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Clowning Around with Costumes

ClowningAroundPostClowns! Are you afraid of them? Or do you love their funny ways? Well we hope that you’re not afraid because The PHB has uncovered some new Costumes planned to be released into the store this summer!
Gather your Poptropica credits because you’re going to love what’s planned for you.
[Credits to Codien for finding them :P]

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New costumes will be released into the Poptropica Store constantly this summer.  But are you itching to find out what they will be? Luckily enough Codien managed to track down some info on what is planned to come out.ClownCostume
This is our exclusive sneak peek on upcoming costumes.

We can confirm that there will be a clown costume coming out this summer. (If not this summer then it will eventually come out in the store.)

The Poptropican to right is what the costume will kinda look like. While it was created by Codien (It’s cool ain’t it!) the only things that is real on it is the red-green top and the frill around its neck. We do hope that the clown costume comes out with a red nose and a colorful wig.
And if you’re wondering; Yes, Codien did forget to put pants on it.

 The next costume that Codien found was a Fireman’s costume. Complete with a yellow-orange fire protective top, a fire extinguisher that you carry around, and hopefully it will come with an awesome hat (we cannot confirm this.)

Other items you might find soon are soom wickedcool 3D glasses, and you might even see some monkeys swinging around the store. Besides these finds there will be more brought out that even we do not know about.

I hope that craves your want for more costumes! If you can’t wait, better buy the all-new Renegade Robot outfit that’s in the Poptropica Store now! Thanks for the update, Green Seal. It’s like the upgraded version of the original silver Renegade Robot: this new one is golden, has a green body instead of blue, and most amazing of all…

It’s the first time Poptropica has released an outfit in their store that will only be available for a limited time! So buy it while you can, because it will be gone by August 16, 2009! After it’s gone, those who have it will own a really rare costume, because it probably won’t appear again.

The special effect is awesome. By pressing the space bar, the robot’s normally-blue eyes will flash red and its gun will reach out to shock nearby Poptropicans with a dazzling blue beam.Get this limited edition product before the clowns get you!

Or, if the clown outfit isn’t coming to the Poptropica Store, could Ned Noodlehead (Comic Kid) show us where all these colors are coming from in an old sneak peek? Check out this post from February 2009:

Well, we don’t know where all those cool wigs and hats came from… would the clowns have something to do with this?

113 thoughts on “Clowning Around with Costumes”

  1. Wow! That’s cool! How you people get this exclusive information/pictures/sneak peaks/, I will never know…

  2. Yeah… acctually, I’m kinda afraid of all of them except for Ronald McDonald and my brother… 😆
    I won’t beable to buy that thing, either. I blew all my credits yesterday. But I’m happy with what I have!


    1. that would be cool…underwear pants!!!

      Codien: Actually there is underwear pants in Poptropica. Go to Early Poptropica Island and down inside the well the person with a rubber floating device has underwear on.

      1. I think he/her ment underwear like how ned noodle head has after you finish the island

  3. C-clowns? I’m afraid of clowns, and they could be roaming Poptropica? Oh the horror! I thought I escaped them years ago! Now they’re following me! Noooo!!!

    1. Noooo!!!!!!!! C-c-clowns? In pop-p-ptropic-c-a? I c-can’t b-b-bear it! Oh the h-horror!

      Golden Eagle, I think U and I have something in common – we both think clowns are creepy (not to mention dey have heppititis!).

      1. i’m scared of clowns almost as much as i’m scared of God punishing me PLEASE POPTROPICA CREATORS!PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!! PLEASE GOD MAY BLESS YOU IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS! PLEASE!!!!!


      3. EEEEEEE! I am Afraid of Clowns. (Clowns in Real Life That is) That Clown on Poptropica is Kinda Cute. Its Obvious that The Super Special Action for the Fireman is Turning in the Hose. I Hope that Clown can Juggle Balls for Boys and Bowling Pins For Girls. Very, Very Belivable.

      1. Cause they freak us out!I went to a circus to see a few clowns,they look like freaks!

      2. Im not scared. Clowns are weird, in my opioin. Thats why I hate clowns, there weird and the makeup they put on is weird, in my opioin.

    2. C c c CLOWNS!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAH!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!Please this can NOT be happening (screams like little girl 1,000,000 times)

  4. WOW!! Clowns and firefighters? 3D Glasses and Monkeys? Those seem like an unlikely group to be released in a store but its possible in Poptropica! 😆 And i wonder y they released a Limited Edition costume?

    1. I am scared of them, too! They’re so creepy, with their big, red noses, their painted faces, their dum jokes…

      Once I met a clown on the street holding a heart balloon, and he said to me, “Would you like my heart?” So do you know what I did? I punched him in the stomach, and kept right on walking, as the people cheered for me.

      Well, clowns are creepy, and you’ll hafta live with it, Poptropicalthun-dah.

      Smart Berry out!

      1. Just Like Mimes. EW! Mimes and Clowns. Read the Catagories or whatever it is on the top Where it Says “Posted by Codien under… PHB SNEAK PEEKS!” Does This Mean the PHB Sneak peeks are back because I Hope so with all my Heart! I ❤ the PHB Sneak Peeks!

      1. im not afraid either 😐 whats so scary about a guy with a big nose, shoes and a wig?

    1. Exactly what I thought, at first. 😉
      But bottling up your dreams and ideas isn’t good, exspecialy when you want to acchive them.

      1. B..but they have such BIG bug-eyes, the better to see you with- and such fakey flowers-the better to drench you until you’re miserable-and such big fake smiles-the better to eat you with- clowns are the ultimate horror. Why do you think kids are clowns for Halloween? Get a comedian. Theu wear less makeup.

  5. Hmm, looks like a few of you appear to have Coulrophobia, better known as, fear of clowns, for more info about it go to:, also,if you are not scared of clowns, go to this link: 😈 note, that was used as a joke, sorry if i scared anyone, also, this link is for Golden Eagle: 😆 I posted this to make a clear point of a few phobias, just trying to help 😉

    1. Off Topic: My Coulrophobia,

      Haunted Houses
      Roller Coasters

      They All Just FREAK Me Out!

      On Topic: I Bought the Electrify and the New Limited Edition Robot and Put them On At the Same Time and When I Pressed the Space Bar its the Same Colour as Your Electrifyer!

  6. I really like the clown you made Codien! So cool! Even if that’s not exactly what the costumes will look like it still looks like something I would where!

    1. he is a Teeny Beeny Babies Toy! Anyway back on topic. I am planning to make a new account and buying the golden robot.

    1. i know but he is kind of funny. Remember when the tree branch grabbed him and he flung up high in the air? he he.

  7. I found out something! If you have the new renegade robot gun, and if you have electrify, use your electrify and hold the gun, depending on your electrify colour the laser coming out of the gun will be that colour! Try it! It works!

    1. There’s a fear of CHINS! And getting peanutbutter stuck to the roof of your mouth! (I have to be careful of that one cause I just got a pallet exapander in) LOOK IT UP!

  8. The beam of the gun can also be whatever color electrify you have! I’m shooting pink beams at everyone! 🙂

  9. A lot of people are saying they’re scared of clowns because they look like freaks. SO what? Hasn’t anyone heard of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”I don’t like clowns because… of the story of the Clown doll. Ugh!

  10. Darn it! super power beat me!

    ST: It’s not a race, and besides it’s considered off-topic to be talking about new PCB updates if the post isn’t about that particular update.

    1. Codien why are you leaving the blog anyways??? Its sad to see you go off to the wilderness of Poptropica ‘Sigh’ It was much more better with you Codien Farewell Codien Hope your future is bright!

      PEACE! Fierce Wing out!

      P.S I’m a girl not a boy just to let you know (;

  11. I don’t like them because they do this weird stuff! And they look like freaks! And they make dolls that KILL YOU! *shudders*

  12. OH MY PUDDING!!!
    *gulps* Clowns are in the store.
    😥 Why? Why? I can’t take it! I like this clown better than the one in the store…
    I thought I got away from them years ago!
    They’re FOLLOWING ME!!!!

  13. Sooo…things with Ned Noodlehead have changed so far. Ned is visiting Bobo’s Clown Store at Counterfeit Island. I wonder if he’s going to quit his job at the Comic Shop at Super Power Island. LOL. Hahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  14. B..but they have such BIG bug-eyes, the better to see you with- and such fakey flowers-the better to drench you until you’re miserable-and such big fake smiles-the better to eat you with- clowns are the ultimate horror. Why do you think kids are clowns for Halloween? Get a comedian. They wear less makeup. Well anyways clowns are terrifing ‘Shivers’ Oooooo scary! ‘Laughs’ Heh,heh ‘Starts crying’ Waaaah I want my mum! Scary,meanie,makeup clowns! Waaaaah! PEACE!

  15. ~~Clowns are NOT scary! You guys are just pumped out about “IT”. Clowns are just regular people at circus’s wearing makeup! It is true. Clowns just put makeup on, funny clothes on, and a tomato/rubber ball on their nose. I repeat. CLOWNS ARE REGULAR PEOPLE WITH MAKEUP ON.

    Hope I solved your problems, peeps!

    Yours NOMsErLy,
    Popular Wing. :3

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