CYDI runner-up #4: House of Cards!

Hey everyone! This might be one of the best island ideas out of all of the Create Your Dream Island (CYDI) runner-ups, and it’s from a boy! 😀 This island, created by Joel B. of Ohio (also known as Giant Foot) is called House of Cards Island!


I personally thought that the plot was great and it sounds really entertaining–

In Card Kingdom, the Ace of Hearts has been stolen from the Heart Kingdom. The King and Queen of Hearts need your help to find it before there is a war.

Nothing more like Poptropica than seeing Poptropicans fighting in a war! xD Anyway, I’d say this is my favorite so far out of all the runner-ups. Here’s why the Creators liked the idea:

Joel’s vision of the “Card Kingdom” sounded like an incredibly fun place for us to design. He sent an additional sheet with several characters, as well as descriptions of the traits of each card suit. It was some impressive world building!

Sounds amazing! Here’s a snippet of his interview, which you can read on the Creators’ Blog.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?

Joel: My sister and I were jumping on the trampoline after the contest was announced, thinking up ideas for islands and House Of Cards was my favorite out of all of them.

How do you think of an idea on a trampoline?! That’s unique.

Overall, great idea! Joel, if you read this blog, I want to see more of your ideas! I think this island could have won, except that the name of this island is a famous TV show, so Poptropica probably didn’t want to get sued.

(UPDATE: Thanks for commenting here, Giant Foot! His username is Booch18 if you want to add him.) Anyway, that’s it! Cya!


33 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up #4: House of Cards!”

      1. after that whole shark boy sue-thing they probably didnt want to have to get rid of a whole island….

  1. Well, boys, you finally got what you wanted: a boy winner. 😛 Anyways, I like the idea behind House of Cards Island, and it would’ve been cool to play! Well, fighting in Poptropica isn’t all that new- with Legendary Swords being a prime example. Anyways, I feel that this island was very close to winning.

  2. I honestly would’ve wanted either (obviously) my entry or Fashion Crisis Island, because there’d be…so many costumes…*stares at ceiling for solid ten minutes* XD

  3. when i first saw it i was like “oh here we go another movie island with the alice and wonderland and the queen of cards or whatever” but i read it all and it was actually pretty cool!!! i wouldve liked this to be a real island!!!!

    1. Island, not movie. Alice in Wonderland (that correction wasn’t nesscary, it just ticked me off XD) and Queen of HEARTS. More like Queen of “Off With Their Heads”

  4. That sounds very interesting! I like that better than the girls islands actually… IM SORRY SUSAN B ANTHONY!!!!!!!!! Lol. I hope we get to play that, it sounds interesting. I CANT BELIEVE AN OHIOAN WAS A RUNNER UP!!! IM FROM OHIO!!!! O! H! I! O! Uh…. Sorry, overly excited XD

  5. Wow! Thanks for the great reviews! This is actually Joel (Giant Foot). I was looking for cheats to survival and came across this. Thanks again! Glad you liked my idea 🙂

    1. Congrats! You’re island idea has so far been my favorite. I would have loved to play it!

  6. This island sounds the coolest out of all of them, congrats Giant Foot! I hope they somehow make this into a future island. 😉

  7. Thanks everyone! Slanted fish, the prize packet was all the poptropica books. @samwow I made the full house of cards island in my head if you would like me to tell that. I will think of some new island to!!!

    1. Congrats Big Foot your island sound very awesome and I can’t believe your the second guy who got announced and comment in PHB just like Lone Heart aka Elphangor who got announce long time ago for have complete photo in his friend page.

  8. Sure, no prob! I’m pretty busy today, but I’ll email you as soon as possible. A special post about my island? Awesome, thank you!

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