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Popspiracy: Are Poptropicans plants? 🥗 Anatomy and eating habits may hold clues

Hey there! Purple Paw back here again, this time with… ah, yes, a closer look at our Poptropican’s insides! Um, excuse me… ahem. That wasn’t a very good introduction. Maybe I should try again.

Nabooti is a strange place. It has viruses and inside-out people.

The question of Poptropicans’ eating habits—and how it ties into their anatomy—was brought up recently on the PHC Discord. It’s something I hadn’t considered much before, but thinking about it now, I wonder why I never did.

Eating is something that every living being does—including Poptropicans. How do I know this? Well, the answer is simple—we see our avatars eating throughout the islands! I can think of a few: Wimpy Wonderland, Escape from Pelican Rock, Survival Ep. 2 (Hook, Line & Sinker) and Survival Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever).

Poptropicans have their share of meals, but not always willingly.

There’s also a big indicator of eating on Virus Hunter Island. As clearly shown on an anatomy chart, Poptropican people have stomachs. And they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t serve a purpose! When you enter Joe Stockman’s stomach, you can even see the chewed-up food he previously ate… yuck.

And it’s clear that Poptropicans must eat plenty of healthy food. How else would they be able to perform the jumping, climbing, swimming, running, flying, and countless other  physical activities they’re asked to do in every single island? Food gives energy and strength, and without it, Poptropicans wouldn’t be nearly as quick or strong. In fact, they wouldn’t be there at all without food! (That is, if they can be qualified as normal beings…)

Up, up and away!

So, you’re most likely thinking by this point, “Well, that’s that then. The question is answered; Poptropicans eat.” But alas, there’s a catch. Something that often leaves me stumped about Poptropican anatomy: Poptropican people don’t have necks. This is one of the most noticeable features of a Poptropican, and one that seems to defy, well, science. How is it possible that a Poptropican’s head could float freely above their shoulders, with nothing connecting it to the rest of their body? How can food reach their stomachs without a neck to pass through?

This official Poptropica anatomy wallpaper shows an absence of necks.

After some sleuthing, I found an important clue on Virus Hunter Island. Anybody who’s managed to fight their way through this tough island will remember traveling up the inside of a neck to reach Joe Stockman’s mouth. Hm, so there is something connecting a Poptropican’s head to the rest of their body… but then how come we never see our Poptropicans’ necks? Is there something making them invisible

What’s connecting the Poptropican’s head to its body?

And another question arises: would food alone be enough to give Poptropicans the energy to jump off buildings and lift boulders, among other seemingly superhuman feats? Is there something missing?

Maybe the final piece of the puzzle can be found in a theory Tall Cactus recently suggested on the PHC. Her idea is that Poptropicans are not people, but a very advanced species of plant. Plantropicans! And—all previous indicators of Poptropicans consuming food aside—she proposes that Poptropicans photosynthesize; meaning that light passes through their invisible plant-stem necks, resulting in plenty of energy. So instead of eating food to keep active, Poptropicans are constantly soaking up the sun, and are always gathering more energy. It’s certainly an interesting theory. 

Though it is slightly absurd, I quite like this idea. It provides an unexpectedly fitting explanation for Poptropicans’ unseen necks as well as their strange and infrequent diets. Yes, I suppose I do think that the reason Poptropicans’ necks are invisible is because they are plants. Wondering what I mean? To fully understand this, let’s take a look at another important clue from Virus Hunter… the size of a Poptropican’s neck.

As Dr. Lange states, when you enter Joe Stockman’s body, you’re nano-sized. In other words, you’re very, very small. And I’m assuming your ship isn’t much bigger. And yet, when you attempt to steer your way up the inside of the neck, your ship tells you that the passage is too narrow; it can’t fit through. Your nano-sized ship is too big. What could this mean? Poptropicans’ necks are miniscule. So small, we can’t even see them!

You may be thinking, “So how does that tie into the theory that Poptropicans are plants?”

That’s just it: I believe that Poptropicans’ necks are so tiny because they’re plant stems. When I first realized how this fits, I actually googled if there was such a thing as an invisible plant stem. Disappointingly, there is not; but there is a type of plant with stems so small, they’re described as “almost invisible.” Since their stem necks are so thin and short, nobody would ever know they were there, unless they looked closely under a magnifying glass. Tall Cactus also adds that this is why Poptropicans’ heads bob up and down: yours would too, if it was supported by just a small stem! This could also be why Poptropicans’ arms and legs are so skinny; they must be stems too, just thicker and stronger. Given all that evidence, it’s becoming less difficult to imagine Poptropicans evolved from plants… 

Did Poptropicans evolve from plants?

So, if Poptropicans do photosynthesize, it could mean that they don’t need food; they have more energy than normal people because they’re constantly collecting it from the sun! That explains all the deserted eateries across the islands… but we can’t forget how many times we have seen Poptropicans eating. They must have some method of digesting human food as well as sunlight (aka plant food). But just what those methods are might be slightly too gross to write about here, so perhaps it’s best to save what’s unspoken for another day. But feel free to share any theories you’ve thought up in the comments!

Plants are just one idea, but I’m sure there are many other interesting explanations for Poptropicans’ diets, necks (or lack thereof), and other anatomical features. (There are also probably plenty of loopholes in this theory left unmended…) Will the mystery of the Poptropican anatomy ever truly be solved? We have yet to know…

Eat up?

Purple Paw 💜


24 thoughts on “Popspiracy: Are Poptropicans plants? 🥗 Anatomy and eating habits may hold clues”

  1. sorry but no. that is absolutely absurd. you see Poptropicans doing all sorts of whims plants could never do. have you watered your poptropican today? I think not. My theory, on the other hand, is completely plausible. The Poptropicans creators were trying to scare the kids by refusing to give Poptropicans visible necks. This way, it would then be considered ‘normal’ by everyone, thus making Poptropicans designing easier and making the poptropicans fun without there being a disturbing tube of flesh

    1. My idea was that Poptropicans are an extremely advanced species of plant; advanced enough that they wouldn’t need to be watered as ordinary plants do. They wouldn’t set down permanent roots either, so they could move very easily. (Perhaps they were mutated to become this way, like the Steamworks plants.)

      Although, yes, the simple answer is probably just design tactics. It’s still fun to think up what other explanations there could be, though. 🙂

  2. Is there an explanation of why Poptropicans can fall off of buildings and not break their legs (ex: Super Power island) but can’t fall off of cliffs (ex: Survival island ep. 1)?

  3. Tbh I don’t like this theory because personally I feel like it’s kinda obvious that poptropicans aren’t plants, but regardless great post, and great depth in reasoning!

  4. Clearly poptropicans have wormholes at the back of their throat and the beginning of the esophagus, both connected. The floating head and acrobatic skills are obviously signs that planet poptropica has slightly less gravity than irl earth, thus its species evolved to have floating heads.

  5. While I think this is a very great theory, with very great reasoning, I honestly think the real reason that Poptropican people don’t have necks is because the original creators wanted the character designs to be simple and cartoony. Though I cannot explain all of the eating portions of the game. 🍽+🚫neck=🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ignore that awkward explanation with emojis. XD Apparently there’s no emoticon for necks…

  6. You missed one important thing. Poptropicans performed flips after not eating for 13 days (or more) on pelican rock jail. There was little sunlight there, so they probably aren’t plants. Thet live on planet poptropica, so maybe people there are very strong and can live without food for years? Or they are like robots or something. idk.

      1. if poptropicans are supposed to be advanced plants, and they can survive without nutrients for extended amounts of time (as the post outlined), then i’m sure they can survive without several days of sunlight

      2. I can’t believe you actually think this theory is plausible. Since when do plants develop into mammals?

  7. I had thought that for the reasons of excess energy, floating heads, and infrequent (but proportionally huge amounts at a time) eating (among many others), Poptropicans are actually a species of artificial humanlike being that yes, could be powered by sunlight (although maybe it’s actually the blimp that makes them near-invincible to starvation, dehydration, and cold – like in the Survival islands where the blimp has in fact been destroyed and suddenly your poptropican needs food and warmth, although notably still not water). I could submit a guest post about that if you want, and cite Poptropica Worlds as more evidence of poptropicans being assembled out of various parts and much like animate, customizable crash test dummies. Might ruin someone’s day though, that their avatar is somewhere between Tall Cactus’s robot theory and Olaf the Disney snowman.

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