Mythology Island

Mythology SUI is coming out tonight or tomorrow!

UPDATE: The new Mythology SUI will be coming out for members tomorrow, and to all next week!

(Don’t worry, non-members — it’s not much different than the original Mythology, and you’re not missing out on much. I hope it doesn’t become a regular occurrence though. 😦 )

Hi everyone! Something’s up with the upcoming Mythology SUI, because if you change the URL of the player map, you can now find the new player map! (No one has completed it yet, though 😛 )

mythology player map

You can find the uncompleted Mythology SUI medallion in your medallions list as well — note that the original Mythology medallion is still there — will we be keeping both the CPI (classic pop islands) and SUI island medallions?


Lastly, they’ve uploaded the advertisement for Mythology Island saying that it’s online, although you won’t be able to view it from the in game home page.


It could be coming out tonight (the Time Tangled SUI came out at 8pm UTC), but it also could come out tomorrow. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Mythology SUI is coming out tonight or tomorrow!”

  1. No. D: I hate when islands come out during when I’m away. ._.

  2. It’s tomorrow. Tommorow, tomorrow tomorrow… Holy cow, it’s tomorrow…

    *goes over to a corner and huddles, having flashbacks from when she was 11*

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