Quizzing For a New Game?

Post - New Quiz GameWe track down some amazing new things about Poptropica that other blogs have found before us, but are generously contributing their news with the rest of the Poptropica community.

From a loyal PHB reader’s blog by MonkeyTacoz we find some news on a new game called ‘Quiz Game’  that will be coming out soon to Poptropica! And we uncover the truth on the Cat/Dog Glitch from Poptropical Thunder’s Blog that will cause you to go barking mad!

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The Quiz Game

 After learning that there’s so many more islands coming out from yesterdays post, do you feel like you want to explode with so many questions about when they are coming out? Well, Poptropica has answered, but not with an answer, but with a question. The Quiz Game.

The latest and greatest new game soon to be released has been uncovered (or as they like to call it: Caught and Exposed) by a loyal PHB reader’s blog by MonkeyTacoz. The awesome new game was descovered by his pal Sephiroth. These amazing never before seen images were found by him in his first new chapter of uncovering glitches and secrets in Poptropica. Caught and Exposed!

The game works like this: You verse a Poptropica like your self in a quiz. You sit behind a stand and 5 catergories appear above your heads. Once a catergory is chosen it will ask you a question and then a series of answers will appear. The person with the most answers right wins.

On the main screen of the game it says:
“It’s time to use your brain power! Take turns selecting categories, then answer the question that’s shown.”

We would like to thank MonkeyTacoz and 01sePhIroTHx10 (Sephiroth; AKA Deathstalker) for letting us use there awesome post.

You can view their wicked and cool blog here:



The Cat and Dog Glitch

*I must mention that this glitch has been fixed.

A while ago i was searching the internet for the latest things on Poptropica. And i came across a certain Poptropica blog that was run by over 15 authors! But this certain blog had found a certain glitch that made my heart skip a beat.
For a long time i’ve been wondering where on earth everyone was getting these new dog ears and mouths. Well look no futher. On their blog it had the answer.

They had found the Cat/Dog glitch.

The credits to the glitch go to Blue Shield and Cool Fly who work over at the Poptropical Thunder blog. They showed us just how easy it was to customize a cat or a dog.



Well there is no point in me to tell you how the glitch worked because it doesn’t work anymore. But you can read all about it at there site: http://poptropicalthunder.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/cat-costumize/


A few days ago Prickly Paw, also known as Anag, was causing a lot of trouble by forcing some PHB staff to be part of his blog even though they never wanted to. With the help of a great friend who prefers to remain nameless, Prickly Paw’s evil site has been deleted from the internet. Don’t make the same mistake yourself.

If you’re bored, take a look at the How to draw a Poptropican page released a couple days ago or download our official PHB toolbar to receive the latest news updates!

74 thoughts on “Quizzing For a New Game?”

  1. I think I’m pretty sure who it is….anyway, I’m happy that it’s gone. Anag’s already made me angry too many times.
    The quiz game looks awesome! The dog and cat glitch was too, it was sad that it was fixed.

  2. The nameless poptropican is golden eagle I chatted with her on chatango yesterday.

    ST: No, it’s someone else. He prefers to remain nameless because he does not want Prickly Paw to find out that he shut down Prickly’s blog.

      1. Hehe…..on Chatango I talked about revenge, and recommended to Nameless Dude that he shut his blog down if he keeps being disrespectful, mean, and rude.

  3. I am very happy about all of this! Even though the glitch doesn’t work, well, at least some of up have the cat stuff, and you can go in the Multiverses and Muliplayer rooms to look.
    Prickly Paw deserved to have his blog shut down, But I’ll never reveal who deleted it. How I know is because ST was on the chatbox for our blog, and he told us.
    IF YOU KNOW, KEEP IT SECRET. They added you, ST, Gazek, and Golden Eagle.
    Prickly Paw is however Anag, the topic roburst that he was ‘Avatar_Anag’ on the PHB chatbox.
    However, he didn’t use the horrible un-vibrant words from the PHF chatbox, which I wouldn’t really like to share…

    1. Yes u wouldnt! It was horrible! Motion banned him from there BTW thank goodness! And u have 24 authors?! Y?

      Awesome! I would love to play the Quiz Game when it comes out!

    2. you do not know how sad pp is. The Nameless dude shut down his own work! Why is everybody being mean to Prickly Paw? How would you feel? It’s a good thing he created another blog.

  4. anag!you said you were going to be good!i even told motion man to unbann you!and now your going to get banned forever!

  5. I know who deleted anags blog! im not telling! but, I have heard anag stole grumpy wolf’s poptropica account and faked him…up[rickly paw is anag right well im not sorry anag your probally a bullie you deleted most of my blogs! exept for one I was sir.monster on your blog and you fired me! anag/prickly paw grumpy wolf is gonna be bored the rest of his life I miss grumpy teerable 😥 😥

    1. how do you even know anag stole grumpy wolfs acount!

      ST: Nobody, not even Anag, stole Grumpy Wolf’s account. Grumpy gave his account to the PHB to let us give it away to whoever won a contest for it. We still have Wolf’s account details, and the contest will be held soon.

    2. I know Anag (Prickly Paw) was mean in many ways, but nobody caused Grumpy Wolf to quit. Do not blame ANYONE for Wolf’s choice, please.

      Grumpy Wolf decided by himself that he wanted to resign. No one asked him to, nor did anyone do something bad that caused him to. GW chose his actions himself.

      1. No, you don’t SF. It might seem like everyone makes up sometimes, but other times, you’ll never make up, you never can make up.
        I know this too well, but i’m not admitting why to anyone.

      2. SERIOUS FOX, don’t you know how the PHB authors feel? They had to spend extra time dealing with it. They couldn’t make any posts. Maybe they had a post to make in their mind, but then forgot because of this!!! Think of it. Who would like it if they were forced to be an author of a blog? Maybe they don’t want to do too much work. Maybe they don’t want to make so many posts, then get their posts edited and deleted.

        Sorry if this is too offencive.


  6. how do you guys know that Prickly Paw is Anag?

    ST: I met Prickly Paw on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chatroom; PHB chat) and asked him if he and Anag were the same person. He admitted that they were, and he was using different names.

  7. i feel sorry for Prickly Paw.

    ST: So do a lot of us. Despite being given many chances to improve, Prickly Paw kept being rude to lots of people. We are hoping that removing Paw’s blog will help him learn to obey the rules.


      ST: Please don’t type with all capital letters, and don’t debate about this here. This post is about an upcoming quiz game, not arguments.

      1. You think blacklisting is the best soultion to everything, don’t you? Honestly, I am not ammused.

        Sorry for commenting so much…

  8. Please don’t advertise blogs in the wrong spot. You should go to the Directory.
    I found out that Prickly Paw was Anag, since I saw ‘Avatar_Anag’ on the chatbox, and his WordPress username was PricklyPaw.

    And he lied. We were chatting on the Staff Page, and Golden Eagle said that if Prickly Paw was Anag, he didn’t deserve to be on my blog.

    And Prickly Paw said that he wasn’t Anag, which he actually was.

    *Sigh* I hate liars.

    And Prickly also added me without permission, and it was on the old Prickly Paw blog, so I demanded him to take me off, but WordPress automatically removed me when the blog got deleted.

    He was getting really annoying, so I hope that he refreshes his actions and starts clean.

    Lets not hope that we’ll go through this “Blog deleting” again.

  9. Prickly Paw has a new site. I plan to join it as an admin istrator and then delete it 😎 I asked to join but it just keeps saying “your comment is waiting moderation’ It’s been like that for days!

    1. Good Idea. He threatened to DESTROY Poptropical Thunder’s Blog! And he said he hates everyone at Poptropical Thunder’s Blog. Wait, can I join in on your plan. I’m normally not like this, but he totally deserves it. What’s the link?

      1. I’ll be part of this plan. Let’s not hope PP sees these comments…
        I will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER add PP to my blog again. Since he threatened to destroy it, I don’t trust him even 1%. He might delete it. And I don’t even trust him as a contributor, or anything.

  10. More about Anag, he acctually threatened to kill me. 😦

    I think the randomnes chat thing should be taken down. Who’s with me?

    1. For now, I’ll keep the Randomness chat tab, but if it really gets out of hand, I might make my own so that I can add moderators to ban people who abuse the chatroom.

      Also, let’s get back on topic. 😉

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