. If you want more news about the final episode, check out the island page here on the PHB.

PopCon3-ScreensaverNext, Poptropica tweeted Popstorm #17! It’s all about curly hairs. Pretty awesome.

PopStorm 17Poptropica has also uploaded weeks 29 to 32 of the Poptropica Comics series (not to be confused with Mystery of the Map, which you can read in its entirety on the PHB’s Comics page!) and you can check them out on Funbrain! Oliver and Jorge will continue their adventures with the Veggiestein and the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Thanks to Fairy Tale for the tip!

popcomics2932Also, Poptropica revealed their plans for the app for this year. It includes multiplayer games, common rooms, and more items on the store.  And in case you haven’t heard yet, we can use our own accounts by the end of the year! Sounds exciting for me. Check out these tweets:

They also tweeted a couple of interesting Realms:

Last but not the least, Poptropica uploaded a brand new video and it features the Zomberries from Zomberry Island. They also tweeted that Poptropica Realms will receive an update with Zomberries in it! Hmm, very puzzling. Anyway, enjoy the video of these zomberries grooving on the funky beat of DJ Saturday Nite at the karaoke bar! Very funny.

That’s all of the updates! Hope y’all had fun. Any thoughts? 🙂