Mythology Island

Mythology Island SUI now available for members!


“Aren’t you gonna pick it?”

“It’s just an apple! How hard could it be?”

“Just ignore the tree carving that says ‘Beware the Fruit’ with lightning bolts around it- some greedy kid might’ve put it there.”

“You want to live forever, don’t you? Be like one of the mighty Olympians up on Mt. Olympus, don’t you? Well then pick the golden apple, mortals, and mortals you will be no more.”

We all know where these bribes are leading us to: trouble with a divine encounter.

Just in time for its 4-year anniversary, the classic 12th island, Mythology Island, is now available for members, and it’ll release to the public next week! The Creators have uploaded a new version of the trailer video to reiterate the fact that it’s now in sound. If you need help on the island, you can find the PHB’s guide here!

Be careful, Poptropicans- as you know, you’re gonna get into a lot of trouble in this island.


Well, now that I’ve played the Mythology SUI, what do I think of it?

It was… very satisfying. I found the music to fit…usually.

For example, I’m curious as to why the music didn’t change for a moment when Zeus took the 5 sacred items from you. I’m kinda left awkwardly staring as he took them as the soothing music  played in the background. Yeah…

Anyways, about the most notable changes in gameplay…

  • The Red Eyed Snake Puzzle: It’s easier! Cue the rejoicing! *YAY!* Now, the snakes come up in groups instead of individually, the red eyed snake somewhere in those groups. This allowed me to finish that puzzle much easier…
  • The River Styx: Five words – everything is in slow motion. Also, there’s a new way to avoid the flaming skulls- you wait for it to dive into you and then you jump. Although it took me a while to get used to it, I found it easier
  • The Battle vs. Zeus: Wow, what a change. O.o. The first thing you’ll notice as the epic music is blaring in your ear is the fact that the camera is close up, unlike in the original Mythology Island. Also, unfortunately, due to this closeup, it’s gotten harder to track down Zeus. Here’s a tip: listen to the sounds to know what attack Zeus is doing. If it has an electrical traveling sound, that means he’s got that invisibility blockade on him right now.

Overall, I found the experience to be quite enjoyable- I’m pleased to see that the Zeus battle wasn’t glitchy as I feared it would be, and I’m happy with the result. As I had said when the first preview came out, I am saying hello to a new beginning.

25 thoughts on “Mythology Island SUI now available for members!”

  1. I’m glad the red-eyed snake puzzle is easier! That, for me, was the most frustrating part of the island – even knowing what to do, actually doing it used to be so difficult. 😛

      1. I just got back this morning… And I see. o-o

      2. whats ur username cuddly lion??

        ps. hes not customise-able anymore…… i tried and it didnt work :/

    1. heres a tip:
      you go up to zeus bfor he turns all lightning-y

      then you keep clicking on him

      you will beat him really quickly if you just keep clicking on him

  2. I think this SUI made a great turnout. Especially when the red snake eyed puzzle came around, they made it easier for us. Maybe if Nabooti island becomes an SUI they will make mancala easier…

  3. Survial Isalnd has new photo try and check it out but one more thing if your a nonmember it will show the yellow thing that it will say you need membership to view it. If your a member your lucky to see it.

  4. I was sad when the pipe tune played. I was expecting it to be better but the original had better sound

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