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Spy Island sneak peek: Dog!

There has been another sneak peek posted on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. It shows a Poptropican being chased by a vicious dog. Because the Poptropican is wearing the spy glasses, which was a bonus item (and is no longer available), this could be a scene from Spy Island.

In other news: I’ve noticed that everyone seems to be posting comments on the “Sneak Peek (for Spy Island?)” post. That’s okay, but some of the posts that some of you made are very off-topic. If you’re going to post there, please stay on the topic, which in this case is discussing about the camera sneak peek. If you’re saying something else, find the right place to say it, and put it there.

Thanks for your attention. ~Scary Tomato πŸ˜›

23 thoughts on “Spy Island sneak peek: Dog!”

  1. That’s true, Mat888. But you should’ve posted this information in the place where I posted about the Froot Loops advertisement. It’s okay for now though, just remember to post in the right area next time. Thanks. πŸ˜€

  2. Also, there is a save button in the lower right corner for some odd reason. Did there used to be one? I thought it just automatically saved for you. Will we have to manually do it now? That’s kind of lame because sometimes if my internet connection goes down and can’t load the page then it wouldn’t be a problem because it’s saved. Now, it won’t do that. 😦

    Also, I’m pretty sure that’s Spy Island. o_o I don’t think Nabooti jewels have anything to do with spy gear and vicious dogs.

  3. Do you like me as a visitor person??? Wait i cannot go on blog’s anymore.. WHY?? Because someone can see YOUR ip adrerss!!! So bye!!! and do you wnat to meet sometime in poptropica??

  4. I’m glad you’re reminding each other to stay on topic. That’s great. πŸ™‚

    Leuy – What are you talking about? I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but I can see it is off-topic. Questions like the one you asked (like about this blog) should be posted on the About page.

    Smockers – No, the Save button is only there if you’re on a new account. If you choose to save, you can log in with a username and password and have the same character rather than starting all over agin every time you play. You only need to save once. πŸ˜‰

  5. hey guys i just wanted to say i cant w8 for super spy island i think it will be about saving some spys. As for the meetball im thinking a mad scientist expiriement maybe.

    hey scary tomato look out for me on poptropica im silly chicken

  6. Maybe the meatball is a restruant that sells meatballs or something. The moustache is probably a diguise shop. The big high-tech building in the middle is probably a HQ for the spys and the hair club is definetly a multiplayer room. Cant wait ’till Spy Island comes out. It looks so cool.

  7. Beefy Lobster – I don’t know, but the dog doesn’t look too friendly!

    Sportschik – Cool guesses. I’ll look out for you too.

    Nervous Lizard – Interesting predictions! I can’t wait either!

  8. I can’t wait for the toallty pouplar, (evreybody is talking about it at my school!) super awesome SPY ISLAND!!!!!!!!!

    p.s Hey Scary Tomato, look for me in poptropica. I am invisable tiger10.

    Scary Tomato: I’ll look out for an Invisible Tiger. There aren’t any numbers in Poptropica names (unless it’s your username, but it’s best not to tell what your username is because that would give half of your account away.) πŸ˜‰


    Scary Tomato: Wear your invisibility Chameleon Suit. For more information, refer to our guide here. πŸ˜‰

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