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Cover of upcoming sticker book, new Pop-backgrounds, and embedding Poptropicans!

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Poptropica sticker book cover – conspiracy?

The Poptropica Sticker Book that I posted about a while ago now has a cover — a mighty fine one at that — and that’s pretty note worthy as it is. But, when I saw the cover, I immediately remembered a place where I had saw it before — laying on a table in a picture of a Poptropica party that the Creators threw 2 YEARS AGO!


How long has this thing been sitting on the Creator’s desk, waiting to be published? A long time. O.o What could have taken them so long to publish this book? Copyright issues? Or have they just not gotten to it? So many questions…


This supports some of my theories on Poptropica Books, however, one being the rumor (started by me) about a Night Watch Island book. If they just haven’t published them yet, then we could be having a lot of books that seem outdated or have been rumored for a long time.

Embedding Poptropicans into WordPress posts

For all you people who use WordPress (.com, of course), you may have wanted at some point to put your poptropican into a post. You go to the Poptropica Avatar Studio, you put in your username, then you copy the embed code that comes up. You put it into your post, and BAM! It… doesn’t come up. You see, for safety reasons (IDK what safety reasons, but whatever), WordPress does not allow you to use embed flash in posts or in WordPress in general.

There is a work-around, though, that lets me add my Poptropican to the bottom of this post. The work-around involves (manually) converting the script into a “Gigya Shortcode”. WordPress allows this type of code. But, it is a hassle, and you may not have the intellect to do it. So I did it for you. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Avatar Studio, and enter your username. When your character pops up, click “view link”.
  2. When you’re on the linked page, copy the url of it.
  3. Now, paste the link between the empty quotation marks in the following code: gigya src=”INSERT HERE” width=”169″ height=”236″
  4. There is one modification to the url you have to make. Change “avatar.html?” to “charEmbed.swf?”. Now, add [ and ] to the front and end of the code. You can also change the numbers (the unit is pixels) within the quotation marks to change the width/height of your embedded Poptropican.

And there you have it!  Your living, breathing Poptropican in your post/page!  I hope you find this helpful! 😀 You can also use this in the sidebar like Fishy did. 😉

New Poptropica backgrounds

While playing Zomberry Island recently, I noticed an awesome desktop background on the laptop of the disco dancer. I immediately wanted it, so I downloaded it and got a high quality shot, which you can download here. 😀


My friend Pixel took it a step further and personalized his background with his name in the center of it. You can make your own personalized background with PicFont or Pixlr Express, and maybe even add a few more things than just your name. ;)

I also made a new desktop wallpaper featuring minimal Dr. Hare and Shark Boy! It took me a while, and I hope you like it! 😀 You can separate icons using the different colored planes, maybe one for work and one for play, or different types of programs. I might update it in the future, so keep your eyes out for a new version. 🙂

main poptropica minimal background3

Applebees costumes & Avatar Studio card gone, while other Store items remain

First alerted by Pixel, the rare “Apple Pie costume” and the “Apple Powered Glasses costume” have been deleted! If you look at the items in your inventory, you’re presented with a blank poptropican with no costume. I personally don’t think it’s right to delete rare items that save to your inventory, as they should be kept (other wise they just look stupid in there).

Also, the “Avatar Studio” card has been removed from the Store, perhaps because of the Shark Boy on the front of the card. I wonder if they’ll re-upload it with Dr. Hare on the front, or maybe they’ll leave it forever gone, making it a rare gold card.


And speaking of rare items, you may have noticed that multiple items that were supposed to be deleted from the Store still show for some users. The Ringmaster Costume, Wrestling Gear, 6th Birthday Balloon, and Beta Tester Costume are all items that were scheduled to be deleted from the Store, but remain there to this day.

Advertisement: Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return

A new ad has popped up on islands (such as Skullduggery) featuring the upcoming movie Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. After watching the trailer, boys will be awarded with a Flying Monkey Costume (which is pretty awesome), and girls will be awarded a Toto Tote (also awesome).


You’re still reading? Impressive. 😛


25 thoughts on “Cover of upcoming sticker book, new Pop-backgrounds, and embedding Poptropicans!”

  1. Survial Isalnd has new photo try and check it out but one more thing if your a nonmember it will show the yellow thing that it will say you need membership to view it. If your a member your lucky to see it.
    Here the proof:

      1. I have a suggestion! use pixlr express. You can make the text a little transparent,so you can add the first letter of your name to the background,and make it transparent a bit.Then add a space overlay,and then add your name.Make the first letter of your name a different font,size,and color from the rest of your name. It’ll look awesome! plus,if you added other effects that you like,it’ll look even better!
        Here’s what I came up with:

      1. Oh wait, nvm, I just got the Flying Monkey Costume with my boy account and now I hereby announce that the Toto Tote is better!!! 😛 It’s cute! :3

  2. I know this comment is a bit late, 😛 but I think the creators designed the picture before they even considered adding it as a magazine cover. I mean, you can’t see any of the magazine’s details in the photo, and the notion that they would leave it years before it is published, seems silly to me 😛 ~Tikal

  3. I bought the avatar studio card a long time ago and now the card show Master Mime avatar 😮

    1. Try replacing the quotation marks – WordPress automatically replaces regular ones with curly ones. Just copy the code and paste it in NotePad, retype the quotation marks and it’ll work great. 😀

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