CYDI runner-up #3: the Golden Mustache!

Hey everyone! The Creators have announced the third runner-up for the Create Your Dream Island (CYDI) contest (remember, they’re going by alphabetical order according to island name). Runner-up #3 is Golden Mustache Island by Emma T. of New Jersey, also known as Strange Goose!


In my opinion, I thought this island idea was corny – but very, very, unique! xD This was the pitch:

On Golden Mustache Island, people look for where the golden mustache is and who took it!

The idea is alright in my opinion, but it would be interesting to see how they’d make an island like this. Those mustaches, bro! :3 Here’s a snippet of the interview with Emma – you can read more on the Creators’ Blog.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?

Emma: I love mustaches and the 70s. I thought it would be more exciting if there was an idol/statue stolen from the mustachians (instead of Poptropicans 🙂

I hope they’ll feature a guy runner-up soon – I wonder if there’ll be any violent island ideas. xD


10 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up #3: the Golden Mustache!”

  1. I like the idea as well! It sorta sounds like the Wimpy Wonderland plot, but a lot more silly and creative — in fact it’s the first creative winning entry in my opinion, so congrats! 😀

  2. what is this like the Salvador Dali island (IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS THEN LOOK HIM UP)

    he has a very swiggity swag in a paper bag mustache.

  3. Looks like El Mustachio almost got a run for his money. O.o maybe the Creators only had it a runner up to prevent EMG from trying to steal that idol instead of the mustache monster XD … Well at least it’s… Creative.

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