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Hey guys! It’s me, motionman95.  Scary Tomato invited me to become a member of this blog. I’ll be posting about updates to the PHF (such as the upcoming contest, or MAP!) as well as the updates on the PCB and Poptropica. I like to design graphics and code (2 of my projects can be seen in this post by ST!). I’m a super-ninja at Sky Dive, Hoops, and Paint War, so watch out! 🙂 My Poptropican name is Beefy Brain, and I live in the USA.  I’m 13 as of now, and but I’ll be 14 in October. Thanks for reading my first post! Please take some time to visit and sign up to the Poptropica Help Forums!

66 thoughts on “Motionman95”

  1. WELCOME!!!! hey i’m also good at sky dive. we need to play against eachother sometime. once again, welcome!!

  2. I bet I can beat you at Sky Dive!I’ve won Sky Dive about 500 times on the card! Seriously. But I and bad in Paint War and Soupwords. I’m pretty good in Hoops, I’ve won ALMOST 200 times.

  3. i found a cheat! get flower power then put it on, next climb on a rope then press the space and then you plant flowers in the air!

  4. Congratulations, motionman95! I look forward to more posts! Maybe we could compete in Sky Dive sometime. (I’m kinda iffy in Paint War and Hoops.)

  5. Congratz Motion! ^^
    *Tosses more confetti what not into the air*
    I’m looking forward to your posts!
    Yay; I was waiting for a costume saver… ^-^

  6. heyy. no offense but i asked to be author and gazek said that you guys dont need help WAY before motion was hired!

  7. Wow! 3 authors in 3 days! Welcome to the PHB staff Motion! Your going to do gr8!

    Poor Codien, he has to add 3 more poptropicans to the header! BTW awesome new stuff ! Im defiately getting Flower Power and i might get the Costume Collector!

  8. congrats congrats!
    it was my dream to be on the phb!
    I envy you.
    have a good run motionman!
    my dream didn’t come true but hey, at least yours did!
    congrats congrats!

  9. congrats motionman! i had a feeling there would be another author soon lol anyways i look forward to future posts from you! 🙂

    1. wow! 3 new authours in 3 days! why did you put all these people on the blog all of the sudden? anyway congrats motion welcome to the PHB! 😛 😛

  10. Scary Tomato i have a question. Why did you add these particular authors? I mean what do you have to do to become an author?

      1. O.O It’s all a mystery…..
        Nah, I’m just kidding. Being helpful, kind, etc.
        Take a gander at the link to the page Gazek posted and you’ll find out more.

      2. U cant anymore bcuz motion did some procedures that messed up the whole forums and members lost evrything like their sigs and post counts and all the wallpapers! Now Motion started over with VBulliten. And he made this announcement: This is a solution to our maddness! I have prevailed in finding a way to retrieve our old data, etc. The solution? Google. Search for whatever you are loooking for from the old forum, + poptropica help forums. Then, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, click the “cache” link under that search result. Do in now, before the Google bots re-scan the forums! Here’s and example of a cached page from the old forums.

        So hurry and do it nowz! 🙂

  11. Cool! There’s a post on the PCB about the Costume Collecter! I knew they’d post about it eventually!

  12. Cool! Congrats motionman95 …. remember me? I’m “Cool Singer” on your forum.. (this is off topic but) .. have you guys come to a conclusion for the contest? I haven’t had time to read all the topics and comments one by one…

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