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Future Islands roamed by Webosaurs?

Webasaurs and new Islands?

The PHB tracks down the latest news on Reality TV Island. Will it stay or will it go?
We share with you some amazing future islands that may or may not be coming out.
Codien catches up with some of his fans.
And we uncover a game called ‘Webosaurs’ that has been extinct for millions of years but is now starting to roam the Internet.



We Know this is not related to a Poptropica blog… But Webosaurs is a partner with the PHB..Check it out!


What’s a Webosaur? We’ll, I’ll tell ya – a Webosaur is a dinosaur that lives at our favorite new game – We think it’s a cool site, and we think you’ll like it too.
It has games, parties, coins, hunts for scrolls to unlock new lands, and of course –  dinosaurs! Webosaurs is a great new game where you can play online for free as a dinosaur, battle dinos in arenas, watch videos, play loads of games, win coins, and even go to parties! (whew! That’s lots!) If you’re a player, you can chat with your new dinosaur friends, and get your own cave to customize with great stuff from the dino stores.

Check out – you’ll really dig it.

By the way – swing on over and  check out the happenings at their blog as well – there’s always something cool going on there too:

Meet the PHB Staff on Webosaurs!
Look out for these dino accounts if you get the chance to meet us:

  • Scary Tomato = Hijuyo
  • Codien = Codien
  • Gazek = Gazek
  • Motionman95 = BEEFY_BRAIN


New Islands and RTV Island

Note: Besides Reality TV Island and the French-themed island, the other island names mentioned in this post are only unofficial rumors we have heard that may not be true.

You Just Might be Playing loads of New Islands on Poptropica!! Apart From RTV, There might be Islands Called French Island, Candy Island, Army Island, And an Island Called Virtual Island. It seems that poptropica is running out of names for poptropica Islands! I mean, there are so many awesome names like, Astro-Knights, 24 Carrot, And now they use blunt names like Army Island! Come On, They could Have named Army Island Militia Island..Thanks to Graham for the news of these new islands, and further investigating from the email he sent us, We have Found evidences for a Few New Islands. Graham has heard news about Virtual Island, and it seems that virtual island has lost all it’s color, and it’s up to you to restore it. From reading old posts on the PCB (Poptropica Creators Blog), We come to know how the Creators Start Making new Islands. It seems that They sketch out the Islands first,and then draw ’em on the computer, then code it to flash. We have got hold of a sketch of an Island, and It seems that the Island that is shown on the Sketch Is a sketch of French Island, as it is very french themed.

French Island? French Island?

There’s been a rumor that Reality TV will become like Monster Carnival all over again, and never come out despite all the sneak peeks of it. However, although it seems likely, it remains unconfirmed: there is still hope! 😆

We haven’t found any new evidence of any other islands, but for now, keep your eyes and ears peeled for new islands!!


Check out Dr. Hare’s advertisement on one of the latest and coolest Poptropica Store items – the Costume Collector! Thanks for the update, Spider880. (To be honest, Hare, you look just  fine in that fluffy pink bunny suit.)

Blog Post Title: What should I wear today?
Description: With the new Costume Collector you can save up to 3 of your favorite costumes. Head over to the Poptropica Store to check it out!
Image URL:
Image Name: costumecollector.png
Posted by: Dr. Hare


There’s also a new poll on the PCB asking, ”What is your favorite “Cool Stuff” from the store?” The current results are:

Option/Number of votes/Percentage
Costume Collector – 633 – 19%
Flower Power – 395 – 12%
Multiverse – 1159 – 36%
Phantom – 396 – 12%
Medusa – 90 – 2%
Electrify – 255 – 8%
Portrait Printer – 63 – 1%
Colorizer – 182 – 5%

Head over to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog to add in your own opinion! The results shown above are only what the statistics are at the time this post is being written, but it could all change soon. 😀


Codien Meets YouCodien meets you

89 thoughts on “Future Islands roamed by Webosaurs?”

    1. Yes, and we will continue to post about Poptropica; don’t worry. We have just become partners with and made a post to advertise for their game.

      1. Yeah, thanks guys! I now have another game to look forward to! Keep on postin’!


        HT OUT,

        P.S. IM VARY SAD 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  1. Awesome post Gazek.

    I think i have played this game before. I think my usernames Codien. 😀

    [EDIT] I added your two posts together to make a SUPER post. And i added that small image. 😛

    1. usally on other internet games i use my poptropica name Magic Storm like on Club Penguin how I’m Magic Storm1, but on Webosaurs it wouldn’t let me have that name…….. I tried other names like skyblue but i couldn’t have them either…… so in the end i setteled for ilikebikkies. For those wondering bikkies(short for biscuts) r wat we calll cookies here in Australia!

    1. sounds like one YUMMY NAME! LOL!
      😆 😀
      Seriously though, that’s clever, jellysaur!
      Hmmm……… I wish i’d thought of something like magicsaur!

  2. I know some ideas about some island.

    1 Candy Island,someone is stealing the candys in candy island and its up to you to find out how to get the candies back.

    2 Army Island, someone wants to take over poptropica and is creating an army. And its up to you stop him.You could name the guy Hitler.

    3 French Island, Someone is going to wreck the Eiffel Tower. And you have to stop him or find some missing ingredients to make the most best food in french island.

    4 Virtual island.I agree with Graham.

    1. Those are awesome ideas, but we can’t confirm that any of these are going to be the real island plots. We’re not sure if Candy or Army Island will even exist (they probably won’t). 😉

      1. I posted about that a long time ago, but nobody even paid attention! 😥

      2. I did Purple Sword; in my comment yesterday, I said that I thought I’d seen the link on PHB. I was right! It must have been your comment I remembered!

      3. Cool……… that is is awsome shaggy tornado!
        But come on….. Poptropica’s 5 island being expaned to 10 by the end of 2008? We all know that isn’t true! Poptropica only has 9, thanks to astro-knights!
        That article also said that the fablevision island would come out in fall, 2008! That leads one to think: could monster carival island have been the fablevision island? And if that’s true, why did it never arrive? What’s going on?
        But then, that aricle would be pretty old! But this does clue us in that perhaps Moster Carnival was made in conjunction with fablevision! But of course, it never came out. Was it because they had a fight? Were fablevision wanting to show deserbing images(no offence), that funbrain(creators of poptropica) wouldn’t allow? Who knows? the possiblitys are endless!
        And are they planning to bring the island out sometime in the future?
        Or perhaps they had Monster Carnival on the map to trick us into thinking a different island would come out, to suprize us with 24 carrot? And if that theory is/was true, then could 24 carrot be the fable vision island?
        Hmm…………… The plot thickens……… 😐 ❓ 😕

    2. Army Island Was My Idea and I Made it WAAAAAAAAAAY Back in November! A Year Ago! I DID Work Hard on it But I Never Had Microsoft Paint Before Which is WAY Easier! I Finished it But it was a Drawing and I Can’t Send it to Anyone! Army Island was Originally My Idea! COPY CAT! It was Supposed to be a Fire man but it came out as a Army Sargent! M-Y I-D-E-A-! Webosaurus! All I Can Say is… Wow!

      1. Which means probably that Army Island is a rumor since you created it and so it probably wont be real! And Graham and the PHB arent copycats! They just heard rumors about it! They wont know if it will be real or not!

      2. That’s because Super Power was making up islands and spreading all those rumors on so many websites. I really don’t think Candy or Army Island will be coming out anyway, since the Poptropica Creators never showed us anything about it.

        Maybe Gazek’s investigation on Army Island might bring up something interesting. 🙂

  3. Yeah, Codien the famous guy, with AWESOME aqua hair… Yes, do believe Dr. Hare looks fine in his pink bunny suit… Well, because he’s a bunny and bunny people don’t dress any different… Because store do not have clothes their size. Maybe playing guitars will make you endured… Because your hands will be sore… And you will suffer, but not of STRONGNESSY ROBURST. Of endureness………

  4. Maybe you should give me credit for being the first to post that sketch on the PHF… 😉

    ST: Codien posted about that sketch way back in December 2008, when the Creators put in on their blog.

  5. glitch attack
    ctrl shift f10:pauses game
    Glow Stick
    1:Go to Early Poptropica
    2:Put on jet-pack
    3:Go to place where you got the golden egg
    4:Take off jet pack
    5:Exit and you will be holding a glow stick.

    1:Go to the Viking time on Time Tangled
    2:Put on warior mask
    3:Enter the cave
    4:Take off warior mask
    5:Exit the cave and you will be holding a torch.

    Crazy Cat (this only works if you have never entered the house)
    1: Enter house on 24 Carrot
    2:Click on hot water in upstairs bathroom
    3:When the cat hops out press ctrl shift r and it it turns into a mini person

    Exploding Crab
    Click on the crab in Time Tangled Island rapidly and he explodes!

    Stand on a rope
    Stand on any rope and press the emoticon codes untill your person stands. Another way is to use a suits special action on a rope.

    Black Electrifier
    1:Put on a dark blue outfit
    2: Activate any color electrifier perferably purple
    3:Log out and then log back in and you will have black electrifier.

    Floating: (only works after winning Nabooti)
    1:Go to the Nabooti Museum
    2Go to where the totem poll was
    3:Jump into the open air and you will float

    Under Ground
    1:Go to the telephone line on Spy Island
    2:Put on the grappling bow-tie
    3:Jump on the telephone line and while in mid-air in front of the moon shoot your bow-tie straight down and you go through the ground.

    Walk in custimizer
    1:Click on the custimizer
    2:Click on the person you want to custimize rabidly
    3:It should send into the custimizer and you will walk around but your shadow will stay in place.

    Dark Green Electrifier
    1:Put on as much green as you can find
    2:Put on green electrifier
    3:Log out
    4:Log in and you should have a dark green electrifier

    Dark Purple Electrifier(boys)
    1:Put on the bat persons suit from Shark Tooth
    2:Put on purple Electrifier
    3:Log out
    4:Log back in and you should have a dark purple Electrifier

    Dark Purple Electrifier(girls)
    1:Put on Gothic Cheerleader suit (if you cant put on Gothic cheerleader suit use bat suit from shark tooth but it might not be as affective)
    2:Put on purple Electrifier
    3:Log out
    4:Log in and you should have dark purple Electrifier

    Colorless Electrifier
    1:Put on Electrifier
    2:Hop in the water on the Ice Planet of Astro-Knights
    3:While in the water your color is colorless

    Red Electrifier(only works if you have not won Astro-Knights)
    1:Put on blue electrifier
    2:Ride the Unicorn
    3:While riding it press ctrl shift s rapidly
    4:When you get back you will have a red Electrifier

  6. Army island could be real!
    Go to a early post on the PHB called hermitspeak hazet hermit is saying soming that needs to be translated.
    There is a translation some thing about dropping a bomb!
    And bombs are army weapons!
    See what I mean!

    1. Although that could be true, I think it may be the coding for when you’re battling the Binary Bard as Merlin the owl. Merlin (player x) is dropping bombs on the Bard (player y), while the Binary Bard is chasing you.

  7. I love Webosaurs!I have just one account,and its name is Connorhamm.Im new to Webosaurs,but Id explored a lot of places!I also have all the Battle Arena Medals!I have some friends,so Im not alone!But when Im on there,there not online!

  8. i set up a Websaurs account but because I was slow getting the email, i took a while before i could play!
    By the way i am ilikebikkies (bikkies as in biscuts) on there. It’s hard to get a good username, and ilikebikkies was all i could get!

  9. wat happened to monster carnival really stinks. i had just became a member of poptropica wen it was being made and i was already excited about it. but then one day the coming soon sign was gone! i was disappointed, but 24 carrot island was really fun! army island sounds awsome, but french island sounds so weird. wat kind of mission would hav to do with france? o well, well hav to wait. i hope rtv island stays!

      1. They didn’t show sneak peaks because of the leak. It all started when a dummy randomly appeared in a multiverse room. Then, one person customized it. Then it went away, because there was a creator in the room. I think it was Dr. Hare, but I wasn’t there, it was another person. I think a person hacked into one of the creator’s E-mail and saw some stuff from Monster Carnival Island. Since this person was good at hacking. So that person hacked into Poptropica and put a dummy in the multiverse room he/she was in. But suddenly a creator came in and took away the dummy. He probably knew someone hacked into one of the E-mails. And so that creator alerted all the other ones and told them not to do Monster Carnival Island.
        I think that’s what happened. I was just guessing! But I think this is a pretty good possibility.

      2. Sorry but I forgot to add this: The costumes spread like wildfire. So the creators had to track down all the people with the costumes. They found all the people and took the stuff away. By putting a log in time limit on the costumes.

  10. Scary Tomato (Hijuyo)

    I admit i play Webosaurs too.I am Ultimate Denliner in the forums.
    My username on WB is Denliner.
    I hang with mods,pros,and citizens.

    They’re awesome and i played here for 2 months (After Open Beta opened).

    I care about my friends and citizens so i can be suited for protector.
    I miss Chris after he quit :(.

    Meet you at Webosaurs!


  11. I’m sorry this is soo late but did codien design that island or did he find it?

    Hijuyo: The island shown by the picture does not actually exist. Codien created that graphic just for this post.

  12. dude i want them to bring monster canival island back it never launched i think i never played it i wish they could bring it back but i think i know why they might of shut it down because six year olds can play the game monsters may be to scary for them causing the island to stop and disapear

  13. 😎 i wish they could do monster carnival island but if they worry so much about the 6 year olds they could just put the furry monsters instead

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