CYDI runner-up #6: Prehistoric Island

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced the 6th runner-up for Create Your Dream Island (CYDI) contest: Prehistoric Islandsubmitted by Sofia W. of Illinois!


At first I thought it wasn’t original; I thought it would be one of those islands that everyone sent in. But… this is different, and here’s why the Creators liked it:

The pitch: A paleontologist built a time portal to study living dinosaurs, but something went wrong and now dinosaurs are coming into the 21st century. Poptropicans must reassemble the time portal and send them back.

Why we liked it: Sofia wasn’t the only person to send us an idea about dinosaurs, but hers stood apart in two ways. First, she had the dinosaurs coming into the present day, which is a fun twist. Second, Sofia reached out to two real-life paleontologists, Jack Horner and Larry Witmer, to ask if she could include them as characters on her Island — and they both said yes! Way to go the extra mile, Sofia!

Wow! Reaching out to real life paleontologists – way to go, Sofia! Also, here’s a snippet of the interview with Sofia – you can read the whole thing on the Creators’ Blog.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?
Sofia: I came up with the idea for Prehistoric Island from my life-time love of dinosaurs and everything ancient.

Wow! This island would have been cool to have; even though dinosaurs have been suggested before, they’ve never actually been implemented into Poptropica. Also, Sofia, if you’re reading this, I’d like to interview you and get the full plot of your island! Congrats Sofia! 🙂


7 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up #6: Prehistoric Island”

      1. Nah it’s just that Cuddly Lion submitted an island similar to this one — ‘Jurassic Island’.

  1. I like the idea! It kind of sounds like my island Idea I sent to the 911 back in March.

  2. It reminds me of the movie “We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story” where dinosaurs come to our time and become friends with a young boy.

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