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The Anatomy of a Poptropican yields the confirmation of Reality TV Island?


On the Creators’ Blog, Shark Boy releases 2 new wallpapers; showing off the structure of the Poptropican Anatomy.
The backgrounds of these desktop decorations also prove that Reality TV Island is still coming out!

Grab your pens and papers because these new wallpapers will teach you something.

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I thought I should start off with some good news! We just have achieved the amazing 1.7 million hits mark! Yay! *hands out cookies*



Today, Shark Boy gave us two brand new spiffy backgrounds! It seems the princess from Astro Knights and the spy from… Spy Island have both taken the job of teaching Poptropican anatomy (which comprises of only 8 parts) to you anatomy-challenged kids. Also, these backgrounds can be used as a reference to how to draw Poptropicans. But, we already have you covered.

However, the main news isn’t just about Poptropican anatomy (although it is important for you whippersnappers to know).  In the background of this background (o_O) is what appears to be the Reality TV Island cast! Could this be a hidden easter egg made by the creators to let us know that Reality TV Island hasn’t fallen to the same fate of Monster Carnival Island? Most likely (in which case you should be jumping up and down screaming, “WOOT! I CAN FINALLY SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT BECAUSE I KNOW THAT REALITY TV IS COMING OUT! =D”). We now know some of the characters of Reality TV Island because of this. Along with these two sneak peeks (here and here), we know that there is a hippie (yay for hippie guy!), lawyer, librarian, music lover, fast food guy (?), action hero (?), snooty girl with small dog (LOL), ex-convict from da hood (?), fancy dude, explorer, goth girl, aerobics instructor, artist, cheerleader, and a teacher. Quite a diverse amount of characters. Be sure to check these backgrounds full-size at

Thanks for helping with the discovery of Mr. Hippie Dude in the background, Muddydragon!

On a completely unrelated note, I was looking through my old images of Poptropica and I found this:


I’m not sure if this has been posted before, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless! It’s neat to see the evolution of item names. I think Multiverse is way better than Friend Connector. =D Please don’t forget to check out the posts below! You know you can’t resist clowns, an unreleased quiz game, and Webosaurs. 😉 Hope to see all of you around! ^^



64 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Poptropican yields the confirmation of Reality TV Island?”

  1. WOOT! Any way sounds realy cool guys 🙂 I wonder how long till it comes out? Maybe there gonna surprise and keep us from knowing until it comes out!Maybe its a surprise party!!!!!!

  2. YAY!! Smockers is posting!
    Thank gosh, RTV Island is coming out. YAY!
    And lol, “The spy from… Spy Island.”

      1. I only need to do the Fire Planet and Mordred battle. I’ve seen a video of the Mordred Battle. It looks pretty easy… I tried it mentally, but I figured I would need a nice guide (that shows) to finish it. Well, since I haven’t finished the Fire Planet, I used the link.

      2. the first version of the Mordred battle was almost glad they made it ten times easier

  3. LOL. I am waiting to costimize the snooty girl with her dog… But I don’t like pink… PHOOEY. Da hippie guy rox my sox! Hippie guy is so cool that he can grin while phrasing a sentence…

  4. Yay! RTV might be coming! At least theres still a hope!! And Lol its the secretary not the spy. But spy from Spy is still funny! 😆 Dont correct it; i dont want u 2 change it! 😆

  5. one day on I saw a thing of poptropica I clciked on that awesome picture and I fell into a new world it was poptropica planet I coudn’t smell here but my feet hurt to I didn’t have color in my eyes and Iwas crying my name was creepy monter how… odd I won allthe places and when its night I turn back to normal but I could hear and and smell I went on a new island ak and won it…

  6. Smockers,not all kids are Anotomy-challenged!Kids can be just as smart as adults are.When RTV comes out Im gonna play it in celebration for its realease!Lol,spy from…Spy Island.!Funny one Smockers!Im going crazy for RTV!Im going to play Poptopica for the rest of my life!The new Clown costume in the store really scares me.But I have something to say to everyone who`s afraid of clowns.There not evil!

  7. Ppl, not to be anoying, but what if theyre just planning to release a hippie costume in the store?

    ST: That isn’t likely, since some Reality TV sneak peeks from Poptropica show the hippie. Click here to see an example.

  8. that doesn’t mean anything. maybe they just wanted to use the RTV characters? I’m just saying, don’t get your hopes up, they took it off the map….

  9. I can’t wait for RTV. I kept telling my friends I thought it was not going to be published. I have to tell my friend!!!! Cookies and Cake for all!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Since when was it ever not coming out?

    ST: The Creators took Reality TV Island off the map, so people thought there was a possibility that RTV might not be released.

  11. I didn’t think it was coming out because it wasn’t on the get e-mailed thing, there was a white spot on the poptropica map one day adn the next it was gone and because there was a poll but the day the white spot went away so did the poll. I’m so exicted since I’ve beat all of the other Islands.

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