Quizzing For a New Game?

Post - New Quiz GameWe track down some amazing new things about Poptropica that other blogs have found before us, but are generously contributing their news with the rest of the Poptropica community.

From a loyal PHB reader’s blog by MonkeyTacoz we find some news on a new game called ‘Quiz Game’  that will be coming out soon to Poptropica! And we uncover the truth on the Cat/Dog Glitch from Poptropical Thunder’s Blog that will cause you to go barking mad!

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Sneak Peeks, Spy Island

Spy Island sneak peek: Dog!

There has been another sneak peek posted on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. It shows a Poptropican being chased by a vicious dog. Because the Poptropican is wearing the spy glasses, which was a bonus item (and is no longer available), this could be a scene from Spy Island.

In other news: I’ve noticed that everyone seems to be posting comments on the “Sneak Peek (for Spy Island?)” post. That’s okay, but some of the posts that some of you made are very off-topic. If you’re going to post there, please stay on the topic, which in this case is discussing about the camera sneak peek. If you’re saying something else, find the right place to say it, and put it there.

Thanks for your attention. ~Scary Tomato 😛